2013 Fullback Reports
Height: 5-10
Weight: 230
40: 4.82
Year: 5Sr

Jonathan Amosa

School: Washington
Position: FB
Bio: Washington's starting lead fullback the past two seasons after walking onto the team in 2008.
Positive: Explosive lead blocker with average size/speed numbers for the next level. Quick out of his stance into blocks, attacks assignments and squares into defenders. Plays with terrific knee bend getting leverage on opponents, displays outstanding vision, and strong enough to turn opponents from the play. Adequate pass catcher out of the backfield.
Negative: Rarely used as part of the offensive. Has a combined three receptions during his college career and never carried the ball.
Analysis: Amosa is a high-effort prospect who gets the most from his ability and plays intense football. He possesses the playing style and substance to get consideration as a West Coast fullback.

Height: 6-1.5
Weight: 247
40: 4.83
Year: 5Sr

Bart Bartholomew

School: Tennessee
Position: FB
Bio: Part-time starter the past two years used almost exclusively as a lead blocker. Carried the ball 2 times for 7 yards as a senior while also adding 11 receptions/102 yards/1 TD.
Positive: Athletic fullback who displays solid blocking skills as well as good hands out of the backfield. Explosive at the point, squares into opponents, and works blocks. Possesses good initial strength, turns defenders from the action, and plays with a rough and tumble attitude. Displays good hands as a receiver, extending to make receptions away from his frame.
Negative: Must improve his playing balance. Falls off blocks rather than finishing off defenders. Overall game lacks speed and a burst.
Analysis: Bartholomew is a versatile lead-blocking prospect who can be used as a traditional fullback or in a West Coast system. He lacks great upside but gets the most from his ability and does the little things well.

Height: 6-1
Weight: 246
40: 4.78
Year: 4Sr

Tommy Bohanon

School: Wake Forest
Position: FB
Bio: Part-time starter the past three seasons, carrying the ball only 2 times as a senior while posting 23 receptions/200 yards/5 TDs as a pass catcher. Never rushed for more than 80 yards in a single season.
Positive: Tough, hard-nosed lead blocker also produces as a pass catcher out of the backfield. Bends his knees, plays with leverage, and shows good footwork in pass protection. Possesses outstanding blocking vision, squares into opponents, and strong at the point of attack. Works hard to finish blocks and gives a lot of effort. Terrific pass catcher out of the backfield and consistently makes the reception with his hands.
Negative: Shows limited speed. Really doesn E(TM)t finish blocks. Rarely asked to carry the ball.
Analysis: Bohanon is a big lead blocker with potential as a traditional fullback or in a West Coast offense. He offers a well-developed game and has starting potential in the right system.

Height: 5-11.5
Weight: 238
40: 4.91
Year: 4Sr

Zach Boren

School: Ohio State
Position: FB
Bio: Three-year starter used primarily at fullback while also seeing action at middle linebacker as a senior. Carried the ball just 5 times for 42 yards as a senior while totaling 50 tackles/5 tackles for loss/1 sack.
Positive: Tough, hard-nosed prospect with potential at a number of positions. Solid run defender who shows a good head for the ball at linebacker. Breaks down well, gets his hands up to protect himself, and quick up the field. Wraps up ballcarriers and brings opponents down on initial contact. Solid lead blocker who plays with a nasty attitude. Squares into defenders, strong at the point, and takes opponents from the action. Keeps his feet moving in pass protection and anchors at the point of attack.
Negative: Lacks overall quickness and speed. More of a downhill defender when used at linebacker and struggles getting around the edge as a lead blocker.
Analysis: Boren is a solid football player with the mentality necessary for the NFL. He lacks the great measurables, yet could hold down a roster spot as a backup fullback or middle linebacker.

Height: 5-10
Weight: 229
40: 4.66
Year: 5Sr

Steve Breitenstein

School: Wofford
Position: FB
Bio: Three-year starter awarded All-America and all-Conference honors since his sophomore season. Southern Conference Offensive Player of the Year in 2011 and 2012. Senior rushing totals included 290 carries/2035 yards/19 TDs after 1474 rushing yards and 19 touchdowns as a junior.
Positive: Instinctive, hard-chugging ballcarrier with limited physical skills for the next level. Displays outstanding running vision, finds the open seams, and quickly gets through the hole. Runs hard on the inside, keeps his feet moving on contact, and shows the ability to break tackles. Resilient, patiently waits for blocks to develop, and effectively uses blocks everywhere. Helps the quarterback sell ball fakes or gets out front and effectively blocks for the ballcarrier when necessary.
Negative: Not an elusive ballcarrier who makes defenders miss. Struggles beating opponents into the open field and cannot run to daylight. Marginal production as a receiver.
Analysis: Breitenstein was incredibly productive in Wofford's option offense and shows skill in all areas of the game. He's one-dimensional in his ball carrying but Bernstein does the little things well and could make an NFL roster as a fourth back.

Height: 6-2
Weight: 230
40: 4.61
Year: 5Sr

Willie Carter

School: Tulsa
Position: FB
Bio: Part-time starter at H-back the past two seasons. Senior receiving totals included 49 receptions/382 yards/3 TDs after 61/868/7 as a junior when he was awarded all-Conference honors.
Positive: Terrific pass-catching lead blocker/H-back who projects as a West Coast fullback. Possesses consistent hands, nicely adjusts to errant throws, and makes receptions away from his frame. Works to pick up yardage running after receptions, using an effective straight arm to keep plays alive. Occasionally lines up in the backfield and gets a lot of momentum going carrying the ball. Gets out front and blocks when necessary.
Negative: Lacks the speed and quickness necessary to turn the corner. Does not always play to his size/speed numbers.
Analysis: Carter looks the part and occasionally played to it for Tulsa but is a bit of an enigma. He possesses the underlying skills to be a ballcarrier, lead blocker, or receiver in a West Coast offense but must quickly elevate every aspect of his game.

Height: 5-11.5
Weight: 238
40: 4.77
Year: 4Sr

Kendall Gaskins

School: Richmond
Position: FB
Bio: Three-year starter who saw extensive action in a reserve role as a freshman. Awarded all-America and all-Conference honors after his sophomore and senior seasons. Rushing totals last season included 148 carries/604 yards/16 touchdowns along with 21 receptions/193 yards/3 TDs. Totaled 650 rushing yards and 10 touchdowns as a junior.
Positive: Large lead blocker with a nose for the end zone. Disciplined ball carrier who runs hard on the inside and plays aggressively. Drives his shoulders into defenders, keeps his feet moving on contact, and falls forward when tackled. Patient carrying the ball, waits for blocks to develop, and finds the running lanes. Picks up yardage off initial contact and is rarely brought down by a single defender. Strong blocker who squares into opponents and anchors at the point of attack. Displays terrific vision as both a ball carrier and blocker. Solid pass catcher out of the backfield.
Negative: Possesses minimal quickness and speed. Not a creative ball carrier. Runs with an upright style.
Analysis: Gaskins has been very productive on the college level and is, in many ways, similar to former Richmond star Tim Hightower. He lacks the quickness and speed for the next level yet could find a roster spot as a short-yardage runner and backup lead blocker.

Height: 6-1.5
Weight: 242
40: 4.72
Year: 4Sr

Kyle Juszczyk

School: Harvard
Position: FB
Bio: Three-year starter awarded all-Conference honors since his sophomore season and named to numerous all-American teams the past two years. Senior totals included 52 receptions/706 yards/8 TDs after he posted 37/512/7 as a junior.
Positive: Relatively athletic college tight end with natural receiving skills. A flexible athlete who plays with leverage and good knee bend. Quickly gets off the line into routes, gives effort, and works to make positive plays. Extends his hands to make receptions away from his frame. Looks the pass into his hands and quickly transitions from making the catch to running after the reception. Blocks with good knee bend, stays square, and shows ability as a position blocker. Effectively uses his frame to shield away defenders and protect the pass.
Negative: Displayed average blocking strength on the small-school level, and was generally ineffective unless put in motion prior to the block. Solid stopwatch speed, yet never displayed himself as a true downfield threat on tape.
Analysis: Juszczyk was a dependable college tight end who projects to either H-back or fullback at the next level. Though not outstanding in any single aspect, Juszczyk does the little things well, which could help him catch on in a reserve role at the next level.

Height: 6-0.5
Weight: 232
40: 4.69
Year: 4Sr

Zach Line

School: SMU
Position: FB
Bio: Three-year starter who also played six games with the first-team as a freshman. All-Conference selection since his sophomore season. Senior totals included 277 carries/1278 yards/13 TDs on the ground and 33 receptions for 229 yards. Junior rushing numbers included 208/1224/17 after career-best 1494 rushing yards as a sophomore.
Positive: Strong, interior back who will also get consideration as a West Coast fullback. Patient, waits for blocks develop, and displays solid running vision. Powers his way on the inside breaking tackles and picks up a lot of yardage off initial contact. Aggressively goes after defenders, driving his shoulders into tacklers and falling forward. Carries the pile for extra yardage, consistently runs north/south, and works until the whistle blows. Effectively picks up blocking assignments, seeing the blitz and giving effort.
Negative: Straight-line ballcarrier who loses a lot of momentum cutting back against the grain or changing direction. Lacks the speed and quickness necessary to turn the corner.
Analysis: Line was an aggressive ballcarrier on the college level and does the little things well. He projects as either a backup in a power running system or a lead blocker for a West Coast offense.

Height: 5-9.5
Weight: 230
40: 4.61
Year: 5Sr

Daniel Moore

School: Montana
Position: FB
Bio: Two-year starter used as both a ballcarrier and lead blocker. Senior totals included 76 carries/413 yards/4 TDs with pass catching numbers of 11 receptions/283 yards/1 TD. Missed five games with a high ankle sprain in 2012. Junior rushing totals included 120/430/7.
Positive: Tough, downhill ballcarrier who will get consideration as a West Coast fullback. Displays terrific vision and instincts. Drives his feet forward on contact, aggressively takes on defenders, and falls forward when tackled. Patient and waits for blocks to develop. Consistently runs north-south and works to pick up positive yardage. Keeps his head on a swivel as a blocker and is solid in pass protection. Helps the quarterback sell ball fakes and is effective catching the ball out of the backfield.
Negative: Straight-line runner who lacks the ability to quickly cut back. Loses momentum when he must immediately change direction. Possesses only short area quickness.
Analysis: Moore is a skilled college player with a versatile game. Though not outstanding in any single aspect, the ability to carry the ball in short yardage situations, occasionally catch it out of the backfield, as well as line up as a lead blocker will help him get into camp this summer.

Height: 6-0
Weight: 247
40: 4.72
Year: 5Sr

Dan Paul

School: Boise State
Position: FB
Bio: Boise State's starting fullback last season, totaling 3 receptions/25 yards/1 TD. Initially moved into the starting lineup as a junior in 2010. Rarely asked to carry the ball in college.
Positive: Aggressive lead blocker with next level size/speed numbers. Breaks down well, plays with terrific knee bend, and shows outstanding blocking vision. Squares into defenders and knocks opponents from the play. Strong at the point of attack and works blocks hard.
Negative: Stiff. Rarely used to handle the ball. Struggles getting outside the tackle box and is better on the interior.
Analysis: Paul has quietly been one of the better lead blockers in college football three years running. He possesses the measurables to play at the next level and offers potential in a traditional running game or a West Coast offense.

Height: 5-11.5
Weight: 227
40: 4.65
Year: 4Sr

Lonnie Pryor

School: Florida State
Position: FB
Bio: Started as a true freshman then served as Florida State's primary fullback the following four years. Senior rushing totals included 47 carries/376 yards/8 TDs along with 13 receptions for 117 yards. Junior rushing totals included 27/74/2.
Positive: Athletic lead blocker who also displays skill handling the ball. Plays with excellent knee bend, fluid moving about the field, and quickly changes direction. Runs with good lean and displays the agility necessary to turn the corner. A solid receiver out of the backfield who quickly gets into routes then adjusts to grab the errant pass from the air with his hands. Plays with quickness and better than average fullback speed. Keeps his feet moving in pass protection, displays good blocking vision, and has the ability to adjust and pick up blitzes.
Negative: Must turn up the blocking intensity. All too often goes after defenders legs rather than squaring into opponents and removing them from the action. Rarely finishes blocks.
Analysis: Pryor is a multipurpose lead blocker with the skills necessary to line up in a West Coast offense. He has upside but must pick up the physicality of his game and learn to do the little things well if he wants an NFL career.

Height: 6-1.5
Weight: 255
40: 4.65
Year: 4Sr

Taimi Tutogi

School: Arizona
Position: FB
Bio: Lined up at fullback, tight end, and defensive end as a senior. Carried the ball just a single time last year while posting defensive numbers of 5 tackles/1.5 tackles for loss/1 sack. Junior totals included ground numbers of 25/73/4 and 11 receptions/97 yards/1 TD as a pass catcher.
Positive: Versatile and durable prospect with the ability to fill several positions. Plays with a nasty attitude. Displays outstanding blocking vision and is explosive at the point of attack. Breaks down well and works hard on both sides of the ball. Quick and chases the action hard on defense. An effective special teamer.
Negative: Marginally productive in college. Limited speed.
Analysis: Tutogi was a jack of all trades for Arizona and is a special teams prospect for the next level. Incredibly versatile, he could line up at fullback or provide depth at defensive end or inside linebacker on an NFL roster.

Height: 6-3.5
Weight: 251
40: 4.79
Year: 4Sr

Braden Wilson

School: Kansas State
Position: FB
Bio: Starting fullback at Kansas State the past three seasons. Totaled just 13 yards and six carries as a senior, and added five receptions for 34 yards. Combined for 21 carries the past four years and 18 receptions.
Positive: Hard-working lead blocker who plays with an aggressive attitude. Quick out of his stance, plays with leverage, and squares into defenders. Strong at the point, turns opponents from the action, and works hard until the whistle. Solid pass catcher and short-yardage runner, despite his statistics.
Negative: Better on the inside and struggles to create space for the running back around the corner.
Analysis: Wilson was a productive lead blocker at Kansas state and a player who willingly did the dirty work. He has an underrated game and offers potential as either a traditional lead blocker or as a West Coast fullback.

Height: 6-0
Weight: 235
40: 4.73
Year: 5Sr

Mike Zordich

School: Penn State
Position: FB
Bio: Used as a rotational starter the past two years. Senior rushing totals included 80 carries/296 yards/4 TDs along with pass-catching totals of 16 receptions/152 yards.
Positive: Hard-working lead blocker who attacks assignments. Plays with quickness, fast out of his stance, and has a burst. Displays terrific blocking vision, keeps his head on a swivel, and remains cognizant of assignments. Breaks down well and plays with leverage. Squares into opponents, taking them from the action. Plays hard and gets the most from his ability.
Negative: Not a smooth or fluid player. More of a straight-line lead blocker and best between the tackles.
Analysis: Zordich is a tough, hard-nosed prospect who flourished in his role at Penn State. He's a better athlete than given credit for and can line up at the next level as a West Coast fullback.

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