2012 Fullback Reports
Height: 5-11
Weight: 230
40: 4.59
Year: 4Sr

Derrick Coleman

School: UCLA
Position: FB
Bio: Infrequent starter the past three seasons. Senior totals included career-best numbers of 152 attempts/765 yards/11 TDs on the ground after he had 82/498/5 as a junior. Caught 17 passes in college. Requires hearing aids to assist in his hearing.
Positive: Talented short yardage ballcarrier who can also line up as a lead blocker. Patient, displays good quickness and keeps his feet moving on contact. Carries the ball with an aggressive style, uses an effective straight arm to keep plays alive and picks up the difficult yardage. Displays good vision, finds the running lanes and flashes the ability to bounce around piles.
Negative: Lacks the speed to turn the corner. Inconsistent as a blocker. Marginal pass catcher out of the backfield.
Analysis: Coleman is a terrific athlete with outstanding size/speed numbers. He offers potential as a West Coast fullback and will make a roster if he improves his blocking.

Height: 6-1.5
Weight: 258
40: 4.7
Year: 5Sr

Chad Diehl

School: Clemson
Position: FB
Bio: Two-year starter who carried the ball a total of three times since his junior season.
Positive: Traditional lead-blocking fullback who attacks assignments. Displays good vision, stays square and seals defenders from the action. Jolts defenders at the point of attack, works blocks hard and strong enough to turn opponents from the action.
Negative: Minimal quickness and limited burst in his game. Must improve his blocking balance. Not an offensive threat.
Analysis: Diehl possesses outstanding size/speed numbers for the fullback position yet is an undeveloped player who must elevate his game to make an active roster at the next level.

Height: 5-11.5
Weight: 239
40: 4.74
Year: 4Sr

Brady Ewing

School: Wisconsin
Position: FB
Bio: Part-time starter the past two seasons. Did not carry the ball as a senior, but posted 20 receptions for 246 yards.
Positive: Hard-nosed lead blocker who clears open running lanes. Displays terrific blocking vision, plays with a nasty attitude and is always looking for someone to hit. Bends his knees, blocks with leverage and stays square. Meets defenders head on and removes them from their angle of attack.
Negative: Lacks speed, quickness and struggles creating space for the ballcarrier. Marginal offensive threat.
Analysis: Ewing is a traditional lead blocking fullback who will have an opportunity to make a team as a short-yardage blocker.

Height: 6-0.5
Weight: 240
40: 4.75
Year: 5Sr

Broderick Green

School: Arkansas
Position: FB
Bio: USC transfer who E(TM)s been a part-time starter the past three seasons. Senior totals included 68 attempts/260 yards/5 touchdowns on the ground. Rushed for 365 yards and three scores as a junior. Sophomore totals included career-best numbers of 104/442/11.
Positive: Large, powerful college ballcarrier who projects to fullback at the next level. Runs hard, plays tough and falls forward when tackled, picking up extra yardage. Powerful in his lower body, aggressively drives his shoulders into opponents and breaks tackles to pick up the tough yards. Blocks with a wide base and bends his knees. Moves well for such a large ballcarrier.
Negative: Straight-line prospect who loses momentum when he must change direction. Marginal speed in his game.
Analysis: Green is a hard-nosed prospect who plays smart and competitive football. He possesses the style to be used as a lead blocker at the next level and has enough ball skills to also take handoffs as a short-yardage runner.

Height: 5-11.5
Weight: 257
40: 4.76
Year: 5Sr

Cody Johnson

School: Texas
Position: FB
Bio: Started 10 games as a senior, posting 48 attempts/20 yards/6 TDs after he had 134/592/6 as a junior.
Positive: Large, powerful college ballcarrier who projects to fullback at the next level. Aggressive, tough and effective as a short-yardage runner. Drives his shoulders into defenders and falls forward when tackled. Gives effort as a lead blocker, squaring into defenders.
Negative: Displays limited quickness and speed in his game and displays almost no burst. Struggles getting outside of the tackle.
Analysis: Johnson has the skill to be a lead blocker at the next level and showed a willingness to do as much in college. He needs to improve his blocking technique; will have a chance to make a roster that keeps two fullbacks.

Height: 5-10.5
Weight: 235
40: 4.6
Year: 5Sr

Jermaine Robertson

School: Arkansas State
Position: FB
Bio: Rotational ballcarrier/blocker much of the past two years. Senior rushing totals included 53 attempts/212 yards/3 TDs after he had 258 yards on 38 carries as a junior.
Positive: Well-built short-yardage ballcarrier who must improve his blocking. Agile for his size. Displays solid quickness and a burst of speed. Helps the quarterback sell ball fakes, keeps his feet moving on contact and breaks tackles. Can cut back in a small area and falls forward when tackled to pick up extra yardage.
Negative: Must turn up the blocking intensity. Lacks the ability to slide out in pass protection and pick up the blitz. Does a lot of unnecessary East-West running when carrying the ball.
Analysis: Robertson possesses the size and speed to play at the next level. He has a ballcarrier E(TM)s mentality despite his fullback build, and he must pick up the physical nature of his game.

Updated 4/28
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