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Thread: Evans signs with JAX - the Floyd effect

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    Quote Originally Posted by JETFANDREAMER View Post
    RichCimini Rich Cimini DE Quinton Coples (UNC) will visit #Jets on Wednesday, per ESPN's @ JosinaAnderson . 40 minutes ago
    This is pretty interesting.

    Rex worked out Coples personally and now we're setting up a visit a week before the draft. There has been some chatter about Coples falling out of the Top 10.

    If the guy is committed, he could be Julius Peppers 2.0

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    Quote Originally Posted by JB1089 View Post
    Miami is taking Tannehill. They might even trade up to get him.
    Miami hasn't called their hand at all so dont be so sure. They have also been looking at Barkley for next year so calling QB there is really premature IMO. I could so see them sucking for Barkley. They signed Garrard and still have Moore on the roster. Miami will look at everyone and likely look to trade down. They need all the picks they can get because this team is well away from winning. You can't keep loosing your best players every year and expect to improve without replacing them. They have 0 OL and less at WR. They are so desperate for LBs they are signing our throw aways. They will get as much out of this draft as they can and trading up for a QB is not doing that. This is already a team that has issues bringing fans in Tannehille isn't going to change that. I actually think Miami has no intent on taking a 1st round QB. Tannehille is more of a Harrington prospect then a Luck so I really don't see anyone going nuts over him in the 1st. He is simply a guy you can pass on.

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    If Miami plans on tanking can we have Dansby and Wake? Please?

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