Tar Heel at the top?A listing of the top draft eligible prospects from the ACC.  133 players make our list heading towards the 2010 season.

# Full Name School Pos Num Year
1 Robert Quinn North Carolina DE 42 3Jr
2 Bruce Carter North Carolina OLB 54 4Sr
3 Allen Bailey Miami-Fl DE 57 5Sr
4 Marvin Austin North Carolina DT 9 4Sr
5 Anthony Castonzo Boston College T 74 4Sr
6 Da’Quan Bowers Clemson DE 93 3Jr
7 Kendric Burney North Carolina CB 16 4Sr
8 Jarvis Jenkins Clemson DT 99 4Sr
9 Brandon Thompson Clemson DT 98 3Jr
10 Charles Brown North Carolina CB 12 4Sr
11 Mark Herzlich Boston College OLB 94 5Sr
12 Christian Ponder Florida State QB 7 5Sr
13 Ras-I Dowling Virginia CB 19 4Sr
14 Brandon Harris Miami-Fl CB 1 3Jr
15 Colin McCarthy Miami-Fl OLB 44 5Sr
16 Ryan Williams Virginia Tech RB 34 3So
17 Rodney Hudson Florida State G 62 5Sr
18 Greg Little North Carolina WR 4 5Sr
19 Marcus Gilchrist Clemson S 12 4Sr
20 Jermaine Thomas Florida State RB 38 3Jr
21 Graig Cooper Miami-Fl RB 2 4Sr
22 Adrian Moten Maryland OLB 1 5Sr
23 Da’Rel Scott Maryland RB 23 5Sr
24 Taiwan Easterling Florida State WR 8 4Jr
25 DeAndre McDaniel Clemson S 2 4Sr
26 Orlando Franklin Miami-Fl G 74 5Sr
27 Nigel Bradham Florida State OLB 13 3Jr
28 Demetrius Hartsfield Maryland OLB 9 3So
29 Markus White Florida State DE 98 4Sr
30 Quan Sturdivant North Carolina ILB 52 4Sr
31 Chris Hairston Clemson T 61 4Sr
32 Cyhl Quarles Wake Forest S 5 4Jr
33 Tristan Dorty Wake Forest OLB 55 4Jr
34 Montel Harris Boston College RB 2 3Jr
35 DeMarcus Van Dyke Miami-Fl CB 8 4Sr
36 Rennie Moore Clemson DE 94 4Jr
37 Jonathan Cooper North Carolina G 64 3So
38 Leonard Hankerson Miami-Fl WR 84 4Sr
39 Brad Jefferson Georgia Tech OLB 51 4Sr
40 Cam Holland North Carolina C 65 4Jr
41 Joe Looney Wake Forest G 78 3Jr
42 Andre Branch Clemson DE 40 4Jr
43 Ryan Houston North Carolina RB 32 4Sr
44 Jacory Harris Miami-Fl QB 12 3Jr
45 Davin Meggett Maryland RB 8 3Jr
46 Thomas Claiborne Boston College G 78 5Sr
47 Mario Butler Georgia Tech CB 2 4Sr
48 Tyrod Taylor Virginia Tech QB 5 4Sr
49 Cameron Johnson Virginia OLB 56 3Jr
50 Corey Mosely Virginia S 47 4Jr
51 Brandon Maye Clemson OLB 20 4Jr
52 Jarmon Fortson Florida State WR 80 3Jr
53 Zach Pianalto North Carolina TE 17 4Sr
54 Rashad Carmichael Virginia Tech CB N 5Sr
55 Rashard Hall Clemson S 31 3So
56 Charlie Hatcher Duke DT 93 4Jr
57 Torrey Smith Maryland WR 82 4Jr
58 Jared Green Virginia WR 2 4Jr
59 Mario Edwards Georgia Tech S 33 5Sr
60 Josh Bush Wake Forest CB 4 4Jr
61 Bryan Morgan Duke C 62 4Sr
62 Kenny Okoro Wake Forest CB 6 3So
63 Anthony Allen Georgia Tech RB 18 5Sr
64 George Bryan North Carolina State TE 84 4Jr
65 Byron Maxwell Clemson CB 36 5Sr
66 Russell Nennon Wake Forest G 72 5Sr
67 Joel Figueroa Miami-Fl G 61 5Sr
68 Jamie Harper Clemson RB 8 3Jr
69 James Cumbie Clemson DT 8 5Sr
70 Jaymes Brooks Virginia Tech G 68 4Jr
71 Richard Gordon Miami-Fl TE 84 5Sr
72 Brandon Harper Duke G 55 5Sr
73 John Graves Virginia Tech DT 91 5Sr
74 Travis Benjamin Miami-Fl WR 3 3Jr
75 Marshall Williams Wake Forest WR 8 5Sr
76 Micanor Regis Miami-Fl DT 54 3Jr
77 Nate Irving North Carolina State OLB 56 5Sr
78 Donnie Fletcher Boston College CB 4 3Jr
79 Jarrett Boykin Virginia Tech WR 81 3J
80 Nathan Richman Boston College G 75 4Jr
81 Audie Cole North Carolina State OLB 42 4Jr
82 Lamar Young Maryland G 70 4Jr
83 Josh Adams Wake Forest RB 27 5Sr
84 Deunta Williams North Carolina S 27 5Sr
85 Mike Ingersoll North Carolina T 66 4Sr
86 Beau Warren Virginia Tech C 60 5Sr
87 Danny Coale Virginia Tech WR 19 4Jr
88 B.J. Cabbell Virginia G 65 5Sr
89 Shaun Draughn North Carolina RB 20 4Sr
90 Emmett Cleary Boston College G 77 3So
91 Andre Smith Virginia Tech TE 88 5Sr
92 Joe Torchia Virginia TE 84 5Sr
93 Laron Byrd Miami-Fl WR 47 3Jr
94 Anthony Egbuniwe Georgia Tech DE 41 5Sr
95 Chase Minnifield Virginia CB 13 4Jr
96 Harland Gunn Miami-Fl G 66 4Jr
97 Matt Conrath Virginia DE 94 4Jr
98 Rich Lapham Boston College T 66 5Sr
99 Dominique Reese Georgia Tech CB 26 5Sr
100 Dyrell Roberts Virginia Tech WR 11 3Jr
101 Devon Brown Wake Forest WR 3 4Jr
102 Rodney McLeod Virginia S 28 3Jr
103 Michael McAdoo North Carolina DE 94 3Jr
104 Da’Norris Searcy North Carolina S 21 4Sr
105 Alan Pelc North Carolina G 70 4Sr
106 Michael Lemon North Carolina State DE 94 5Sr
107 Tydreke Powell North Carolina DT 91 4Jr
108 Roderick Rollins Boston College CB 20 5Sr
109 Blake DeChristopher Virginia Tech T 62 4Jr
110 DeLeon Gause Boston College CB 9 4Sr
111 Cameron Chism Maryland CB 22 3Jr
112 Alex Albright Boston College DE x 5Sr
113 Alex Wujciak Maryland ILB 33 5Sr
114 Ryan McMahon Florida State C 28 5Sr
115 Adrian Cannon Maryland WR 7 5Sr
116 Derek Drummond Maryland DE 44 4Jr
117 Devon Ramsay North Carolina FB 45 4Jr
118 Owen Spencer North Carolina State WR 13 4Sr
119 Johnny White North Carolina RB 34 4Sr
120 Austin Kelly Duke WR 83 4Sr
121 Javon Walker North Carolina State S 4 5Sr
122 Wes Davis Boston College S 45 5Sr
123 TJ Yates North Carolina QB 13 4Sr
124 Antwine Perez Maryland S 2 5Sr
125 Lansford Watson Maryland TE 80 4Jr
126 Patrick Egboh Duke DE 90 5Sr
127 Xavier Dye Clemson WR 21 4Sr
128 Damien Berry Miami-Fl RB 20 4Sr
129 Davon Morgan Virginia Tech S 2 4Sr
130 Ed Barham North Carolina TE 80 4Sr
131 Hunter Haynes Wake Forest OLB 56 5Sr
132 Jack Shields Virginia C 64 5Sr
133 Chris Fox Boston College WR 42 5Sr

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After floundering under Al Groh for a number of seasons the Cavaliers hope a new coach takes them in a new direction.  Recently known for top offensive linemen and linebackers when Groh led the program, the first UVA player selected in the ’11 NFL Draft will be a defensive back, just as it was last April.

Offensively, receiver Jared Green works hard to come free, makes good use of the sidelines and effectively uses his frame to shield away opponents.   A tall target, Green will extend expose himself to the big hit in order to make the reception.  He lacks top end speed but has enough skills to make it as a fourth wide out.

Tight end Joe Torchia is an underrated prospect in the sense he has NFL skills yet is not highly considered in the scouting community.  Torchia is fluid releasing off the line into routes, nicely extends his hands and makes the difficult reception in contorted positions.   He bends his knees, blocks with leverage and is explosive at the point.  Torchia lacks top physical skills yet does enough to get looks as a 2nd/3rd tight end.

Ras-I Dowling is a prospect we think highly of and a guy who exceeded our expectations last season.  Off the ’08 film we thought he was a lot like Jimmy Williams, the former Virginia Tech defensive back who offered legendary physical skills yet marginal football abilities.  Dowling proved us wrong last season.  He is a terrific athlete and easily gets vertical and contorts to defend the throw, also displaying good hands for the pick.  He uses his frame to box out opponents and also possesses a solid break to the throw.   Tough defending the run, Dowling does a solid job diagnosing running plays and possesses better than average instincts.   He lacks top-end speed and struggles following receivers out of their breaks but is a much better cornerback at this point in his career when compared to his former teammate Chris Cook, the 34th pick in April’s draft.

Safety Corey Mosely is another aggressive defensive back and a prospect effective against the run and pass.  He possesses above average instincts and effectively locates the pass in the air.  Just a junior, Mosely offers a nice upside.

Linebacker Cameron Johnson is a good athlete that is forceful and fast up the field on the blitz and fluid moving in all directions of the field.  He’s a prospect we think can be a three down defender.

Virginia Pro-Prospects

Round Full Name Pos Num Year
1-2 Ras-I Dowling CB 19 4Sr
5-6 Corey Mosely S 47 4Jr
6th Cameron Johnson OLB 56 3Jr
7th Jared Green WR 2 4Jr
7th Joe Torchia TE 84 5Sr
FA B.J. Cabbell G 65 5Sr
FA Chase Minnifield CB 13 4Jr
FA Matt Conrath DE 94 4Jr
FA Rodney McLeod S 28 3Jr
FA Jack Shields (ret) C 64 5Sr

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It seems Virginia Tech does it with smoke and mirrors every season.  Then again when you’re led by one of the best coaches in all of college football its’ easy to see why the program is always highly competitive.  The talent they’ve put into the draft has been solid yet nothing spectacular.  They had a few hits yet more than a fair share of misses.  “Solid” is the best way to characterize the class of draft eligible Hokies.

Running back Ryan Williams is a nice prospect yet not the second coming as many have predicted him to be.  Elusive with the ability to avoid defenders and piles, Williams has speed and quickness to break to the outside, shows a burst through the hole and creates his own yardage.  He does a terrific job following blocks, keeps his feet moving on contact and works runs.  Williams is also a competent receiver out of the backfield yet not a blazer carrying the ball nor a strong back on the inside.  Is he a feature runner for the next level?  We’ll need to watch more of him in the coming seasons before we give him that label.

Tyrod Taylor is an athletic college signal caller adept at both throwing the ball or carrying it.  Patient, he buys time for receivers and shows a strong arm.  An elusive ball carrier, Taylor can escape the rush then make defenders miss in the open field.  As a thrower he sprays passes, forces the ball into coverage and shows minimal pocket intangibles.  When it comes time to project him to the next level Taylor will be given more looks at running back versus quarterback.

Rashad Carmichael is a tough cornerback that battles with receivers throughout the route.  He shows good recognition facing the action but lacks the great speed and may be best suited for a zone system.

Scouts like John Graves, an explosive one gap tackle with terrific first step quickness.

Virginia Tech Pro-Prospects

Round Full Name Pos Num Year
3rd Ryan Williams RB 34 3So
6-7 Tyrod Taylor QB 5 4Sr
7th Rashad Carmichael CB N 5Sr
FA Jaymes Brooks G 68 4Jr
FA John Graves DT 91 5Sr
FA Jarrett Boykin WR 81 3J
FA Danny Coale WR 19 4Jr
FA Beau Warren C 60 5Sr
FA Andre Smith TE 88 5Sr
FA Dyrell Roberts WR 11 3Jr
FA Blake DeChristopher T 62 4Jr
FA Davon Morgan S 2 4Sr

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