The pickings are slim at Arizona State as their top NFL prospect is a second year sophomore and not eligible for next April’s draft.  There are a nice number of utility defensive linemen to watch.

Lawrence Guy is an intense interior lineman who plays with a competitive nature.  Rarely off his feet, he plays with good lean, balance and has an explosive first step off the snap.  Possessing a thick lower body, he is constantly doubled in the middle the line and shows the ability to collapse the pocket.  A force when healthy, Guy struggled with injuries last year but comes with an upside.

Saia Falahola flashes power on the inside  nice bulk on the inside and is tough to move off the point.  He has a squat, low to the ground build and could be used as a rotational lineman at the next level.

Omar Bolden is a guy we liked off the ’08 film but the cornerback that really did not improve last season, in large part due to injuries.  Effective facing the action, he does a nice job locating the pass in the air.   Bolden is also effective returning kicks.

Gerald Munns, who was primarily a reserve as a junior, was given a solid pre-season grade by scouts who think has an upside.  Breaking down well, he uses his hands to protect himself and remains disciplined with assignments.  We are not high on Munns, an opinion some would disagree with.

Arizona St Pro-Prospects

Round Full Name Pos Num Year
3-4 Lawrence Guy DT 50 3Jr
FA Omar Bolden CB 3 3Jr
FA Gerald Munns ILB 47 5Sr
FA Saia Falahola DT 77 5Sr

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The situation is bad at Washington State and not getting better any time soon.  The program did not a player drafted last April and that trend is likely to continue next year.

Zach Williams is one of the few prospects on offense.  The center keeps his head on a swivel, picks up blocking assignments and works to finish blocks.  He lacks balance, the strength to finish blocks and shows marginal footwork in space.

Defensive end Kevin Kooyman returns and is a prospect with some upside.  He’s got a nice frame which he easily moves about the field.  Kooyman shows skill as a pass rusher or in pursuit and has an upside.

Discuss all the NFL prospects from the PAC  Ten!

Can Mike Sherman bring the Aggies back to prominence?  In our opinion it won’t be any time soon and his days in College Station may be numbered.  He does have two terrific NFL prospects to work with this year.

Quarterback Jerrod Johnson possesses the physical skills to be a big time NFL passer but his mechanics are awful.  Johnson is a terrific athlete and easily zips the outs or drives the ball downfield with a flick of his wrist, powering the ball into targets.   He easily escapes the rush, loses nothing on the move and for the most part, throws with a nice degree of accuracy.   All too often Johnson releases the ball off his back foot and does not properly follow through.  He also makes poor choices under the rush.  It’s surprising to us that even with an NFL coach like Sherman to tutor Johnson, his mechanics can be so bad.  His physical skills are enough to have him moving p draft boards.

Receiver Jeff Fuller is a big tall enticing target.  Physically strong, he beats down defenders and comes with the tough grab.  Fuller is not a natural pass catcher and tends to bobble or double catch to many throws.

Von Miller enters the season as one of the premiere 3-4 linebackers in the country.  An explosive defender constantly in the backfield, Miller does and above-average job holding his ground against blocks, quickly changes direction and makes plays laterally.  Rarely off his feet, he shows ability in pursuit from the back side and displays speed in every direction.  Miller does struggle taking on blocks and will be pushed from his angle of attack by large tackles yet has a lot to offer.

Texas A&M

Round Full Name Pos Num Year
1st Von Miller OLB 40 4Sr
3rd Jerrod Johnson QB 1 5Sr
5-6 Jeff Fuller WR 8 3Jr

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