There are many who think Oregon will win the Pac Ten.  We disagree.  They lost a decent amount of talent to the NFL then the starting quarterback was dismissed from the program.  The way we see it the majority of draft eligible talent is of the free agent variety.

Carson York is a terrific young offensive line prospect with a bright future.  He’s a fundamentally sound blocker at guard who bends his knees and sets with a wide base.  York is strong at the point and does a solid job in pass protection.

Senior William Thran is a small area blocker and lacks the skill to handle the left tackle duties he presently holds down.  Strong at the point, he controls defenders once he gets his hands on them and turns them off the line yet cannot adjust to oncoming blitzers, lacks lateral blocking range and footwork in space.

In similar fashion C.E. Kaiser shows poor movement skills from his right tackle position.  He is effective with his hands and displays good strength at the point of attack.

Jeff Maehl lacks the great size yet is a hardnosed football player with a complete game.  He possesses terrific eye/hand coordination and hands of glue.  Maehl does a great job finding the open seam in the defense and consistently offers the quarterback a nice target.  He extends his hands away from his body and possesses soft, reliable hands.  Maehl also gives effort blocking downfield. Really more of a one speed receiver who lacks a second gear or burst, Maehl projects as a fifth receiver/special teams player at the next level.

The top senior prospect is middle linebacker Casey Matthews, son of former USC star Clay Matthews.  He is a hard hitting run defender with a good nose for the ball.  Matthews shows top instincts, quickly diagnoses plays and scrapes well laterally.  He’s a good football player yet not a great athlete and does not possess a huge upside.

Spencer Paysinger was a prospect we liked off the ’08 tape yet a linebacker whose game went flat last season.  Paysinger is relatively effective in space and quick getting out laterally to make plays.  He showed a lot of indecision in his game which was costly last year.

Defensive lineman Brandon Bair is well thought of in many circles.  He’s a hard-working player with a non-stop motor but lacks strength at the point and does not possess the great upside.

The Ducks have a pair of junior safety’s to watch, Javes Lewis and Eddie Pleasant.

Oregon Pro-Prospects

Round Full Name Pos Num Year
5th Carson York G 77 3So
5th Casey Matthews ILB 55 5Sr
5-6 Javes Lewis S 14 4Jr
6-7 Jeff Maehl WR 23 4Sr
7th Eddie Pleasant S 11 4Jr
7-FA Spencer Paysinger OLB 35 5Sr
FA Brandon Bair DE 88 5Sr
FA William Thran T 69 5Sr
FA C.E. Kaiser G 68 5Sr
FA Jordan Holmes C 54 5Sr
FA Talmadge Jackson III CB 37 4Sr

Discuss all the NFL prospects from the PAC  Ten!

The pickings are slim at Arizona State as their top NFL prospect is a second year sophomore and not eligible for next April’s draft.  There are a nice number of utility defensive linemen to watch.

Lawrence Guy is an intense interior lineman who plays with a competitive nature.  Rarely off his feet, he plays with good lean, balance and has an explosive first step off the snap.  Possessing a thick lower body, he is constantly doubled in the middle the line and shows the ability to collapse the pocket.  A force when healthy, Guy struggled with injuries last year but comes with an upside.

Saia Falahola flashes power on the inside  nice bulk on the inside and is tough to move off the point.  He has a squat, low to the ground build and could be used as a rotational lineman at the next level.

Omar Bolden is a guy we liked off the ’08 film but the cornerback that really did not improve last season, in large part due to injuries.  Effective facing the action, he does a nice job locating the pass in the air.   Bolden is also effective returning kicks.

Gerald Munns, who was primarily a reserve as a junior, was given a solid pre-season grade by scouts who think has an upside.  Breaking down well, he uses his hands to protect himself and remains disciplined with assignments.  We are not high on Munns, an opinion some would disagree with.

Arizona St Pro-Prospects

Round Full Name Pos Num Year
3-4 Lawrence Guy DT 50 3Jr
FA Omar Bolden CB 3 3Jr
FA Gerald Munns ILB 47 5Sr
FA Saia Falahola DT 77 5Sr

Discuss all the NFL prospects from the PAC  Ten!

The situation is bad at Washington State and not getting better any time soon.  The program did not a player drafted last April and that trend is likely to continue next year.

Zach Williams is one of the few prospects on offense.  The center keeps his head on a swivel, picks up blocking assignments and works to finish blocks.  He lacks balance, the strength to finish blocks and shows marginal footwork in space.

Defensive end Kevin Kooyman returns and is a prospect with some upside.  He’s got a nice frame which he easily moves about the field.  Kooyman shows skill as a pass rusher or in pursuit and has an upside.

Discuss all the NFL prospects from the PAC  Ten!

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