The situation is bad at Washington State and not getting better any time soon.  The program did not a player drafted last April and that trend is likely to continue next year.

Zach Williams is one of the few prospects on offense.  The center keeps his head on a swivel, picks up blocking assignments and works to finish blocks.  He lacks balance, the strength to finish blocks and shows marginal footwork in space.

Defensive end Kevin Kooyman returns and is a prospect with some upside.  He’s got a nice frame which he easily moves about the field.  Kooyman shows skill as a pass rusher or in pursuit and has an upside.

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Can Mike Sherman bring the Aggies back to prominence?  In our opinion it won’t be any time soon and his days in College Station may be numbered.  He does have two terrific NFL prospects to work with this year.

Quarterback Jerrod Johnson possesses the physical skills to be a big time NFL passer but his mechanics are awful.  Johnson is a terrific athlete and easily zips the outs or drives the ball downfield with a flick of his wrist, powering the ball into targets.   He easily escapes the rush, loses nothing on the move and for the most part, throws with a nice degree of accuracy.   All too often Johnson releases the ball off his back foot and does not properly follow through.  He also makes poor choices under the rush.  It’s surprising to us that even with an NFL coach like Sherman to tutor Johnson, his mechanics can be so bad.  His physical skills are enough to have him moving p draft boards.

Receiver Jeff Fuller is a big tall enticing target.  Physically strong, he beats down defenders and comes with the tough grab.  Fuller is not a natural pass catcher and tends to bobble or double catch to many throws.

Von Miller enters the season as one of the premiere 3-4 linebackers in the country.  An explosive defender constantly in the backfield, Miller does and above-average job holding his ground against blocks, quickly changes direction and makes plays laterally.  Rarely off his feet, he shows ability in pursuit from the back side and displays speed in every direction.  Miller does struggle taking on blocks and will be pushed from his angle of attack by large tackles yet has a lot to offer.

Texas A&M

Round Full Name Pos Num Year
1st Von Miller OLB 40 4Sr
3rd Jerrod Johnson QB 1 5Sr
5-6 Jeff Fuller WR 8 3Jr

Discuss all the top NFL prospects from the Big 12

Here is our ranking of the top 113 draft eligible prospects from the Big 12.  The group is well represented by the senior class and possesses a half dozen top sixty picks, a big fall off from a year ago when players from the conference represented five of the initial six players selected in the draft.

Ranked Prospects of the Big 12

Rank Full Name School Pos Num Year
1 Prince Amukamara Nebraska CB 21 4Sr
2 Von Miller Texas A&M OLB 40 4Sr
3 Aldon Smith Missouri DE 85 3So
4 Marcel Jones Nebraska G 78 4Jr
5 Jeremy Beal Oklahoma DE 44 4Sr
6 Chykie Brown Texas CB 8 5Sr
7 Jared Crick Nebraska DT 94 4Jr
8 DeMarco Murray Oklahoma RB 7 5Sr
9 Jerrod Johnson Texas A&M QB 1 5Sr
10 Aaron Williams Texas CB 4 4Jr
11 Nate Solder Colorado T 78 5Sr
12 Jimmy Smith Colorado CB 3 5Sr
13 Blaine Gabbert Missouri QB 11 3Jr
14 Niles Paul Nebraska WR 24 4Sr
15 Dan Hoch Missouri T 77 3Jr
16 Keenan Robinson Texas OLB 1 4Jr
17 Kendall Hunter Oklahoma State RB 24 4Sr
18 Keith Williams Nebraska G 68 5Sr
19 Travis Lewis Oklahoma OLB 28 4Jr
20 Hubert Anyiam Oklahoma State WR 84 4Jr
21 Kelechi Osemele Iowa State T 72 4Jr
22 Bryce Givens Colorado T 77 3So
23 Adrian Taylor Oklahoma DT 86 5Sr
24 Jalil Brown Colorado CB 23 5Sr
25 Derrick Washington Missouri RB 24 4Sr
26 Sam Acho Texas DE N 5Sr
27 Detron Lewis Texas Tech WR 17 4Sr
28 Jeff Spikes Kansas T 74 4Jr
29 Daniel Thomas Kansas State RB 8 4Sr
30 Greg Smith Texas TE 83 5Sr
31 Pierre Allen Nebraska DE 95 5Sr
32 Andrew Gachkar Missouri OLB 6 4Sr
33 Alfonzo Dennard Nebraska CB 15 3Jr
34 Raphael Guidry Kansas State DT 94 3Jr
35 Baron Batch Texas Tech RB 25 5Sr
36 Cory Brandon Oklahoma T 70 5Sr
37 Roy Helu Nebraska RB 10 4Sr
38 Brian Duncan Texas Tech ILB 57 5Sr
39 Jacquies Smith Missouri DE 3 3Jr
40 Eric Hagg Nebraska S 28 4Sr
41 Clyde Aufner Kansas State T 75 3Jr
42 Jeremiah Hatch Kansas C 77 4Jr
43 Quinton Carter Oklahoma S N 5Sr
44 Robert Griffin Baylor QB 10 3So
45 Ryan Broyles Oklahoma WR 85 4Jr
46 Cody Davis Texas Tech S 16 3So
47 David Sims Iowa State S 1 4Sr
48 Curtis Brown Texas CB 3x 4Sr
49 Markques Simas Colorado WR 6 4Jr
50 Leonard Johnson Iowa State CB 23 3Jr
51 Elvis Fisher Missouri T 72 4Jr
52 Ugo Chinasa Oklahoma State DE 91 5Sr
53 Jasper Simmons Missouri S 9 4Sr
54 Blake Gideon Texas S 21 3Jr
55 Brandon Caleb Oklahoma WR 8 5Sr
56 Will Ebner Missouri ILB 32 3Jr
57 Dejon Gomes Nebraska CB 7 4Sr
58 Jared Norton Texas ILB 11 4Sr
59 Tim Barnes Missouri C 62 5Sr
60 Jarvis Jones Oklahoma T 76 4Jr
61 Jeff Miller Colorado T 73 4Jr
62 Michael Smith Nebraska T 65 5Sr
63 Mike McNeill Nebraska TE 44 5Sr
64 Flemmie Finley Baylor RB 32 5Sr
65 Philip Blake Baylor T 74 3Jr
66 Austen Arnaud Iowa State QB 4 5Sr
67 Antonio Johnson Baylor OLB 7 4Sr
68 Markelle Martin Oklahoma State S 10 3Jr
69 Phil Taylor Baylor DT N 5Sr
70 Carl Gettis Missouri CB 19 4Sr
71 Prizell Brown Kansas State DT 46 4Sr
72 Kyle Hix Texas T 64 5Sr
73 Tramain Swindall Texas Tech WR 11 4Jr
74 James Kirkendoll Texas WR 11 4Sr
75 Chris Donaldson Oklahoma State DT 95 4Sr
76 Kendall Wright Baylor WR 1 3Jr
77 Mossis Madu Oklahoma RB 29 5Sr
78 Jarrell Harrison Missouri S 11 4Sr
79 Richard Henry Nebraska G 74 5Sr
80 Danny Watkins Baylor T 59 4Sr
81 Eddie Jones Texas DE 32 4Sr
82 Bront Bird Texas Tech OLB 20 4Sr
83 Jonathan Wilson Kansas WR 81 4Sr
84 Chris Harris Kansas CB 16 4Sr
85 Luke Lambert Missouri ILB 33 4Sr
86 Lyle Leong Texas Tech WR 19 4Sr
87 Cameron Kenney Oklahoma WR 6 4Sr
88 Kevin Rutland Missouri CB 20 5Sr
89 Colby Whitlock Texas Tech DT 93 4Sr
90 Ryan Deehan Colorado TE 34 3Jr
91 Franklin Mitchem Texas Tech S 26 5Sr
92 Alexander Robinson Iowa State RB 33 5Sr
93 DJ Jones Nebraska G 73 5Sr
94 Michael Huey Texas G 63 4Sr
95 Shane Jarka Oklahoma State DT 46 5Sr
96 Stephen Harrison Kansas State CB 8 5Sr
97 Chris Olson Texas Tech G 70 5Sr
98 Brad Thorson Kansas G 76 5Sr
99 Tim Atchison Baylor CB 8 5Sr
100 Kenneth Mayfield Kansas State G 67 5Sr
101 Taylor Potts Texas Tech QB 12 5Sr
102 Zac Lee Nebraska QB 5 5Sr
103 Jake Laptad Kansas DE 91 4Sr
104 Justin Lemon Oklahoma State ILB 41 5Sr
105 Antonio Felder Kansas State OLB 40 4Sr
106 Collin Franklin Iowa State TE 88 5Sr
107 Rickey Thenarse Nebraska S 3 5Sr
108 Andrew McGee Oklahoma State CB 6 4Sr
109 Anthony Morgan Oklahoma State G 65 4Sr
110 Brad Taylor Baylor FB 9 5Sr
111 Earl Patin Baylor ILB 1 4Sr
112 Jonathan Nelson Oklahoma CB 3 5Sr
113 John Chiles Texas WR 5 4Sr

Discuss all the top NFL prospects from the Big 12

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