News and notes from the fifth day of the combine.

Update 3:40PM

– In the last hour I’ve learned much more on the injury which kept Austin Seferian-Jenkins from working out yesterday. It was an injury medical examiners at the combine accidentally found. Doctors x-rayed Seferian-Jenkins left foot with the sole intention of examining the ankle which he sprained a year ago and kept him on the sidelines during a small portion of the 2012 season. In reviewing the x-rays doctors noticed what seemed to be a potential small fracture in the foot and ordered more tests. I’m told Seferian-Jenkins was getting ready to take the field for his workout when he was pulled from the line and told additional tests were needed. The big tight end was as surprised as anyone as he’d never experienced pain in his left foot to that point. Seferian-Jenkins combine weight of 262-pounds is a number significantly lower than his playing weight during the 2013 season. I’m told Seferian-Jenkins had been timing in the 4.6’s during recent training.


–  Word around Indy is Miami Dolphins offensive tackle Jonathan Martin will eventually be traded but its a question of when.  Someone close to the situation told me yesterday, “there are a lot of moving parts.”  I get the idea everyone wants to make sure they are covering their you know what.

–  Blake Bortles officially announced Monday he would throw at the combine but  I was told the strong arm quarterback decided long ago he would participate in the entire combine workout.  Throwing at the combine was never a question in Bortles’ mind.

– I’m told the Cincinnati Bengals may have to cut Carlos Dunlap in order to create the salary cap room necessary to sign a number of other highly considered players on their roster about to hit free agency.

– The feeling from the combine says the Atlanta Falcons have a 50/50 chance of re-signing starting center Joe Hawley.

– LaMarr Woodley’s contract s likely to make re-signing Jason Worilds very difficult if not impossible.  I’m told at least at least a dozen teams here at the combine have expressed great interest in Worilds if he hits free agency.

–   In conversations here in Indy its apparent the quarterbacks stack up 1) Bortles, 2) Bridgewater, 3) Carr, 4) Manziel on a number of team boards.

– Last night at dinner with a few scouts I learned that an FBI profiler was brought in to review the interview tapes of Aaron Hernandez from the 2010 combine.  The profiler pointed out a number of signs during the interview which would’ve raised red flags had he seen it in 2010; body language, the way Hernandez answered questions, his body language answering questions.  Bottom line is more teams will bring in profilers to review these interview tapes.