Observations and a breakdown of the three days of Senior Bowl practice from the South team at the Senior Bowl.

Aaron Colvin DB Oklahoma

5113 186 9 1/4 31

Mon: Colvin was consistently a half step late staying with opponents off line but was terrific from that point on.  Technically very sound, he showed the ability to recover and made a lot of nice plays on the ball.  Still, his hesitancy off the line is concerning.

Tues: Started off pretty well.  Shows a lot of physical ability though he’s a bit slow between the ears.  Went down with an injury midway through practice and the early diagnoses is a torn ACL.


Keith McGill DB Utah

6030 214 10 1/4 33

Mon: From the time he stepped on the stage this morning to be measured, McGill looked the part.  Except for a somewhat stiff backpedal he was terrific in most all aspects.  A move to safety could be in the offing.

Tues: For the most part looked good.  Not very quick but to his credit does a nice job getting his head around then locating the ball in the air.  Smooth and plays with great balance.  Still not sure he can stay at cornerback,

Wed: Left practice with what seemed to be a calf cramp.


Lavelle Westbrooks      DB Georgia Southern

5113 195 9 7/8 31 7/8

Mon: Have to like what Westbrooks showed this morning.  He’s technically sound, athletic and played to good speed.  He needs to polish many areas of his game but is was a solid showing.

Wed: Struggled in drills then made several nice plays in one-on-one as well as scrimmage.  Made a terrific downfield pass defense, nicely getting his head around then swatting away the ball.


Chris Davis DB Auburn

5096 201 9 3/8 30 1/2

Tues: Played poorly in the secondary.  Gets turned, struggles finding the ball and really shows a lack of overall defensive back skill.  Will be drafted on the strength of his special teams play.

Wed: Picked up his play today and had several nice pass defenses.


Jemea Thomas DB Georgia Tech

5094 190 9 7/8 30 1/2

Mon: Thomas looked terrific in drills showing a quick and fluid backpedal as well as smooth hips.  Really did not stand out in 7-on-7 or scrimmage.

Tues: Did not standout but there’s something about his game that keeps drawing you back.  He’s quick and shows a lot of skill during drills.  Quick footed in reverse, can flip his hip and has a burst.


Kenny Ladler DB Vanderbilt

6001 200 9 1/8 32 3/8

Mon: Ladler had his moments and made  few nice plays.  Probably better getting outside the numbers than I had anticipated.


Craig Loston DB LSU

6003 214 10 1/4 30 3/4

Mon: Two sides to Loston today.  In drills he was quick and fluid yet once the scrimmage started he looked very stiff and more like a one-dimensional, downhill safety.

Tues: For the most part non-descript.


Jaylen Watkins DB Florida

5113 194 9 5/8 30 5/8

Mon: For the most part Watkins, who lined up exclusively at cornerback, played well.  He made several nice plays on the ball and showed a feisty nature to his game.

Tues: Really starting to like Watkins game.  Made a number of terrific pass defenses and showed complete ball skills.  Fought hard to defend passes and more times than not knocked the ball away.


Terrence Brooks DB Florida State

5110 197 8 1/2 30 1/4

Mon: Brooks was terrific in drills and as much as I really want to like him, he’s just really small.

Wed: Fluid, quick and explosive.  Goes sideline to sideline but again, his lack of height is going to set up mismatch problems.


Walt Aikens DB Liberty

6005 205 9 3/8 32 14

Mon: It was a terrific start for Aikens.  His footwork, hip movement and quickness was on a par with any cornerback from the South.  He did not make many plays in scrimmage but really never got beat either.

Wed: Struggled and was beaten often in the short and deep field.


Will Sutton DL Arizona State

6006 315 9 5/8 30 5/8

Tues: Had several nice plays today where he beat blockers off the ball then quickly got into the backfield.  Also had issues facing off against bigger linemen and was engulfed at the point on a number of occasions.

Wed:Had his moments.  Liked his explosion, change of direction and the ability to get down the line of scrimmage in pursuit of the action.  Will struggle against offensive lineman that can block down on him.


Deandre Coleman DL California

6050 315 10 1/4 34

Mon: Terrific day for Coleman.  Showed terrific power and surprising agility.  Held the point of attack with ease but also showed the ease to beat opponent off the edge.

Tues: Continues to show a lot of skill and one of the better surprises of the of the day.  Fires off the snap with  great first step, fast up the field and much more athletic than anyone thought.

Wed: Finished off the week with another terrific performance.  Explosive, athletic and very strong.  Consistently drove blockers off the line of scrimmage and also showed the ability to get around them.  Big upgrade in Coleman’s stock.


Justin Ellis DL Louisiana Tech

6017 342 9 7/8 32 1/4

Mon: Had a few nice plays.  Like last week at the Shrine, very explosive and quick.

Tues: Started quickly and was very tough to block in the early going.  It caught up to him later in practice yet has shown a lot of skill the past two days.

Wed: Best practice of the day for Ellis.  Beat defenders off the snap and got a lot of penetration up the field.  Ellis has the momentum going his way.


Daniel McCullers DL Tennessee

6067 348 10 5/8 35 5/8

Mon: It was ugly.  McCullers was the biggest player on the field yet never made any plays.  He looked lethargic in drills, shows little intensity and was easily blocked from the action by lesser opponents.  On almost every snap.

Tues: Really improved his performance.  Looked dominant at times, over-running blockers and getting into the backfield.  Looks good in both drills and full scrimmage.

Wed: Up and down throughout the afternoon but when on his game a dominant bull rusher.


Caraun Reid DL Princeton

6021 301 10 1/4 32 5/8

Mon: Quick, explosive and really worked hard.  Three technique prospect that must do a better job getting off blocks.

Tues: Has shown flashes yet really has done nothing to stand out.

Wed:Best practice of the week  Consistently beat blockers off the snap and worked hard, keeping his feet moving on contact.  Still a  bit slow disengaging from blocks but a good finale for Reid.


Chris Smith DL Arkansas

6011 266 9 5/8 34 1/8

Tues: Had a nice day both out of a three point stance as well  the times he was asked to stand up over tackle .  Displayed a lot of quickness, athleticism and pass rush skill.

Wed:Showed a lot of pass rush skill standing up over tackle.  Quick and very fast off the edge.


Brent Urban DL Virginia

6066 298 9 7/8 33 5/8

Mon: Definitely had his moments.  Looks the part and often played to it.  At times a man amongst boys but other times look awfully ordinary due to his unpolished game and inconsistent technique.

Tues: Improved from yesterday and showed a variety of ability.  The combination of size and athleticism is very, very impressive.  Can bend off the edge and at the same time overpower blockers.  Has immense upside.

Wed: Out with injury.


Jay Prosch FB Auburn

6006 256 10 30 1/8

Tues: Did a tremendous job in blocking drills.  Not much of an offensive threat yet proved capable of being a traditional lead blocker.


Dee Ford LB Auburn

6021 243 10 32 3/4

Mon: Lined up exclusively at defensive end.  Applauded numerous times by coaches for taking direction, playing with great pad level and competing.  Quick and fast but easily handled at the point.

Tues: WOWed scouts with his pass rush skill.  Beat just about everyone around the edge showing incredible speed and quickness.  Does a bit of wide edge rushing and a little one dimensional in that aspect.

Wed: Simmered down compared to his performance yesterday.  His speed rush skills are impressive but to be honest, he really did not show much in the way of variety and looked like a one trick pony.


Christian Jones LB Florida State

6033 234 9 5/8 32 7/8

Tues: Has the length, athleticism and speed to play weakside linebacker but mentally very hesitant and showed poor instincts.

Wed: Easily moves around the field and fast in pursuit.


Kyle Van Noy LB BYU

6032 244 9 1/2 32

Mon: Did not make to many plays yet made no mental errors and constantly around the ball.

Tues: Had a nice day.  Showed well in pass rushing drills then played discipline, assignment football in full scrimmage.

Wed: Terrific practice for Van Noy.  Really showed a complete game and played well in all aspects.  Like his discipline as well as the way he attacks the action.  Count me in as a fan.


Lamin Barrow LB LSU

6012 229 9 7/8 33

Tues: Had a nice day.  Looked forceful in drills and scrimmage.  A bit straight-linish for a smaller linebacker which is worrisome.

Wed: Solid day in both drills and scrimmage.  Very aggressive and did a nice job reading/diagnosing plays.


Jordan Tripp LB Montana

6026 237 9 5/8 30 7/8

Mon: Workman type of defender yet a very average athlete who did not make plays.

Wed:Tripp works hard but you can see he’s the least athletic of all the linebackers just watching drills.


Jeremiah Attaochu       LB Georgia Tech

6032 252 9 3/8 32 7/8

Mon: Nice day from Attaochu.  Lined up exclusively at outside linebacker and while he showed some stiffness in his game he was constantly around the action.

Tues: Did well in drills.  Looked quick footed in reverse and showed better than average cover skills.  Surprisingly was handled in pass rushing drills when coming out of a three point stance.


Adrian Hubbard LB Alabama

6057 255 9 1/8 33 7/8

Mon: Many question Hubbard’s body type yet I see a big, fluid athlete who easily moves about the field.  Made one terrific play in coverage yet to be honest he really needs to start making more plays on the ball rather than arriving a half step late.

Tues: His athleticism is outstanding as is his ability to change direction and pursue the action.  Two thing concerned me 1) a lack of strength at the point and 2) does not always play physical football.


Jon Halapio OL Florida

6034 320 10 1/4 32 3/4

Tues: Men nasty lineman but really best in a small area.

Wed:Showed a good amount of strength at the point of attack, handling the quicker Caraun Reid on one play.  Solid prospect that should fit in as a last day pick.


Bryan Stork OL Florida State

6034 306 10 1/8 31

Mon: I did not expect much from Stork but was very impressed with what I saw.  Quick, explosive and fundamentally sound.  Easily controlled bigger opponents and held his own.

Wed: Had problems with a few of the bull rushers but for the most part held his own and showed a lot of skill.


Jawuan James OL Tennessee

6061 315 9 5/8 33 3/8

Mon: Solid day from James; big, strong and controlled opponents.  Did a good job against Dee Ford on several occasions

Tues: Left the Senior Bowl with injury.


Wesley Johnson OL Vanderbilt

6052 290 10 1/8 32 1/2

Tues: Did a solid job.  Held his own at left tackle.  A lot of people think he’ll be a good center in the NFL.

Wed:Struggled and was beaten on a number of occasions.  Pushed into center, the position most scouts believe is his best next level spot, and did a good job.


Morgan Moses OL Virginia

6061 325 9 3/4 34 3/4

Tues: Good day put in by Moses.  Big and athletic and played as much.  Strong with terrific arm punch.  On a number of occasions easily knocked speed rushers from their angle of attack.  Very good practice.

Wed: Has a few downs where he really “wows” you with his ability then flattens out.  Has the size and athleticism to succeed at the next level if he consistently plays at a high level.


Gabe Ikard OL Oklahoma

6032 302 9 3/4 32 3/4

Mon: Saw action at guard throughout the day.

Tues: Was over run on a number of occasions.

Wed:Lined up at guard.  Was over run on a number of occasions.


Billy Turner OL North Dakota

6050 316 10 1/4 33 1/4

Mon: Struggled and had coaches screaming at him.  Lined up at right tackle but never seemed to get his feet underneath him.  Lacked balance, footwork and not a good start to the week

Tues: Not a good day for Turner.  Lined up at right tackle and was torched throughout the practice.  Consistently beaten like a drum.

Wed: Played a lot of guard.  Was slightly better but in the end did nothing to improve his draft stock.  Tough three days for Turner.


Travis Swanson OL Arkansas

6050 310 10 32 7/8

Mon: Solid practice from Swanson yet really showed no dominant trait to his game nor did he prove to be worth the rating some have given him.

Wed:Really did nothing out of the ordinary nor did he stand out.


Gabe Jackson OL Mississippi State

6033 339 9 7/8 33

Mon: Good day from Jackson.  He’s very quick, explosive and strong at the point.  Really did not show much stiffness in his game.

Tues: Another good outing from Jackson.  Looks very strong and easily held the point.  I like the way he bends his knees and consistently block with leverage.

Wed: Worst day of the week for Jackson.  Looked stiff and was beaten on a number of snaps.


Joel Bitonio OL Nevada

6040 307 9 7/8 33

Mon: Terrific day for Bitonio.  He’s a barrel-chested blocker who stays square and controlled everyone he faced.  Not real fluid or athletic but efficient and strong.

Tues: Took a step back from Monday.  Was beaten a few times an seemed to struggle to get his feet underneath him.  It wasn’t awful for Bitonio yet not nearly as effective as yesterday.

Wed: Stepped up his game and looked really good.  Was one of the few linemen who could stop Dee Ford.  Has a nice combination of size, strength as well as blocking intelligence


David Fales QB San Jose State

6013 220 9 1/4 31 1/8

Mon: Struggled all day.  Just does not have the arm to make the NFL passes and throws float too much.

Tues: Struggled more than any other quarterback in the wind.  Passes took off and they showed no speed t all.

Wed: Much better day for Fales.  Improved his accuracy, timing and made a number of very good throws.


Jimmy Garoppolo QB Eastern Illinois

6022 219 9 30 1/4

Mon: Started strong then fizzled.  Was on the same page as his receivers early on and to his credit has the quickest release of any signal caller on the North.  By the end of practice he threw a number of wayward passes and struggled hitting targets.

Tues: Ineffective.  Did not show the accuracy or timing as he did in the opening part of Monday’s practice.

Wed:Very effective throwing in underneath coverage but his downfield accuracy was not good.


Derek Carr QB Fresno State

6021 215 9 1/8 31 1/4

Mon: Good day for Carr.  Throws the ball with great velocity, accuracy and never got rattled.

Tues: Really a terrific day for Carr.  Was sharp from the get-go.  Did a great job leading the offense, lost nothing on his throws despite the wind and sharp.  Accurate with tosses and showed great timing on throws.  Rarely had receivers waiting on passes.

Wed: Finished it off in style.  Carr was not spectacular but did everything scouts asked of him.


Antonio Andrews RB Western Kentucky

5101 225 9 1/4 30 5/8

Mon: Andrews showed a lot of quickness carrying the ball and at the same time looked terrific catching the ball out of the backfield.

Tues: Really showed  complete game at the running back position.  Did a terrific job in blocking drills, caught the ball exceptionally well and showed an array of running skills.


Lorenzo Taliaferro  RB Coastal Carolina

6003 231 8 1/2 31 3/8

Wed: Looked very average.  Limited speed, quickness and really does not run like a 231lbs back.


Jerick McKinnon RB Georgia

5090 209 8 3/8 29 1/2

Tues: Showed a lot of skill and creativity carrying the ball.  Very elusive.  Struggled in blocking drills.

Wed:Good day for McKinnon.  Best back on the South.  Incredibly quick, elusive and has a nice burst.


Marcel Jensen TE Fresno State

6053 254 10 1/8 34 1/4

Mon: Hands down the best tight end on the North.  Caught the ball very well, showing the ability to beat down linebackers.  Held his own blocking.

Tues: Left with an injury.


Arthur Lynch TE Georgia

6044 258 10 1/8 31

Mon: Methodical and slow in his entire game yet efficient.

Tues: Really did a nice job blocking.


Kevin Norwood WR Alabama

6020 197 10 1/1 31 3/8

Mon: Dropped a few passes which was surprising.

Tues: Solid day.  Ran sharp routes, separated from opponents and caught the ball exceptionally well.  Looked good from start to finish.

Wed: Probably the best day of the week for Norwood.  Quickly gets off the line, uses his hands well and ran great routes again.  Caught everything thrown in his direction and fought to come away with the catch.


Mike Davis WR Texas

6002 193 10 1/8 32

Mon: Have to like what Davis gave today.  He’s got excellent length, agility and reliable hands.  Separated from defenders and fought to come away with the ball.

Tues: Another very good day for Davis.  Has nice length, smooth and caught the ball well.  Fights to make the reception and reliable.

Wed: Hands down the best receiver on the South.  Made a number of eye catching receptions and does a great job catching the ball with his hands.  Not a field stretcher yet very reliable.


Solomon Patton WR Florida

5084 179 9 1/4 29 7/8

Mon: Delivered more than I expected.  Runs good routes, very quick and caught the ball extremely well.

Tues: Solid performance by Patton.  Quick in all aspects, shows a burst of speed and caught the ball well.

Wed:Did have a drop or two but for the most part played well.  Leaves Senior Bowl practice as a late round pick.


Jalen Saunders WR Oklahoma

5086 164 8 3/4 28 7/8

Mon: Terrific route runner but dropped to many catchable throws.

Tues: Had a very solid day.  Held on to most of the passes he dropped yesterday.

Wed: Really a terrific performance for Saunders.  Tremendous quickness as well as an excellent burst.  Snatched the ball from the air.  Best practice of the week.


Ryan Grant WR Tulane

6002 197 9 5/8 30 7/8

Mon: Solid day for Grant.  Stood out in all areas running good routes and making a lot of difficult receptions.

Tues: Did a lot of slipping and never got his feet underneath him.


Jordan Matthews WR Vanderbilt

6025 209 10 1/2 32 5/8

Mon: Struggled catching the ball early in the day before righting the ship.  Not horrible yet not a first round performance.

Tues: Good day for Matthews.  Battled hard and came away with a number of difficult catches.  Played big and fought to make the catch.  Really a one speed receiver and showed little in the way of burst.

Wed: Did not drop anything and competed to make the catch.  Lack of quickness and speed is a concern.


Cody Hoffman WR BYU

6037 218 9 7/8 33

Mon: Caught the ball well.  Was impressed the way he fought for the reception, using his size as an advantage.  Did not always do that on film.

Tues: Another good day for Hoffman.  Uses his hands well to separate from opponents at the line of scrimmage, shows good focus as well as eye/hand coordination and caught the ball well.  Played like a real good possession receiver.

Wed: Really impressed by Hoffman.  Great job getting off the line and using his hands to separate from defenders, ran good routes and caught the ball well.  Performed beyond expectations.