Observations and a breakdown of the three days of Senior Bowl practice from the North team at the Senior Bowl.

Deone Bucannon DB Washington State

6007, 216, 9 1/2, 31 3/4

Mon: Was beat often in one-on-one drills.

Tues: Really struggled in drills showing little in the way of smoothness or fluidity.  Saw little action in scrimmage.  Have to wonder if you can place him over the slot receiver.


Pierre Desir DB Lindenwood

6011 195 9 1/4 32 3/4

Mon: Struggled; looked confused and was beat often.  Looks the part but must start playing to it.

Tues: Slightly better day.  Seemed to get his feet underneath him.


Ahmad Dixon DB Baylor

5114 205 9 5/8 32

Tues: Physically aggressive defensive back who went hard every snap he took.


Marqueston Huff DB Wyoming

5110 198 8 1/4 31

Tues: Saw a lot of time at cornerback.   Solid; quick footed and really did not show much stiffness in his game.


Stanley Jean-Baptiste     DB Nebraska

6023 215 8 1/2 32 3/8

Tues: Physically imposing defender who looked solid in drills.

Wed: Really played well and stepped it up.  Made a terrific pass defense in the end zone, using his size and athleticism to knock away the ball.  Looks like he has a ton of upside.


Dontae Johnson DB North Carolina

6020 199 8 7/8 31 1/2

Mon: Really had a terrific day.  Looked good in man coverage and had a terrific all-around day.  Dominated at times in man coverage  Displayed good ball skills, instinctive an shut down opponents all practice long.

Tues: Tweaked his hamstring yesterday and on the sidelines most of the morning


Nevin Lawson DB Utah State

5097 184 8 7/8 31 3/4

Mon: Struggled all day.  Was constantly beaten up by opponents and gave up a lot of receptions.  Lacks quickness, speed and not very smooth.

Tues: Much, much better.  Has limitations yet displayed improved techniques and was not as slow reacting to the action.

Wed: Best practice of the week and better today then he was anytime at the Shrine Game.  Good footwork, hip movement and nicely covered the deep throw.


Isaiah Lewis DB Michigan State

5100 205 9 7/8 30 7/8

Mon: Was spanked badly by Kain Coulter in one-on-one drills then seemed to fold into the background.

Tues: Was not beaten by anyone then again did not stand out in anyway.  Technically very sound and displays a large degree of quickness in his game.

Wed: Struggled.  Looks good in drills but does not translate it into one-on-ones or scrimmage.  Easily beaten by tight ends over the middle of the field.


Dezmen Southward       DB Wisconsin

6001 206 10 31 5/8

Mon: Has great size and toughness.  Showed a lot of skill between the numbers yet was beaten badly a number of times in one-on-one.  Looked like a liability in man coverage situations.

Tues: Saw a lot of time at cornerback but lacks the quickness and ball skills to play corner or line up over the slot receiver.

Wed: In a nutshell, really nothing more than a traditional strong safety.


Jimmie Ward DB Northern Illinois

5103 191 9 1/2 31 1/2

Mon: Solid, not spectacular.  Did not make mental mistakes and was constantly around the action.

Tues: Again; instinctive and plays within himself.  Made a terrific play during special team drills.

Wed: Solid day from Ward.  Not flashy yet efficient and does not make mental errors.


Will Clarke DL West Virginia

6061 271 9 1/2 33 3/8

Mon: Had his moments.  Looks the part yet also player to it at times.  Showed there’s a lot to like about his game.

Tues: Struggled in the sense he could not get off blocks and was easily knocked from his angle of attack.

Wed:Athletic and explosive but needs to add bulk and get stronger.


Aaron Donald DL Pittsburgh

6007 288 9 7/8 31 3/4

Mon: WOW!  Unstoppable all day.  Looked good in weigh-ins despite his size deficiency, showing a strong physique and powerful lower body.  Beat blockers all day with power, quickness, finesse and athleticism.  Big winner of the day.

Tues: Not as dominant as yesterday but still had a good day.  Shows a lot of variety in his game beating opponents with power, quickness and technique.

Wed: Another big time performance from Donald.  Unstoppable.  Showed a variety of skill.  Massive week for the undersized defensive lineman.


James Gayle DL Virginia Tech

6035 255 9 5/8 32 3/8

Mon: Struggled all day.  Manhandled at the point of attack and was easily taken from plays.

Tues: Picked up his game.  Beat Mewhort badly around the edge on one play and looked very athletic.  Looked like a good edge rusher.

Wed: Had his moments but more of a one trick pony who must beat opponents off the snap.


Ra’Shede Hageman      DL Minnesota

6060 318 9 5/8 33 3/4

Mon: Showed flashes all practice long and why he has the ability to be dominant.  Hageman was quick, athletic and powerful.  He can be all over the place yet still disappears for stretches.  At the top of his game he proved to be an unstoppable beast.

Tues: Just like yesterday but to  a much greater extent.  Started the day slow and at times was controlled by lesser opponents.  Later knocked both Brandon Linder and Tyler Larsen on their asses on separate plays.  The skill is there but the consistency is not.

Wed: Another inconsistent day.  Looks like Tarzan at times then plays like Jane.   Makes one good play then disappears for stretches.


DaQuan Jones DL Penn State

6034 323 9 3/8 32 3/4

Mon: Looks the part but just doesn’t make many plays.  Fires off the snap, plays with good pad level and displayed a powerful lower body but cannot get off blocks.

Tues: Looks like Tarzan, plays like Jane.  Has every feature you want in a potential starter for the next level yet rarely made plays when it counts.

Wed: Again; handled at the point on a consistent basis and makes little, if any, impact.


Kareem Martin DL North Carolina

6057 272 10 34 3/8

Mon: Struggled all practice long.  Plays with great leverage yet once blocked stays blocked.

Tues: Had a much better practice.  Got revenge on Seantrel Henderson, knocking the big tackle off the ball and looked very athletic at times.

Wed: Showed flashes but for the most was handled by opponents.


Marcus Smith DL Louisville

6034 258 9 5/8 33 1/4

Mon: Flashed skill all day.  Very athletic and easily moves around the field with speed.  Fast off the edge and can bend at full speed.  Struggles taking on blocks but did well standing up over tackle

Tues: Saw most of his action at outside linebacker and held his own.  Played within himself and looked very disciplined.  Did not make many plays but at the same time did not look mentally slow or unsure of himself.

Wed:Saw time at linebacker during drills and struggled in pass coverage.  Looked stiff and unsure of himself.


Shamar Stephen DL Connecticut

6045 308 9 7/8 33

Mon: Flashed some serious power all day and was tough to handle.  Opponents were constantly grabbing handfuls of his jersey in order to slow him down.  Must improve his hand technique but displayed an NFL body and power.

Tues: Displays the raw ability to dominate opponents but must improve his techniques and develop moves to disengage from blocks.

Wed: Needs to develop his game and play with consistent fundamentals but has a great upside and there’s a lot to like about his future.


Ryan Hewitt FB Stanford

6040 246 9 1/8 30 3/4

Tues: Had several nice blocks throughout the day.  Took out several linebackers, looking strong yet athletic.

Wed: Made a real nice reception, down the field, in scrimmage.  Looked good in blocking drills.


Chris Borland LB Wisconsin

5113 245 9 3/4 28 7/8

Mon: Just a tremendous day.  Shows big time playmaking skills defending the run or covering the pass  Constantly around the action and flies to the ball.  Definitely helped himself today.

Tues: Another terrific day.  Plays all out, explosive and outright dominant.  Tremendous during blitz drills and could not be stopped.

Wed: Had a pick in scrimmage.  Looked real solid in all aspects.  Leaves Senior Bowl practices with a much improved draft grade.


Jonathan Brown LB Illinois

6004 224 9 1/4 32 1/2

Tues: Had no impact whatsoever.  Small and not really fast or quick.

Wed: Looked much better and made several nice plays in pursuit.


Christian Kirksey LB Iowa

6016 234 8 5/8 32 3/8

Tues: Had a number of explosive plays throughout the day.  At times dominated in blitz drills, showed  lot of speed in his game and made plays sideline to sideline.  Big win today for Kirksey.

Wed:Another terrific outing for Kirksey.  Showed terrific speed and did a great job in pursuit, cutting off the corner from running down James White on one play.  Solid practice for the Iowa senior.


Trent Murphy LB Stanford

6053 252 10 7/8 33 1/8

Mon: Really liked the overall game Murphy showed today.  He was able to hold the point out of a three point stance and never gave up an inch of room to opponents.  Murphy also displayed a good deal of agility and easily moved about the field.  In a nutshell he was stronger and more athletic than anyone thought.

Tues: Another good day for Murphy.  Did not make as many plays on the ball but was constantly around the action.

Wed: Fell back to the pack today.  Really struggled getting off blocks and was handled.  Scouts tell me there’s a bit of concern as to where he’ll play at the next level.


Michael Sam LB Missouri

6015 260 9 1/8 33 1/4

Mon: Looked fairly athletic in drills and scrimmage but to be honest, Sam was unable to get off blocks and was controlled for most of the day..

Tues: Struggled.  When he lined up in a three point stance he showed a lot of pass rushing skills and beat his opponent.  Yet he looked lost and was handled when he stood up over tackle.  Based on the past two days it looks like it will be a long transition from DE to OLB for Sam.

Wed: Struggled again.  Did not look all that good in rushing the passer out of a three point stance nor did he stand out at linebacker.


Jordan Zumwalt LB UCLA

6040 231 8 1/2 31 18

Mon: Had several nice plays throughout the day.  Stomped on a tight end during blocking drills then showed a lot of discipline throughout the rest of the day.

Tues: Had a “WOW” sort of day.  Dominant during blitz drills, showed a lot of skill in pursuit and held his own in coverage.  Just a  lot to like about his game.

Wed: Not as effective as yesterday yet played well in all areas.  Leaves Senior Bowl practice as a winner.


Kadeem Edwards OL Tennessee State

6041 309 9 5/8 34 1/2

Mon: Overall a good showing by Edwards.  Much bigger than expected, played very strong and controlled defenders throughout the day.

Wed: Awful.  Was beaten badly on a number of occasions and just looked like he didn’t belong.


Seantrel Henderson       OL Miami-Fl

6067 331 10 3/8 34 1/4

Mon: Up and down.  Looked dominant during drills and easily handled Kareem Martin.  Later struggled in full scrimmage, showing poor balance as well as being all over the place.  Has the underlying talent but must pull it together

Tues: Has immense physical skills and overwhelmed opponents at times yet makes to many mental errors and silly mistakes.  Intriguing prospect.

Wed: Terrific day for Henderson.  Meshed his athleticism and strength and really looked like one of the better tackles this morning.


Tyler Larsen OL Utah State

6034 317 9 3/8 30 1/2

Mon: Not flashy but tough, efficient and got the job done.  Plays smart, competitive football and finds a way to get the job done.

Tues: Was beaten badly by Hageman on one down yet for the most part workmanlike and got the job done.

Wed: He needs to get stronger at the point but love his tenacity, football smarts and the way he blocks with solid mechanics.


Brandon Linder OL Miami-Fl

6053 316 10 1/4 33 1/4

Mon: Limited athletically but got the job done and held his own.

Tues: Like the aforementioned Larsen, beaten by Hageman on one down yet efficient, tough and found a way to get the job down,


Zack Martin OL Notre Dame

6041 305 9 3/4 32 1/4

Mon: Can’t help but love Martin’s play.  Blocks with great fundamentals and controlled defenders all day, even opponents who were superior athletes.  Smart, tough and mechanically sound.

Tues: Lined up at both tackle and guard.  I was not overly impressed today but a number of scouts thought he was better this morning than one day ago.  Definitely climbing the board.

Wed:Looked good in every area.  Uses his hands well and shows the ability to adjust to speed rushers.  I was never one to stamp Martin as a potential first round pick yet I think its a definite possibility after the past three days.


Jack Mewhort OL Ohio State

6055 306 10 1/8 33

Tues: A lot of scouts liked Mewhort’s play today but to my eye he looks heavy footed and slow and he lined up at right tackle.

Wed: Looked really strong at right tackle and dominated opponents on a number of snaps.


Cyril Richardson OL Baylor

6044 343 9 3/4 33 7/8

Mon: Really had a tough outing.  Was schooled by Aaron Donald on a number of occasions.  Lost more than he won.

Tues: Rebounded after yesterday’s disastrous showing.  Strong and anchors at the point with ease.  Looks a bit stiff and is dropping down boards.

Wed:Continually beaten by Aaron Donald throughout the morning.  Strong yet stiff and shows he’ll be exploited by athletic opponents.


Weston Richburg OL Colorado State

6034 300 9 31 3/4

Mon: For the most part struggled.  Flashed skill but did not look very strong and played with poor balance.

Tues: Had a solid day.  Technically sound and moves well.  Strength deficient which hurts his game and ability to finish.

Wed: Up and down day.  Had moments where he looked good yet was also overrun by Hageman.


Michael Schofield OL Michigan

6065 303 9 3/4 33 1/3

Mon: Established himself as a very good small area blocker but looked one-dimensional.

Tues: Limited athletically but got the most from his ability and held his own.  Played guard, which looks like his natural position.

Wed:Small area blocker who struggled against the more athletic defensive tackles.  Competitive and fought throughout the play.


Brandon Thomas OL Clemson

6034 316 10 3/4 34 3/8

Mon: Played left tackle and struggled.  Shows solid footwork but gets twisted and lacks any semblance of balance.

Tues: Night and day compared to Monday.  Stayed square, looked terrific at left tackle and pretty much controlled everyone he faced off against.

Wed: Another good day for Thomas.  People are impressed with his footwork and the way he uses his hands.  Really helped his draft stock this week.


Tajh Boyd QB Clemson

6006 222 9 3/8 30 1/2

Mon: Ugly.  Just all over the place with his throws and makes receivers work too hard to catch the ball.

Tues: Much improved as many of his throws were on or close to the mark.  Still had a few wayward passes and made receivers work too hard.  Last day pick IMO.

Wed: Had a few nice throws but for the most part not good.  Threw deep outs to uncovered receivers yet constantly had pass catchers leaving their feet, adjusting backwards or diving to catch his errant passes.  Sidewinder which makes the situation even worse.


Stephen Morris QB Miami-Fl

6016 208 10 1/8 31 7/8

Mon: Up and down but disappointing for the most part.  Tosses some beautiful throws but never seemed to gain a rapport with his receivers and his timing was terrible.

Tues: Disappointing.  Does not seem in tune with what’s happening on the field, dropped a few snaps and off the mark on throws.

Wed: Much better day.  Had a few timing issues yet was much more on the mark with his throws.


Logan Thomas QB Virginia Tech

6056 250 10 3/4 33

Mon: Had his moments.  Throws some beautiful strikes with his powerful, overhand delivery but at times way off the mark.

Tues: Worst quarterback of the morning.  Overthrew receivers, missed targets and all over the place with throws.

Wed: Up and down.  Looks the part but accuracy and pass placement is a big issue.  More on Thomas tonight.


David Fluellen RB Toledo

5112 226 9 1/4 32 1/8

Mon: Solid day.  Showed good vision and the ability to change direction without losing much momentum.

Tues: Did well the entire day. Shifty, caught the ball well and runs with good patience.

Wed: Love his running instincts, patience and the way he’ll pick and choose his spots.


Charles Sims RB West Virginia

5117 214 8 1/4 30 1/2

Mon: Terrific day.  Quick, elusive and very creative.  Shows incredible shiftiness in his running and the ability to turn the corner.  Light on his feet for a 214lb back.

Tues: He was awful in blitz pick-up drills yet was the best running back on the field.  Fast, quick and has a burst which he turns on in a single step.  Needs to improve his blocking but has established his game here.

Wed: Best ball carrier of the morning.   Shifty yet quick and has a nice burst.


James White RB Wisconsin

5090 206 8 3/8 28 5/8

Mon: Did well in open space showing the ability to turn the corner yet was stopped dead in his tracks on the inside.

Tues: Solid in his overall game. Did well in blocking drills, caught the ball well and very elusive.

Wed: White keeps growing on me.  Catches the ball well, shifty and agile.  Don’t know about his corner speed though.


C.J. Fiedorowicz TE Iowa

6055 262 10 5/8 32 1/4

Mon: A traditional tight end.  Big, strong and dominant as a blocker.  Easily turned opponents off the ball and opened huge holes for the running game.  An offensive lineman in a tight ends body.

Tues: Did drop a pass which was catchable but as dominant a blocker as many of the tackles.


Gator Hoskins TE Marshall

6011 244 9 7/8 32 5/8

Tues: Did a fine job blocking but overall very non-descript.

Wed: Looked good blocking on the line of scrimmage and on the second level.


Jacob Pedersen TE Wisconsin

6031 242 9 1/4 31 1/8

Tues: Did a better job blocking than I expected.  Looks athletic on the field.  Had a terrible drop.

Wed: Solid day.  Caught the ball very well and held up blocking.


Jared Abbrederis WR Wisconsin

6007 189 9 5/8 30 3/4

Mon: Had a nice day catching the ball.  Snatches it cleanly and very quick running after the catch.

Tues: Not a great athlete nor a game breaker but did just about everything well and has the best hands of anyone on the North.

Wed:Once again proved to be a terrific receiver who does the little things well.  Projects well as a second day pick.


Michael Campanaro      WR Wake Forest

5093 191 9 3/4 28 5/8

Mon: Very good day.  Caught everything thrown in his direction and made a number of several difficult catches.  Fought hard to come away with receptions.  Tough yet also reliable.

Wed:Terrific day; made a number of terrific on handed grabs as well and difficult receptions in midair.  Small but consistent on the positive side.


Kain Colter WR Northwestern

5106 199 10 30 3/4

Mon: Looked good making the transition to receiver.  Made several nice receptions, beating established defensive backs down the field.  Very quick and shifty separating from defenders before the catch then running after the reception.

Wed: Made a terrific reception in the end zone.  Runs good routes.  Quick, consistent and catches the ball well.  Expected to return punts/kicks during the game.


Shaquelle Evans WR UCLA

6006 210 9 3/8 31 7/8

Tues: One of the better receivers this morning.  Runs good routes, very quick and caught the ball well.

Wed:Really moving up draft boards.  Not a burner but built well, runs great routes and very natural catching the ball.


Josh Huff WR Oregon

5110 201 9 1/8 30 1/2

Mon: Made several nice receptions including a beautiful deep catch when he outsmarted Dez Southward to come away with the ball.  Productive day for Huff.

Tues: Getting a lot of positive comments from the scouts on hand.

Wed: Does not stand out yet very, very solid in all areas.  Building a buzz around himself.


Jeff Janis WR Saginaw Valley

6022 212 8 7/8 32 1/4

Mon: Caught everything yet for the most part non-descript.




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