Breakdown and observation of the player on the West squad during the three days of practice for the Shrine game.

Bene Bewiker/San Jose State

Tues: Showed a lot of quickness and  nice burst in his game.  Had one terrific pass break-up in the late going.

Wed: Technically sound and shows a lot of quickness in his game but seems to give up a lot of receptions.


Carrington Byndom/Texas

Tues: Sized well and fights throughout the action to break up the pass.   Had a terrific pass defense in the long field though it was against a slower receiver.

Wed: Did a solid job throughout the entire practice.  Did not make mental mistakes or get beat deep yet really does not show much in the way of overall quickness in his game.


Alden Darby/Arizona State

Tues: Looks like one of the better safety’s in attendance quick, fluid and covers  lot of area on the field.

Wed: Again- another solid day for Darby.  Does not get beat and did a terrific job working with cornerbacks.  Good range and easily gets outside the numbers to make plays.


Bennett Jackson/Notre Dame

Wed: Showed some feistiness in his game and fought hard to defend the pass.  Made some nice defenses down the field but I just don’t know if he has the overall athleticism to be anything other than a dime back at the next level.


Sean Parker/Washington

Wed: Played smart, disciplined football.  Really did not make to many plays on the ball but always around the action helping out.


Rashaad Reynolds/Oregon State

Tues: Looks the part but gives up to many receptions.  Played soft coverage by design yet never seems to be close to the action.

Wed: Another struggle for Richardson.  Got beat in underneath coverage and looked terrible trying to make a tackle after the catch during drills


Shaquille Richardson/Arizona

Tues: Has his moments.  Terrific size and outmuscles opponents but marginal quickness.  Bump and run corner.


Daniel Sorensen/BYU

Tues: The biggest of all the safety’s but straightlinish and best playing downhill.


Brock Vereen/Minnesota

Tues: Works hard and displays skill but only effective between the numbers.


Marcus Williams/North Dakota State

Tues: Did not do too much during one-on-one’s or full scrimmage but from a technical point of view looked as good as any cornerback during drills.

Wed: Again, technically sound and shows a lot of quickness in his game but did not make a lot of plays on the ball.  Looks the part.


Beau Allen/Wisconsin

Tues: Showed a lot of force and explosion on the inside.  Struggled to get off blocks on occasion but for the most part, displayed a lot of dominance in his game.

Wed: Another really good day for Allen.  Quick, explosive and powerful.  Showed a decent change of direction and the ability to redirect.  Much more than just a gap occupier.


Justin Ellis/Louisiana Tech

Tues: Moves incredibly well for a 357lb lineman.  Quick off the snap, exploits opponents and easily changes direction.  Must get stronger.

Wed: Really started to show power in his game, which nicely compliments his quickness and movement skills.


Derrick Hopkins/Virginia Tech

Wed: Explodes off the snap with a terrific first step and shows good movement skills.  Really a first step lineman and struggles getting off blocks once engaged at the point of attack.


Cassius Marsh/UCLA

Tues: Intense, goes hard and just finds ways to make plays.  Athletically looks deficient compared to the other linemen.

Wed: You could see the athletic deficiencies today when Marsh was lined up at end.  Gives great effort but little more than a try hard player.


Josh Mauro/Stanford

Tues: Terrific day for Mauro.  Explosive, technically sound and looked good in every department.  Shows a variety of moves getting off blocks.  Rarely stopped in one-on-ones.

Wed: Another really strong day for Mauro.  Very impressed the way he uses his hands and the leverage he plays with.  Did not see him line-up in any position other than defensive tackle.


Larry Webster/Bloomsburg

Tues: Did not make many plays but his game screams athleticism.  Came out of a three point stance and occasionally stood up over tackle.   Looked quick, fluid  and fast in everything he did.  Easily bends off  the edge.  Once blocked stays blocked.

Wed: Very, very athletic.  His ability to edge rush is impressive.  Quick with nice speed.  Must get stronger and develop more moves as well as learn to become more than just someone who takes wide angles around blockers.


Chidera Uzo-Diribe/Colorado

Wed: Displayed a good amount of athleticism and speed as well as some pass rushing skill.  Likely best standing up over tackle in a 3-4.


Shaquil Barrett/Colorado State

Tues: Fast and fluid but small.  Stood up over tackle in pass rushing drills and was easily controlled at the point.


Max Bullough/Michigan State

Wed: Played well today.  Looks stout at 265lb.  Not fast getting outside the box but made a terrific play in coverage when he dropped off the line 15 yards and had an interception.


Devon Kennard/USC

Tues: Had his moments, especially in one-on-one drills.  Showed those flashes of brilliance he played with as a sophomore.

Wed: Non-descript day and never really built upon his Tuesday success.


Chris Burnette/Georgia

Wed: Struggled.  Looked small and beaten up by Beau Allen and Josh Mauro.


Dakota Dozier/Furman

Tues: Really had a terrific day.  Needs to get stronger yet blocks with great fundamentals and mechanics.  Leverage blocker and uses his hands well.  Nice outing.

Wed: Not as good a result as Tuesday but still a solid showing.


Dillon Farrell/New Mexico

Tues: Showed a good amount of quickness and plays with knee bend but struggles finishing blocks.

Wed: Played much better than expected.  Leverage blocker and showed much more strength than I thought he had.


Kevin Graf/USC

Tues: Workmanlike and did a great job out positioning defenders yet marginally athletic.

Wed: Did struggle against some of the more athletic defenders he faced in one-on-one drills.


Ryan Groy/Wisconsin

Tues: One of the strongest lineman from the West yet also one of the stiffest.  Controls opponents once engaged in a block yet ineffective in anything other than a very small area.

Wed: Strong as hell but shows a lot of stiffness in his game.  Can control opponents once he gets his hands on them but quick, nimble opponents give him trouble.


Gabe Ikard/Oklahoma

Tues: Practice paralleled the way Ikard plays; solid yet not spectacular and someone who never makes mental errors.


Danny Kistler Jr/Montana

Tues: Big and strong but offers little in the way of flexibility.  Did well and did not embarrass himself.

Wed: Another good day and much more athletic than I thought.  Showed solid skill in pass protection and on a number of occasions stopped quick, athletic pass rushers.  Very good day for Kistler.


Charles Leno/Boise State

Tues: Really a good day for Leno.  Did well in pass protection, held his own as a run blocker and did it all at the left tackle spot.

Wed: Was not as effective as Tuesday and for some reason struggled protecting the edge.


Jeremia Sirles/Nebraska

Tues: Did much better than I would’ve thought.  Big but also relatively flexible and bends his knees.  Looked good at left tackle.

Wed: Another solid outing for Sirles.  Proved at the Shrine Game he has left tackle potential as he was able to handle many of the speed rushers he faced.


Austin Wentworth/Fresno State

Tues: Kicked inside to guard.  Struggled, only good in a small area and was exploited on a number of occasions.

Wed:   Not a good performance from Wentworth.  Marginally athletic and was beaten by both quick and strong defenders.


Keith Price/Washington

Tues: Athletic with a nice arm but off with his passes and makes his receivers work to hard.

Wed: Not NFL material at quarterback.  Misses wide open receivers and too many of his throws are all over the place.


Tommy Rees/Notre Dame

Tues: He’s okay just as long as its a 2-yard dump off pass.

Wed: Played better and made a few nice 10-to-15 yard passes.


Keith Wenning/Ball State

Tues: Best QB on the West.  In charge, accurate and made good decisions.  Really want to see him throw the ball downfield more.

Wed: Inside of 15-yards Wenning is very good; shows speed and accuracy on passes.  Down field though he was constantly off the mark.


Ted Bolser/Indiana

Tues: Had a few nice receptions on Monday but for the most part non-descript this day.

Wed: Caught the ball well and did well in blocking drills.


Kaneak Friel/BYU

Tues: Dropped a lot of catchable throws.  Surprised by his inconsistency.

Wed: Again- dropped a lot of catchable passes, in some instances when he was wide open.


Jordan Najvar/Baylor

Tues: A lot of untapped skill finally coming to the forefront.  Long athlete that can run and displays natural pass catching hands.  Made several terrific downfield receptions.

Wed: Did not do much catching of the ball but looked very good in blocking drills.


John Brown/Pittsburg State

Tues: Small but quick, runs terrific route and caught the ball well in full scrimmage.  Had  few problems with drops during the drills.

Wed: Showed a lot of skill running routes, getting separation and catching the ball with his hands.  Does not have a burst nor is he really fast for a smaller wide out.


Chandler Jones/San Jose State

Tues: Quick and a good route runner.  Did struggle in battles.

Wed: Made several nice receptions.  Terrific job snatching the ball with his hands away from his frame.


Seantavi Jones/Valdosta State

Tues: Struggled and very inconsistent.  Runs poor routes, drops a lot of passes and shows little in the way of speed.

Wed: Caught the ball better yet did not stand out in any single aspect, as a Division II player needs to.


Bernard Reedy/Toledo

Tues: For the most part very good and the best receiver on the field.  Runs great routes, shows a terrific burst and for the most part, caught everything thrown to him

Wed: Had a few drops today but for the most part turned in another solid practice.