Breakdown and observation of the player on the East squad during the three days of practice for the Shrine game. Update:  Wednesday, 1:50PM

Ricardo Allen/Purdue

Mon: Technically very sound yet gave up a lot of underneath receptions all afternoon.

Wed: Was used in a variety of roles (over the slot receiver, corner blitz) and did an adequate job.  Problem with Allen is he looks great in drills yet does not translate it to pass break-ups during one-on-ones, seven-on-sevens, full scrimmage.


Tre Boston/North Carolina

Mon: Non-descript practice.  Used as a traditional strong/zone safety

Wed: Terrific day for Boston.  Did well in drills, stood out in one-on-ones and had a strong scrimmage.  Fast, covers a lot of ground and showed next level ball skills.


Ross Cockrell/Duke

Wed: Cockrell struggled on Monday but looked real good on the final day of practice.  Physical and fast  Made several nice defenses of deep passes in both drills and full scrimmage.


Pierre Desir/Lindenwood

Mon: Has a long, lean build and very athletic.  Showed a lot of flashes.  Articulate, intelligent young man.

Wed: Seemed to get a little confused at times and gave up a few receptions.  Showed the physical skills to play in the NFL yet also shows he’s very raw and rough around the edges.


Phillip Gaines/Rice

Mon: Nice size and impressive looking.  Struggles making plays with this back to the ball.

Wed: Made a number of nice pass defenses, including one in the deep field which drew applause from scouts and onlookers.  Still feel he’s better as a zone corner/dime back.


Andre Hal/Vanderbilt

Mon: Showed a few flashes of dominance throughout the session.

Wed: A bit inconsistent.   Made some nice plays but also gave up a few receptions and was beaten on occasion.


Nevin Lawson/Utah State

Wed: Struggled from start to finish.  Gave up a number of receptions and was beat often.


Hakeem Smith/Louisville

Mon:  Tough, downhill safety with a terrific burst of speed.

Wed: Looks the part yet really struggled when he was asked to play over the slot receiver in man coverage.  Slow in transition and often loses a half step attempting to turn and run with opponents.


Jemea Thomas/Georgia Tech

Wed: Sparsely applauded by coaches but for the most part had a tough day.


Jay Bromley/Syracuse

Mon: Dominant and impossible to block.  Was double teamed on occasion yet still split blocks or bullrushed opponents up the field.  More of a gap occupier yet looked terrific.

Wed: Another strong outing from Bromley.  Absolutely devastating in the middle of the line, holding his ground against double and triple team blocks or annihilating opponents one-on-one.  Would like to see him play with better pad level but definitely improved his stock this week.


Will Clarke/West Virginia

Mon: Very much looks the part and starts off the play with a dominant feature to his game.  Needs work as he rarely finishes the play.  Has a great upside.

Wed: Improved though not quite there yet.  Beat blockers off the snap, fast up the field and incredibly athletic.  Just needs to get stronger, learn to be more consistent using his hands and start making more plays.


Bruce Gaston/Purdue

Mon: Big and powerful yet very inconsistent.  Shows the ability to collapse the pocket then looks very ordinary and gets handled at the point of attack

Wed: Just like Monday; shows great power yet an equal amount of consistency.


Zacharia Kerr/Delaware

Mon: Outstanding effort and terrific results all day.  Quick, strong yet also athletic.  Destroyed opponents making plays up the field or easily changed direction to chase the action in pursuit.   A lot to like.

Wed: Another terrific outing from Kerr.  Displayed the power to hold his ground against double team blocks as well as the athleticism and movement skills to get down the line and outside the numbers to make plays.  Had one great forced fumble out by the sidelines as a result of his hustle and pursuit skills.  Was told rounds 5-7 entering the Shrine but 3rd/4th not out of the question now.


Demonte McAllister/Florida State

Wed: Prototypical FSU lineman; small and must beat blockers off the line with the first step.  Showed little in the way of strength or the ability to get off blocks.  Struggled when placed at defensive end.


Garrison Smith/Georgia

Mon: Small but quick and explosive.  Fires through the open gaps yet cannot get off blocks and easily tied up by a single opponent.

Wed: Had flashes of brilliance and made a few terrific plays.  Just too small to play on the inside and needs to be protected.


Ethan Westbrooks/West Texas

Wed: Westbrooks needs to get stronger yet his quickness, athleticism and ability to get up the field is eye catching.


Kerry Wynn/Richmond

Mon: Struggled all practice long.  Flashed athleticism yet consistently handled at the point.  May be better off standing up over tackle.

Wed: Another very tough day for Wynn.  Cannot get off blocks.


Preston Brown/Louisville

Mon:  Showed a lot of explosion and was cheered on by coaches thanks to his performance.  Fierce run defender who also moves very well outside the box


Andrew Jackson/Western Kentucky

Mon: Powerful run defender who blew through blocks and easily brought ball carriers down at the point of attack.


Derrell Johnson/East Carolina

Wed: Strong day for Johnson.  Looked fast and active.  Moves well in a straight line as well as laterally.  Struggled in pass rush drills yet has a good degree of linebacker skill.


DeDe Lattimore/South Florida

Wed: Struggled in anything other than inside the box.  Could not get down the line fast enough in pursuit to catch ball carriers.


Matt Feiler/Bloomsburg

Mon: Had his moments.  Mechanically sound and shows great initial strength yet also struggled to finish blocks.

Wed: Used primarily at left tackle and held his own.  Strong, anchored at the point and did not get beat.  Positive day for Feiler.


Matt Hall /Bellhaven

Mon: Massive lineman that overwhelms opponents once engaged at the point of attack.  Has long arms and easily knocks ushers from their angle of attack.  Bends his knees and works to play with leverage.  Shows a lot of stiffness in his game as well as poor balance.

Wed: Struggled for the most part.  Size, arm length and the ability to get a paw on pass rushers to knock them from their angle of attack is a redeeming factor.


Antwan Lowery/Rutgers

Mon: Looked overweight, slow and sluggish.


James Stone/Tennessee

Mon: Struggled with his snaps as  a number of balls flew over the signal callers head.

Wed: Played much better.  Showed decent strength and the ability to anchor at the point and control defenders.


John Urschel/Penn State

Mon: Disappointing performance.  Struggled handling defenders all day and was beaten by lesser opponents.


Jimmy Garoppolo/Eastern Illinois

Mon: Terrific day for Garappolo.  Looked poised, in control and accurate with his throws.  Did not make his pass catchers work hard to come away with the reception.  Possesses a next level arm.

Wed: Impressed as hell with Garappolo.  Smart, accurate and shows great timing on his throws.  His feel, pocket awareness and the way he easily transitioned to new receivers is impressive.


Jordan Lynch/Northern Illinois

Mon: Not a good day.  Has an elongated throwing motion in which he uses his whole body to deliver the ball.  As a result the timing and accuracy of his passes are off.

Wed: Passes were all over the place and at times it was tough to figure out who the intended target was.


Jeff Matthews/Cornell

Mon: Started slow but then picked it up and was the best quarterback on the field by the end of the day.  Something seemed to clock for him mentally midway through the session and he threw a number of beautiful passes.

Wed: Up and down day for Matthews.  Had a few nice deep throws but also forced a number of passes into double coverage.  Big time arm and effortlessly gets the ball downfield.


Zach Bauman/Northern Arizona

Mon: Small but very shifty, elusive and finds a way to squirt through the small creases of the defense.

Wed: Shifty and showed good hands out of the backfield.  Put the ball on the ground one time, after getting stripped by Zach Kerr.


Rajion Neal/Tennessee

Mon: Had several nice runs showing both power and a burst.  Runs hard and tough.

Wed: Had several strong runs.  Also displayed a surprisning ability to turn the corner.


Cockett Gilmore/Colorado State

Mon: Looks like a tackle in a tight ends body.  Made several nice receptions but can’t run and lost the opportunity for several long gainers as he could not catch up to the ball.


Blake Jackson/Oklahoma State

Wed: Not to impressive; a big possession receiver that’s making the transition to tight end yet dropped a pass placed in his hands.


Jeremy Gallon/Michigan

Mon: Small and slow- not  good combination.

Wed: Lined up primarily in the slot and did a solid job catching the ball.


Matt Hazel/Coastal Carolina

Mon: Lacks speed and a deep burst yet made several nice catches.  Fights hard to come away with the ball.

Wed: Very good underneath receiver.  Run good routes and catches the ball well yet shows little in the way of speed or ability to get separation down the field.


Allen Hurns/Miami-Fl

Mon: Made a number of nice receptions in both the deep and short field.  Sneaky fast.

Wed: Another strong day.  Makes a lot of tough catches and works hard.  Definitely improved his draft stock.


Ja-Mes Logan/Mississippi

Mon: Didn’t have many passes thrown in his direction yet looked natural catching the ball when he got his chances.


Erik Lora/Eastern Illinois

Mon: Small yet tough as hell and fights to come way with the reception.

Wed: Terrific day for Lora.  Runs quick, crisp routes, separates from defenders and catches just about everything thrown in his direction.