Very strong and athletic

Complete information on the offensive linemen that participated at the combine.  Included are official height, weight, arm length, hand size , bench results plus two hand timings in the forty.  Practice reports for all who participated are also included.

Full NameSchoolHtWtArmHandBench 40-140-2
Jon AsamoahIllinois60403053310 1/8INJ
Zane BeadlesUtah604331033 3/49 3/427
Ciron BlackLSU60443273310 1/8235.435.44
Dorian BrooksJames Madison602230633 3/410265.155.15
Charles BrownUSC605330335 1/411 3/821INJINJ
Bryan BulagaIowa605331431 1/49 1/4265.255.18
Jeff ByersUSC603330133 1/89 1/833INJINJ
Kyle CallowayIowa606432333 1/410 1/8225.565.45
Bruce CampbellMaryland606331436 1/410 1/2344.754.75
Selvish CapersWest Virginia60453083410195.185.13
Brandon CarterTexas Tech605632933 1/210 5/8225.345.38
Erik CookNew Mexico606031833 7/89 3/419DNRDNR
Anthony DavisRutgers60503233410 1/8215.405.43
Chris DeGeareWake Forest6035325349 3/4275.125.18
Vladimir DucasseMassachusetts604333234 3/49 5/8295.345.25
Jason FoxMiami-Fl606730333 1/29 1/223INJ
Kurtis GregoryMissouri60443053310 1/4265.285.35
Joseph HawleyUNLV603229733 1/810 5/8355.165.25
Jacob HickmanNebraskaDNS
Mike IupatiIdaho605133134 3/410 5/8275.315.28
John JerryMississippi6053328349 3/4DNB5.105.10
Mike JohnsonAlabama605231232 1/29 3/4DNB5.375.32
Kyle JollyNorth Carolina606031133 1/210 1/4205,445.44
Theodore LarsenNorth Carolina State6025304329 3/4265.195.19
Shawn LauvaoArizona State6027315339 1/2335.225.25
Marshall NewhouseTCU60363193410 1/4254.994.94
Russell OkungOklahoma State60523073610 1/2385.155.09
Eric OlsenNotre Dame603730632 1/29 1/4355.225.25
Alex ParsonsUSC604030931 3/410235.195.11
Cole PembertonColorado State607231534 1/410 1/8185.335.31
Mitch PetrusArkansas603031033 3/49 1/2455.25INJ
Maurkice PounceyFlorida604430432 1/210DNL5.125.19
Dace RichardsonIowa605232033 1/29 3/4195.755.72
Rodger SaffoldIndiana604531633 5/89 3/8275.125.22
Chris ScottTennessee604531934 1/810 3/8195.465.47
Shelley SmithColorado State602730032 1/29 1/4265.034.94
Matt TennantBoston College604530032 1/49 1/2275.195.17
Mike TepperCalifornia605432432 1/210 1/4285.265.32
Adam UlatoskiTexas605430033 1/29 5/8245.535.49
Jared VeldheerHillsdale60813123310325.055.00
J.D. WaltonBaylor602530033 3/89 1/4345.165.13
Ed WangVirginia Tech604631433 3/410 1/4295.125.12
Tony WashingtonAbilene Christian606131135 1/210 1/2335.185.17
Thomas WelchVanderbilt606330733 1/49 1/2295.355.28
Trent WilliamsOklahoma604531534 1/49 3/4234.854.81
Sam YoungNotre Dame607531634 1/210 1/8295.195.19

Ciron Black/LSU; displayed solid quickness and flashed athleticism, yet for the most part lumbered about the field and showed only marginal quickness in pass protection.

Dorian Brooks/James Madison; moved well about the field, breaking down well and consistently bending his knees.  Displayed adequate footwork in pass protection and quick hands.

Charles Brown/USC; not fast or explosive and displayed minimal quickness.  Above average footwork in pass protection.

Bryan Bulaga/Iowa; looked very athletic on the field, easily moving around in drills.  Displayed good feet in pass protection, made good use of angles, and very quick with his hands.

Jeff Byers/USC; showed limited quickness, marginal athleticism, and struggled sliding his feet in pass protection.  Worked hard throughout the action and displayed quick hands.

Kyle Calloway/Iowa; very sluggish, not quick, and showed marginal punch with his hands.

Bruce Campbell/Maryland; looked as athletic in drills as he did in his forty yard dash.  Moved well about the field.   Quickly changed direction in drills.  And displayed terrific footwork in pass protection.

Selvish Capers/West Virginia; looked very limited athletically on the field, displayed marginal hand punch, did have adequate feet in pass protection.

Brandon Carter/Texas Tech; worked hard but displayed very poor form, consistently slipped and falling about, did show good power, and better than expected feet in pass protection.

Erik Cook/New Mexico; was slow, ineffective in space, and looked marginally athletic.  No power or punch in his game and could not slide out in pass protection drills.

Anthony Davis/Rutgers; looked sluggish, had trouble moving, and almost looked like he was stuck in mud.  No speed or quickness in his drills.   Did bend his knees and practice with good leverage.

Chris DeGeare/Wake Forest; flashed athleticism and showed decent feet off the edge in pass protection.   Was a bit slow footed when asked to change direction.

Vladimir Ducasse/Massachusetts; above average footwork in pass protection drills, flashed athleticism, and worked his hands well.

Jason Fox/Miami; had a knee scope in December.   Hoping to work out in March.

Curtis Gregory/Missouri; struggled moving laterally, lumbered around the field, and displayed limited quickness.

Joseph Hawley/UNLV; better than average footwork, and moved well about the field.

Mike Iupati/Idaho;  looked very athletic on the field, displayed good footwork, quickly changed direction, and flashed terrific power.  Very fluid sliding his feet off the edge in pass protection drills.

Mike Johnson/Alabama; displayed solid footwork in pass protection, yet overall displayed minimal quickness, an inability to change direction, and no pop at the point of attack.

Kyle Jolly/North Carolina; not fluid in pass protection, but moved better than expected.

Ted Larsen/North Carolina St.; displayed good quickness, moved well about the field, and consistently practice with good knee bend.

Shawn Lauvao/Arizona St.; displayed good explosion, a nice burst, and adequate feet in pass protection.   Not stiff and can flip his hips.   Must do a better job keeping his hands up.

Marshall Newhouse/TCU; moved well about the field, showed quick feet, and kept his knees bent.

Russell Okung/Oklahoma St.; a bit off balance and took awhile to get going, though he was practicing with a slightly injured leg.  Moved relatively well, showed power, and did well in pass protection drills.

Eric Olsen/Notre Dame; quick and displayed adequate movement skills.  Marginal pop at the point blocking in motion, and displayed disappointing footwork in pass protection.

Alex Parsons/USC; moved well about the field and worked hard, but looked slow and showed no explosion in his game.

Cole Pemberton/Colorado St.; off balance, bends at the waist, and struggled in all the drills.

Maurkice Pouncey/Florida; moved well, displaying quick feet, hands, and overall athleticism.  Must improve his balance.

Dace Richardson/Iowa; slow, sluggish, and struggled moving about the field.  Lacked range in pass protection drills.

Roger Saffold/Indiana; looked athletic, moved well about the field, and showed terrific hands.

Chris Scott/Tennessee; displayed better than average quickness, movement skills, and footwork.   Still a bit too large and would benefit from losing some weight.

Shelley Smith/Colorado St.; displayed skill in pass protection and did a nice job staying low to the ground.   Gathers into blocks and loses a lot of explosion at the point of attack.

Matt Tennant/Boston College; displayed good movement skills, a quick change of direction, and was constantly applauded by coaches.    His footwork in pass protection was a bit disappointing.

Mike Tepper/California; looks heavy footed and a bit slow, yet does show good power and punch at the point.

Adam Ulatoski/Texas; displays some power in his game, yet struggles moving about the field, and has no ability to slide in space.

Jared Veldheer/Hillsdale; moved very well, displaying good footwork in pass protection, a fluid change of direction, and a good explosion in his overall game.

J.D. Walton/Baylor; moved well, built low to the ground, and was fluid changing direction.

Ed Wang/Virginia Tech; smooth, fluid athlete, who moved well about the field.  Showed good range in pass protection and fluid hips.

Tony Washington/Abilene Christian; seemed a bit stiff and herky jerky in his motion.  Overall, looked athletic and was effective in pass protection.

Thomas Welch/Vanderbilt; average movement skills, yet overall really lacked feet in pass protection.

Trent Williams/Oklahoma; fluid, smooth athlete.  Easily moved about the field.  Displayed good range in pass protection and solid footwork sliding laterally.

Sam Young/Notre Dame; moved better than expected, yet still slow and struggled sliding in pass protection.