In a few weeks Ladd Peebles Stadium will be filled with NFL scouts, coaches, general managers and hangers-on, such as yours truly.   Tonight though, fans of Arkansas State and Ball State fill the benches for the Go Daddy Bowl.  The game is primarily filled with late round prospects, mostly from the defensive side of the ball.

Ryan Carrethers/NT/Arkansas State: Carrethers is the only senior in this game with a draftable grade.  The interior defensive line prospect comes with classic nose tackles size yet is more than just a gap occupier.  The wide-bodied lineman moves well about the field and makes a large number of plays on the ball handler.  He grades as a last round pick and a nose tackle prospect who can line up in the zero or one technique.  7th Round

Eric Patterson/CB/Ball State: Though presently graded as a late rounder, Patterson is a junior with a nice degree of upside potential and a prospect who could move up draft boards in the near future.  He’s well sized and shuts down opponents in man coverage while also showing skill in zone.  Patterson rarely makes mental mistake and comes with a special teams mentality.    7th Round

Keith Wenning/QB/Ball State: At face value Wenning has the production to be considered at least a middle round pick.  He’s a high percentage passer (65.2%) who threw for a lot of yardage in 2013 (3933 yards) with a terrific touchdown-to-interception ratio (34-to-6).  Wenning makes good choices in the pocket and effectively controls the offense.  He lacks classic pocket passer but is worth the gamble of a late round choice.  7th Round

Jonathan Newsome/DE-OLB/Ball State: There was a bit of pre-season hype around Newsome yet most in the scouting community label the senior an underachiever.  The Ohio State transfer possesses the size and speed to line-up at outside linebacker in the NFL and has flashed pass rush skills the past two seasons.  Problem for Newsome is there’s more flash than consistency on the field, which has turned scouts off.  Free Agent