There’s a lot of rumors surrounding Vanderbilt Head Coach James Franklin potentially taking another job. It’s possible this could be his last game coaching at Vanderbilt. If that’s the case he and his players will want to end things on a high note.

Jordan Matthews/WR/Vanderbilt: Jordan Matthews is a smooth route runner who has a knack for finding open holes in the defense. He routinely plucks the ball away from his frame providing his quarterback with a reliable target. Matthews may lack elite speed but he knows how to change gears to create separation. He reminds me a lot of Eric Decker in that he may not look pretty but he gets the job done. Matthews’ overall draft position will be helped if he runs a better than expected 40-time at the combine. 2nd Round

Kenny Ladler/S/Vanderbilt: Ladler is a safety prospect who sees most of his time in deep coverage. In this role, he shows the ability to read the quarterback and routes around him. His instincts and quick burst make him a candidate to pull down interceptions. Ladler is an aggressive player who constantly works to the whistle. He isn’t afraid to come up to support the run, but he needs to do a better job breaking down and make solid tackles. 4th Round

Andre Hal/CB/Vanderbilt: Andre Hal is a solid and conservative cornerback who’s best suited for a zone scheme. He shows the ability to put himself in good position to make a play on the ball. Hal is aware of his surroundings and isn’t often fooled by double moves. This is a solid all-around player who just doesn’t jump off the screen, but will provide consistency and get the job done. Late 4th Round

Wesley Johnson/OL/Vanderbilt: Wesley Johnson is a savvy player who knows how to use angles. His ability to protect the passer relies on angles because he doesn’t have great overall quickness. Johnson does a good job playing with leverage, keeping a wide base and getting his hands inside the defender.  In the running game, he has enough upper body strength to Velcro and turn the defender from the play. It’s important to point out that Johnson had a nice showing against Clowney. Again, this isn’t an elite prospect but someone who could carve out a starting job in the NFL. 5th Round