The Chick-fil-A Bowl will be an interesting contest because it pins a big-time program like Texas A&M against a surprising Duke team. Texas A&M has all the high-profile prospects like Jake Matthews, Johnny Manziel and Mike Evans. Most of Duke’s prospects are later round guys who have some potential like wide receiver Jamison Crowder.  Jone Dove breaks down the pro-prospects in this game.

Jake Matthews/T/Texas A&M: Jake Matthews is an NFL ready prospect who won’t last long on draft day. This is a balanced, technically sound and athletic offensive tackle. He’s a well rounded player who not only can protect the quarterback but also open running lanes.  Grabbing an offensive lineman early in the draft isn’t a flashy move, but every year we are reminded of the importance of a strong offensive line play. Early 1st Round

Johnny Manziel/QB/Texas A&M: Putting the maturity questions aside, Johnny Manziel is one of the more intriguing prospects in this draft class. He’s such an electrifying offensive player that it’s hard not to imagine the type of success he could have at the next level. This was an important year for Manziel because he tempered some of the concerns about his size and throwing arm.   However, it will still take a gifted offensive mind and patient head coach to get the most out of Manziel. I consider him a boom or bust type prospect in that where he lands could have a major impact on his long-term success. If someone tries to limit his creativeness and shoe horn him into a traditional quarterback role Manziel will fail. Early 2nd Round

Mike Evans/WR/Texas A&M: One of the determining factors on how early Mike Evans comes off the board will be his performance in the 40-yard dash. So much of Evans success is because of his size and ability to use his body to box out defenders. Those skills are both things that will help Evans make an impact at the next level, but he’ll also need to out run some defenders.   However, Evans should remain in the first round mix even if he doesn’t blow up the combine. He reminds me a lot of Alshon Jeffery in that his catch radius, willingness to attack the football and bulk are more than enough to overcome speed concerns. 1st Round

Cedric Ogbuehi/T/Texas A&M: Cedric Ogbuehi is a solid offensive line prospect who features good size and long arms. He uses his arm length to his advantage by engaging the defender and working to gain inside hand placement. Ogbuehi also shows the strength to Velcro and control movement.  He relies on his size and use of angles to protect the quarterback. This is because he isn’t a great athlete and will struggle reaching the edge against quicker pass rushers. He’s aware of his lack of foot speed which results in some overcompensation and hinders his balance.   Overall, Ogbuehi has potential but he needs to show better movement skills to avoid being seen as a right tackle only. Late 3rd Round

Jamison Crowder/WR/ Duke: Jamison Crowder is an undersized receiving prospect who shows potential as a slot receiver. He uses his quickness, balance and savvy to find openings in the defense. Crowder also shows a willingness to go across the middle and work in traffic.   Because of his limited size, Crowder needs to show he has the speed to outpace defenders at the next level. This is someone who will need a good showing throughout the workout process to solidify his stock. 6th Round

Ross Crockrell/CB/Duke: Ross Crockrell is tough football player who always gives maximum effort. The issue is that he doesn’t have a skill that really stands out. He’s a limited athlete who lacks the size and ball skills needed to succeed in the NFL. Crockrell is a long shot to make and stick on a roster. 7th Round