The 2014 NFL Draft could be the first one since 1997 when just a single defensive tackle is selected in the first round.  And though there are no truly dominant prospects the position does offer depth and potential through round three.  Likewise, the defensive end position may only produce a single first round player, albeit at the top of the draft.

Defensive Tackles

# NameSchoolYearRound
1Louis NixNotre Dame4Jr1st
Large, mobile defensive lineman who can line-up at tackle, on the nose or even at the three technique spot.  Comes off a very disappointing campaign but offers starting potential at the next level with the ability to play in multiple schemes.
2Ra’Shede HagemanMinnesota5Sr2nd
Physically gifted lineman who flashes dominance.  Athletic, strong and makes plays behind the line of scrimmage or outside the box.  Turns it on when he wants to and not as productive as he should be.
3Timmy JerniganFlorida State3Jr2nd
Another athletically gifted prospect with great upside.  Disruptive as a pass rusher, terrific in pursuit and easily makes play in every direction.  Played several defensive line positions at FSU which has hurt his development.
4Will SuttonArizona State5Sr2nd
Undersized, one-gap lineman with an explosive style.  Combines tremendous quickness, movement skills and intensity to beat opponents.  More of a scheme specific prospect but has next level starting potential.
5Brent UrbanVirginia 5Sr2nd
Physically impressive lineman with potential as a two-gap end or defensive tackle.  Big, dominant and developing.  Comes with enormous upside.
6Ego FergusonLSU4Jr2nd
Developing lineman with a terrific combination of size and athleticism.  Strong, fires off the snap and tough to handle.  Makes plays up the field or laterally.  Needs polish but has an upside.
7Henry AndersonStanford4Jr2nd
Potential two-gap end/defensive tackle prospect who struggled with injury last season.  Large, strong and intense.  Keeps coming and can be an overwhelming defender.  Potential first round player off the 2012 film.
8Anthony JohnsonLSU3Jr2-3
Explosive, one-gap lineman who may get consideration at defensive end in certain 3-4 alignments.  Quick, moves well and makes plays in every direction.  Has a developing game.
9DaQuan JonesPenn State4Sr3rd
Athletic and explosive lineman with an inconsistent game.  Can be an overwhelming force and has the ability to make plays in every direction.  Needs to step up on every snap.
10Kelcy QuarlesSouth Carolina3Jr3rd
Underrated lineman with a large degree of versatility in his game.  Quick, athletic and a solid pass rusher/run stopper.  Will get consideration as a two-gap end.

Best of the Rest

Round Full Name School Year
4thDaniel McCullersTennessee4Sr
4thCalvin BarnettOklahoma State4Sr
4thTenny PalepoiUtah4Sr
4thDanny SheltonWashington3Jr
4thAntwaun WoodsUSC3So
4thDominique EasleyFlorida4Sr
4-5George UkoUSC4Jr
5thBrandon IvoryAlabama4Jr
5thDeandre ColemanCalifornia5Sr
5thAaron DonaldPittsburgh4Sr
5thLuther MaddyVirginia Tech3Jr
5-6Christian CovingtonRice3So
6thCaraun ReidPrinceton5Sr
6thWill ClarkeWest Virginia5Sr
6thAlex MosleyJames Madison3So
6thDerrick HopkinsVirginia Tech4Sr
6thOlson PierreMiami-Fl3Jr
6thJoey MbuHouston3Jr
6thLeon OrrFlorida4Jr
6thE.J. DunstonUCF4Sr
6thJay BromleySyracuse4Sr
6-7Chucky HunterTCU3Jr
6-7Zachariah KerrDelaware5Sr
6-7Jamie MederAshland4Sr
6-7Desmond JacksonTexas3Jr
6-7Johnnie FarmsMemphis4Sr
7thJeffrey WhitakerAuburn4Sr
7thKhyri ThorntonSouthern Mississippi5Sr
7thJosh WatsonClemson4Jr
7thThomas TealNorth Carolina State4Jr
7thLevi BrownTemple5Sr
7thCarl DavisIowa4Jr
7thJustin EllisLouisiana Tech5Sr
7thDemonte McAllisterFlorida State5Sr
7-FAShamar StephenConnecticut5Sr
7-FAChance CarterNorthwestern4Jr
7-FABruce GastonPurdue4Sr
7-FAEathyn ManumaleunaBYU5Sr
7-FAKirby EnnisTexas A&M5Sr
FARicky Havili-HeimuliOregon4Sr
FAKamal JohnsonTemple5Sr
FARobert ThomasArkansas4Sr
FARyan CarrethersArkansas State4Sr
FARakeem Nunez-RochesSouthern Mississippi3Jr
FATyeler DavisonFresno State4Jr
FAKerry HyderTexas Tech5Sr
FAKen BishopNorthern Illinois4Sr
FAByran JonesArkansas4Sr
FATyrone EzellPittsburgh5Sr
FADavion PiersonTCU3So
FAChris WhaleyTexas5Sr
FARicky Tjong-A-TjoeBoise State5Sr
FADonte RumphKentucky4Sr
FATravis RacitiSan Jose State4Jr
FADamien JacobsFlorida4Sr
FAAshton DorseyLamar?4Sr
FAIsame FacianeFlorida International4Sr
FAJames CastlemanOklahoma State3Jr
FALawrence VirgilValdosta State4Sr
FASione TuihalamakaArizona5Sr
FAWade KeliikipiOregon5Sr
FAGabe WrightAuburn3Jr
FAJ.T. SurrattSouth Carolina4Jr
FASeali’i EpenesaUCLA4Sr
FAT.Y. McGillNorth Carolina State3Jr
FAMwanza WamulumbaMiami-Oh4Jr
FATerry WilliamsEast Carolina4Jr
FAChris DavenportTulane5Sr
FAAmos DraperArkansas State5Sr
FAJibreel BlackMichigan5Sr
FATyler HooverMichigan State6Sr
FAQuinton WashingtonMichigan5Sr
FABrandon McCrayLa-Lafayette5Sr
FAMister CobbleKentucky5Sr
FAMaurice CouchTennessee5Sr
FANathan OllieBall State4Sr
FAAustin BrownMiami-Oh5Sr
FADavid YendreyTCU5Sr
FABeau AllenWisconsin4Sr
FAIosua SilviaAustin Peay4Sr
FACalvin HowellIllinois State?4Jr
FAJimmy StatenMiddle Tennessee5Sr
FAJordan StantonJames Madison5Sr
FAKaleb RamseyBoston College6Sr
FAJoey Searcy IIAngelo State5Sr
FADJ YendreyTexas State5Sr
FATim JacksonNorth Carolina4Sr
FADerrick Lott Tennessee-Chattanooga5Sr
FAFrancis BahLiberty4Sr
FAEthan HemerWisconsin5Sr
FAElijah JonesToledo4Sr
FAAndru PuluEastern Washington4Jr
FATerrance WoodardGeorgia State4Sr
FALuther RobinsonMiami-FL5Sr

Defensive Ends

# NameSchoolYearRound
1Jadeveon Clowney South Carolina3Jr1st
Dominant, three down defender with a complete game.  Has the skills to disrupt the action or take over games.  The type of defender opponents must game plan around.  Comes off a disappointing season yet the best defensive prospect to enter the draft in almost two decades.
2Stephon Tuitt Notre Dame3Jr2nd
Large, productive lineman who can be a disruptive force.  Flashes the ability to alter games.  Will get consideration as a two-gap end or possibly defensive tackle.  Solid prospect but not as good as the hype surrounding him.
3Jackson Jeffcoat Texas4Sr2nd
Disruptive pass rusher that does not receive the credit he deserves.  Fast off the edge, easily changes direction and makes a lot of plays behind the line of scrimmage.  Complete defender who also stuffs the run and can play in space.
4Shilique Calhoun Michigan State3So2nd
Developing prospect with terrific upside.  Athletic, explosive and shows a large degree of suddenness in his game.  Natural pass rusher that also makes plays in space.  Will gets looks as a 3-4 OLB.
5Ed Stinson Alabama5Sr2-3
Athletic two-gap end prospect who never really elevated his game in 2013.  Flashes brilliance, makes plays in every direction of the field and forces the action.  Comes with an upside but disappears for stretches and must be more consistent in his game.
6Kony Ealy Missouri4Jr2-3
Physically gifted prospect just hitting his stride.  Beats opponents off the snap, can bend off the edge and shows natural pass rushing skills.  Has a large upside but needs time and would be best served returning for another season.
7 Kareem MartinKareem Martin4Sr3rd
Underrated prospect coming off a terrific season.  Athletic, makes plays in every direction of the field and a terrific pass rusher that also does well stopping the run.  Has a complete game and deserves much more credit than he’s presently receiving.  Terrific defensive end prospect in a four man line.
8 Chris Smith Arkansas4Sr3rd
Slightly undersized college defensive end who’ll also get consideration as a 3-4 OLB.  Fast, can bend off the edge and runs down quarterbacks/ball handlers from the backside.  Struggles holding the point against the run and needs to be protected.
9 Owamagbe OdighizuwaUCLA4Sr3rd
Highly rated prospect who sat on the sidelines this season with injury.  Athletic, explosive and comes with an upside.  First round prospect in 2015 if he returns and plays to his level of ability.
10 Scott CrichtonOregon State4Jr3-4
Undersized college defensive end with natural pass rushing skills.  Fires off the snap, bends off the edge and easily exploits immobile tackles.  May project to 3-4 outside linebacker.
11 Demarcus LawrenceBoise State4Jr4th
Another pass rushing college defensive end that will get consideration as a 3-4 OLB.
12Josh Mauro Stanford5Sr4th
Under the radar prospect whose watched his game take off the past season.  Versatile with the ability to line-up in several schemes.

Adrian Hubbard/Alabama, Vic Beasley/Clemson, Trent Murphy/Stanford, Jeremiah Attaochu/Georgia Tech, Trevor Reilly/Utah, Michael Sam/Missouri and Prince Shembo/Notre Dame all graded as outside linebackers.

Best of the Rest

Round Full Name School Year
4thAaron LynchSouth Florida3So
4thJermauria RascoLSU3Jr
4thTaylor HartOregon5Sr
4thJeoffrey PaganAlabama3Jr
4-5Zach MooreConcordia – St. Paul5Sr
5thAnthony ChickilloMiami-Fl3Jr
5thJames GayleVirginia Tech5Sr
5thZa’Darius SmithKentucky3Jr
5thRandy GregoryNebraska3Jr
5thCedric ReedTexas3Jr
5thAlvin DupreeKentucky4Jr
5thMarcus SmithLouisville4Sr
5thTrey FlowersArkansas3Jr
6thCorey CrawfordClemson3Jr
6thBen GardnerStanford5Sr
6thChaz SuttonSouth Carolina5Sr
6thKerry WynnRichmond5Sr
6-7Ethan WestbrooksWest Texas A&M4Sr
6-7Larry WebsterBloomsburg5Sr
6-7Denico AutryMississippi State4Sr
7thCassius MarshUCLA4Sr
7thDavid IrvingIowa State3Jr
7thGarrison SmithGeorgia4Sr
7thKasim EdebaliBoston College5Sr
7thJ.R. CollinsVirginia Tech5Sr
7-FAMorgan BreslinUSC4Sr
FARyne GiddinsSouth Florida4Sr
FADarryl Cato-BishopNorth Carolina State5Sr
FAChidera Uzo-DiribeColorado4Sr
FANosa EguaeAuburn5Sr
FAKenny AnunikeDuke5Sr
FADavid GilbertMiami-FL5Sr
FAShahid PaulhillTemple5Sr
FACorey MillerTennessee4Sr
FARyan RussellPurdue4Jr
FAColby WayBuffalo4Sr
FANikita WhitlockWake Forest5Sr
FAShelby Harrisx-Illinois State5Sr
FATerrence FedeMarist5Sr
FARoosevelt NixKent State4Sr
FAWalker MayVanderbilt5Sr
FARobert SimpsonMississippi Valley State4Sr
FAGregory HickmanFlorida International4Sr
FAAnthony GradyMissouri State4Sr
FAKris ReddingWake Forest5Sr
FADarnell HardingCalifornia-PA5Sr
FAJason AnkrahNebraska5Sr
FATyler DippelWisconsin5Sr
FAAntoine LewisVillanova4Sr
FAAndy JenningsFresno State5Sr
FAEmanuel DiekeGeorgia Tech5Sr
FADominic AlvisIowa5Sr
FAZach ThompsonWake Forest5Sr
FAJesse JosephConnecticut6Sr
FAJulius WarmsleyTulane4Sr
FATyler ScottNorthwestern5Sr
FAPaul CrawfordFlorida International4Sr
FABrendan KellyWisconsin5Sr
FARoss ForrestTCU5Sr
FAPreston PemasaGardner-Webb4Sr
FAJake MetzShippensburg5Sr
FAGreg SmithArizona State5Sr
FAShawn ShupperdEastern Kentucky5Sr
FAElhadji Ndiaye Nebraska-Kearney4Sr
FABeau PalinYale4Sr
FARakim CoxVillanova5Sr