Combine workouts began today as the punters and place kickers took to the field of Lucas Oil Stadium.  There were several good performances while others failed to meet expectations.

Punters  Distance/Hang Time

Brent Bowden/Virginia Tech:  Best Punts- 47yd/4.82, 42yd/4.80, 48yd/4.41, 46yd/4.69

Notes: Bowden was solid but not spectacular.  He struggled later in the day during directional punting drills.

Matthew Dodge/East Carolina:  Best Punts- 51yd/4.50, 53yd/4.19

Notes: We expected a bigger leg from Dodge yet he does have a nice stroke and the ball sails off his foot.  He was effective during directional kicking drills and really showed some good hang time on the ball.

Robert Malone/Fresno State:  Best Punts- 50yd/4.75, 51yd/4.69, 50yd/4.22

Notes: Malone was a bit of a surprise.  He showed a strong leg but really struggled when he was required to directional punt.

Zoltan Mesko/Michigan:  Best Punts- 52yd/4.44, 56yd/4.53, 51yd/4.69

Notes: After a poor performance Mesko looked terrific today during his combine workout.  The ball exploded off his foot and Mesko really stood out during directional punting drills.  He consistently gets terrific hang time on the ball.


Place Kickers  Distance/Hang Time

Matt Dodge/East Carolina:  Best Kicks- 70yd/3.81, 67yd/3.88, 66yd/3.66

Notes: Dodge did a solid job showing versatility as a punter and kicker.  His kicks show little in the way of hang time, which he must address.

Aaron Pettrey/Ohio State:  Best Kicks- 72yd/4.00, 68yd/4.03, 71yd/4.09

Pettrey was solid.  He looked terrific when they asked the kickers to direct their kicks.

Brett Swenson/Michigan State:  Best Kicks- 67yd/4.00, 66yd/4.00, 66yd/4.22

Notes: Swenson had the best hang time of any of the kickers but did not reach the end zone once today.  He seemingly hits the ball with a short stroke.

Van Tiffen/Alabama:  Best Kicks- 72yd/4.09, 71yd/3.98, 73yd/3.66

Tiffen had the best kick off leg of the day, though it was nothing special.  While his kicks were long they showed little in the way of hang time.