TFY Draft Insider podcast for November 19th as Jon Dove and Tony Pauline converse on a number of draft related issues. Previews for this coming weekends Baylor-Oklahoma State game, reviews of prospects from last Saturday and plenty of insider news you’ll be the first to hear.

Podcast Highlights

* Jon & Tony discuss Oklahoma State cornerback Justin Gilbert

* The latest Senior Bowl invitations

* The top six quarterbacks according to most teams right now include Mariota, Bridgewater, Manziel, Mettenberger, Carr and McCarron

* The belief is Marcus Mariota would stay at Oregon for another season if making the decision today

* Sources say Jeff Mathews disappointing season is related to the loss of his head coach

* Louisville junior safety Calvin Pryor is heavily leaning towards entering the draft

* Scouts who have come out of Blacksburg are very concerned about the health of Antone Exum’s knee.  Situation being compared to former Virginia safety Anthony Poindexter