During the summer, I went through a ton of prospects to prepare for the upcoming season. TCU’s Jason Verrett was one of several prospects who jumped out to me. It was his quickness, fluid movements and aggressive play that stood out.

Verrett has no trouble sticking to the hip of the wide receiver and minimizing separation. He’s able to both flip his hips and use his quickness to close any gaps. His ability to get his head turned around and locate the football allows him to keep the ball out of the receiver’s hands.

So far this season, Verrett has been able to maintain his high level of play despite dealing with a shoulder injury. That shoulder injury has been lingering for most of the season, but hasn’t cost Verrett much playing time. This shows a lot of toughness on the part of Verrett—toughness that also can be seen in the way he plays. He’s not afraid to support the run or fight for position.

The biggest thing that will hinder Verrett’s draft stock is his limited size and bulk. He’s listed at 5-10 and 176 lbs but he actually looks smaller than that when on the field. In recent years, NFL teams have focused on adding bigger receivers like a Julio Jones and A.J. Green.

These massive wide receivers will be a mismatch problem for Verrett. However, he has excellent ball skills and isn’t afraid of contact. He shows a knack for locating the ball and using his hands to separate the ball from the receiver.  This gives him a chance to overcome those size concerns.

The NFL also has shifted to more three-wide receiver sets and Verrett would be a great candidate to cover those speedy slot receivers.

I’m so high on Verrett as a player that I’d have no problem taking him within the top-15 picks. He is just such an excellent all-around player that I don’t see a scenario where he fails. However, I can also understand how some are scared off by his limited size and bulk. Some evaluators will need to look past the potential mismatch problems and durability concerns in order to take him in the early part of the first round.