Dominant Hog!

Another day starts anew.   On tap the media will be meeting with the skills positions while the specialists will be working out.  Multiple coaches, general managers, and NFL personnel are set to step up to the podium throughout the process.   Check back regularly for updates from TFY’s own Tony Pauline and Brent Sobleski.

Here are the bench press numbers from the second group of offensive linemen:

Kyle Jolley/North Carolina- 20

Ted Larson/NC State- 26

Shawn Lauvao/Arizona St- 33

Marshall Newhouse/TCU- 25

Russell Okung/Oklahoma State- 38

Eric Olsen/Notre Dame-35

Alex Parsons/USC- 23

Cole Pemberton/Colorado State- 18

Mitch Petrus/Arkansas- 45

Dace Richardson/Iowa- 19

Roger Saffold/Indiana- 27

Chris Scott/Tennessee- 19

Shelley Smith/Colorado State- 26

Matt Tennant/Boston College- 27

Mike Tepper/Cal- 28

Adam Ulatoski/Texas- 24

Jared Veldheer/Hillsdale- 32

JD Walton/Baylor- 34

Ed Wang/Va Tech- 29

Tony Washington/Abilene Christian- 33

Thomas Welch/Vanderbilt- 29

Trent Williams/Oklahoma- 23

Sam Young/Notre Dame- 29

— Here are the bench performances among the tight ends:

1) Clay Harbor, Missouri St- 30 repetitions

2) Dennis Pitta, BYU27 repetitions

3) Michael Hoomanawanui, Illinois25

4) Dorin Dickerson, Pittsburgh24

5) Ed Dickson, Oregon23

6) Rob Gronkowski, Arizona23

7)  Andrew Quarless, Penn State- 23

8 ) Garrett Graham, Wisconsin- 20

9) Jermaine Gresham, Oklahoma- 20

10) Dedrick Epps, Miami (Fl)- 19

11) Colin Peek, Alabama– 19

12) Anthony McCoy, USC– 19

14) Tony Moeaki, Iowa– 18

15) Jim Dray, Stanford– 17

16) Riar Geer, Colorado State– 13

— While working in the same Combine training facility as Boise State’s Kyle Wilson, top rated wide receiver prospect Dez Bryant has suffered the same injury as the cornerback.   It is unknown as to the severity of the hamstring injury at the moment or whether he will perform here in Indianapolis.   As a side note, Bryant also showed up at the Combine at 225 pounds; five pounds heavier than he played this season.

Tony Pike, QB Cincinnati

– Weighed 223 pounds today.   The Cincinnati signal caller admitted he was disappointed coming into the Senior Bowl at only 212 pounds.  He has learned the hard way, “You can’t miss meals.   We’d wait around for hours in Mobile without eating.   You make sure to get all your meals here.”

– The quarterback will participate in a full workout.

– When will the decision come as to the rod being taken out of his left forearm?  Pike’s answer was surprising, “That’s up to the NFL team that selects me.”

– Former head coach Brian Kelly tried to help his starting quarterback by allowing him to take snaps under center at times during the practice week all in effort to give Pike a “leg up” towards his NFL career.

– Coming out of an offense which is not a traditional pro style set; Pike believes he was taught properly in his reads, progressions, and blitz pickups which are all “pretty much universal.”

Dan LeFevour, QB Central Michigan

– When grilled about the Chippewas’ spread offense, LeFevour discussed how he had input in the game plan during the week.  During the game the coaching staff called the plays in from the sideline.   And while the quarterback did make multiple progressions and dual side reads, Central Michigan generally tried to keep their offensive plays simplistic.

– Multiple offensive linemen keep recording impressive bench press numbers.  Top rated offensive tackle Russell Okung posted 38 reps.  Notre Dame center Eric Olsen completed 35.   While Baylor pivot J.D Walton was not far behind with 34.

– Arkansas guard Mitch Petrus has tied the bench press combine record completing 45 reps.

Zoltan mesko of michigan was the top punter in today’s workout. He was constantly putting them out there farther then 50yds and had a best of 56yds. His punts also has great hang time.

Bruce Campbell, OT Maryland

– Although the schedule today dictates the skill positions interview, at least one offensive tackle made an appearance.   Campbell’s day was delayed yesterday when medical examiners requested more tests to be run.   Apparently, they found an genetic abnormality around the base of his skull and upper spine.   It has never been an issue for the impressively sculpted prospect, but it was something which has been overlooked since high school.

– Weighed in at a chiseled 314 pounds.

– Campbell admitted he did not work hard at a younger age, but when he realized his physical potential it became a contest on how much muscle he could gain.

– The offensive tackle choose football over basketball to help differentiate himself from his father, a former basketball player.

– Already spoke with he Rams, Raiders, Seahawks, Texans, and Colts.

Armanti Edwards, QB Appalachian St.

– Measured in at 5-feet-10-inches tall and weighe 187 pounds.

– The fantastic FCS competitor pulled his hamstring last week while practicing as a wide receiver and running routes.   He will not run the 40 yard dash and was disappointed knowing this would have been his biggest audience.  Edwards described the issue as more of a pop than a true pull of the muscle.

– NFL teams have still expressed an interest in seeing him participate in quarterback drills.

Stephen Williams, WR Toledo

– The wide receiver suffered through a shoulder injury during the season.  When questioned about the soundness of said shoulder, Williams immediately responded he is fully healthy.   He will bench press here in Indianapolis “…to show how strong it actually is.”  The hardest part of having an injury the pass catcher expounded was “…getting used to the pain” as he returned to the field.

– Also asked about his strengths, Williams describes his skill set as “diverse”.   He pointed out the prevalence of running bubble screens, traditional screens, as well as running the route tree.


– Arguably the hottest name currently circulating around scouting circles is Hillsdale offensive tackle Jared Veldheer. The 6-feet-8-inches tall and 312 pound lineman has been coming off very impressively in team interviews.  In fact some scouts have commented that despite playing at a small school, he presents himself as well as many larger school prospects.   Currently, expectations are riding high with this particular prospect to see how he tests tomorrow.

– Minnesota receiver Eric Decker took the podium just minutes ago to elaborate on his injury.   He will have surgery March 15th to get the plate and screw removed from his foot.   He confirmed the time line as noted by this site earlier in the day.   Decker was confident he will be fully healthy and ready to go for training camp.

– Boise State cornerback Kyle Wilson hurt his hamstring last week in practice drills.   He will not be able to  run the 40 yard dash here in Indianapolis.   With an opportunity to secure the second cornerback ranking and a potential first round selection on the line, this could prove to be a slight setback until he proves himself fully healthy.

– Following up on the story TFY broke last week, Georgia Tech wide receiver DeMaryius Thomas had surgery this past Sunday on his broken foot. A pin was inserted in the foot and his recovery time is scheduled to be approximately five weeks. The time frame would allow and there is a chance Thomas may work out prior to the actual draft at the end of April.

– Fellow target Eric Decker’s outlook is not as promising. The Minnesota product is unlikely to be ready to work out and even participate in drills until June.

– San Jose State wide receiver, Kevin Jurovich will not be running here in Indianapolis.   The pass catcher has a toe injury hampering his ability to complete a full workout.   He will participate in all non-running drills.   A disappointing turn of events for a borderline prospect that lead his team in receptions this past season.

– One quick NFL note, the Jets are hopeful free agent running back Leon Washington can return this season.   The outlook from others is not as bright.   A source compares the injury to the one suffered by former Louisville Cardinal and current Oakland Raider Michael Bush.    His leg injury took the back three years to fully recover.

Levi Brown, QB Troy

– Measured in at 6-feet-3.5-inches tall and 229 pounds.

– The signal caller discussed his decision transferring from Richmond to Troy.   With running back and current Arizona Cardinal Tim Hightower receiving the bulk of attention for the Spiders in a run dominated offense, Brown felt his abilities were not displayed to their fullest.  He decided to transfer “up” from a FCS school to an FBS affiliate.  He also pointed out that he had not grown into his body, and it took time to develop. The offense in Troy was not originally geared towards his strengths either, but eventually he was able to win the job and excelled.

– Believes his greatest attributes are his accuracy and intelligence.    Preparation, filmwork, and being able to grasp the mental aspects of the game were the defining forces which contributed to his near NCAA record setting interception-less streak.   When Brown finally threw an interception to snap said streak, he took the blame stating, “It was a sideline route.   The wide receiver was pushed inside the hash.  I tried to look off the safety.  I simply shouldn’t have thrown it.”

– Questions were raised about his unorthodox delivery.   “It works for me.   It may be odd, but it is quicker than anybody else’s.”

– Browns praised the play of his athletic and pass rushing defensive ends (Cameron Sheffield and Brandon Lang) for their contributions to his game.   He believes it helped his pocket presence tremendously.

Erik Cook, C New Mexico

– Measured in at 6-feet-6-inches tall and 318 pounds.

– Teams are as interested in his ability to play guard, if not more so, than playing over the ball.    Particularly, the Cleveland Browns have already shown some interest in this prospect.