Stretched to the limit?With players and NFL personal arriving in Indianapolis for the 2010 edition of the combine, TFY Draft Insider begins one week of intense coverage from the event.  Here are a few notes on what players are doing entering the combine and the word on the street about potential labor unrest in the league.

– Recently there have been articles and video of Tim Tebow working hard in Tennessee on changing his throwing mechanics.  We can tell you the entire process has been much more difficult than many are making it out to be.  Several sources have told us the circus that followed Tebow around at the Senior Bowl traveled with him to Tennessee as he prepares for pre-draft workouts.  It seems Tebow’s workouts have been interrupted daily for marketing meetings and appearances.  One source told us Tebow has had to schedule his workouts around the plans of his marketing people.  One such case just more than a week ago when the former Heisman Trophy winner was scheduled to appear at the Daytona 500 for an appearance on behalf of a sponsor.  In order to get his necessary work in, Tebow started his workout just after 5AM the day he was scheduled to leave.  There are camera’s following him around everywhere on the field and one wonders how the quarterback stays focused.  All we’ve spoken with says there’s no questioning Tebow’s dedication as he does whatever is asked of him.  The problem seems to be to many people, especially his marketing handlers, are asking way to much of him and the former Gator quarterback has been spread to thin.  He won’t throw at the combine, which is a good thing to those who’ve viewed his workouts as Tebow is struggling getting accustomed to his new throwing form.

Sam Bradford has announced he will not throw at the combine and from those who watched him workout recently, that’s not a bad idea.  Evidently Bradford was allowed to let loose during his training last week in Florida.  Sources have said his deep outs fluttered and showed little speed.  Evidently Bradford has not impressed to many people with his athleticism either.

– Evidently there’s bad information being passed around the world wide web as some have reported Central Michigan’s Dan LeFevour will not workout at the combine.  We can tell you this is false.  LeFevour will complete the entire running/jumping workout then participate in at least 50% of the passing workout.  During his pro-day in March, LeFevour is scheduled to throw near 80 passes.

Jonathan Crompton, the underrated and non-combine invitee, continues the momentum from his solid showing at the Texas vs The Nation Game.  Sources have said Compton continues to throw the ball well and is expected to shine during his pro-day.

– Norfolk State receiver Chris Bell recently ran under 4.4 seconds in the forty after tipping the scales at 211 pounds. Several watches had the relatively unknown receiver as fast as 4.37 seconds.

Bruce Campbell continued to impress people in his preparation for the combine.  Sources on hand in Florida told us the big offensive tackle recently clocked 4.67-seconds in the forty after tipping the scales at 310-pounds.

– UMass tackle Vladimir Ducasse expects to complete just over 35-reps on the bench during his combine workout.  Not bad for someone whose arms measured 34 inches at the Senior Bowl.

Adrian Tracy of William and Mary has looked awesome in recent workouts.  He’s been running in the 4.6-second range at just over 250-pounds but more importantly, Tracey has looked terrific in coverage when working on linebacker drills.

– South Carolina junior Robert Geathers has been running in the 4.8-second range after weighing in at 308-pounds.  We are told he’s a legit 6-feet, 7-inches and will complete 35 reps on the bench despite his long arms.  The consensus from scouts we spoke with is Geathers fits into the 3rd/4th round range.

– One player that has really stood out to us during our film work is Kansas State cornerback Joshua Moore.  The junior left Kansas State because of financial responsibilities.  Sources say had Moore stuck around another season in college he likely would’ve been a top 30 pick in 2011.  As it stands now Moore has been running forty times in the low 4.4’s and measured right around 6-feet and 190-pounds.  We see the cornerback as a surprise top 75 pick in April.

– Will a great combine workout save Taylor Mays plummeting draft stock?  Not likely according to those we’ve spoken with.  Evidently the USC people were forewarning scouts prior to the Senior Bowl that the big safety was really going to struggle in coverage drills during the week and it was well documented he did.  We took a lot of heat saying a move to outside linebacker was not out of the question for Mays.  Two NFC East teams have told us they now have Mays on their draft board rated as a linebacker.  The comparisons people are making range for Mays from Thomas Davis to former Trojan Darnell Bing.

– Sources have told us the NFLPA told their members to be prepared for war in the upcoming labor negotiations with the league.  Some are holding out hope that there will be a one year extension to the current agreement to give the two sides time to hash things out.  The expectations are almost three hundred 4th and 5th year veterans can expect to get tendered this year, missing out on potential big paydays.