A total of 97 draft eligible players from the PAC 12 are graded and ranked.  The league should impact the early part of round one next April while offering a good amount of depth on the draft’s second day if the top underclassmen exit for the NFL.

Pac 12

Rnd Full Name Pos School Notes
1stAnthony BarrOLBUCLAGifted athlete slowly developing into a dominant linebacker. Quick, flexible and easily makes plays in every direction. Nice burst of closing speed. Rough around the edges and slow to react but possesses tremendous upside.
1stMarqise LeeWRUSCNatural receiver that controls games. Smooth in all areas, plays with great balance and consistently makes the reception with his hands. Not a burner or vertical threat and not a big bodied receiver. Terrific prospect for the next level but may not be a receiver for everyone.
1stHenry AndersonDTStanfordBig, competitive lineman that dominates the action. Over runs opponents, chases the action hard and plays with a large degree of athleticism and intensity. Offers potential at a variety of defensive line spots.
2ndWill SuttonDTArizona StateIntense one gap lineman that combines tremendous quickness and explosion. Moves well in every area and chases the action hard. Offers potential as a three technique tackle or one-gap end on occasion. Much more complete, intense version of Sedrick Ellis at equal points in their careers.
2ndDavid YankeyGStanfordTremendous young offensive line prospect that is effective in pass protection as well as blocking in motion. Lined-up at left tackle in 2012 but I feel he’s better suited for guard. Comes with a large upside.
2-3Austin Seferian-JenkinsTEWashingtonTackle sized tight end that shows dominance as a blocker as well as producing as a pass catcher. Not a downfield threat but can control the middle of the field.
2-3Cameron FlemingTStanfordMassive right tackle prospect that displays good strength, athleticism and movement skills. Needs work on his game yet has a huge upside.
2-3Aundrey WalkerTUSCTerrific left tackle prospect with a nice combination of size, fundamentals and footwork off the edge. Not Matt Kalil but legit top 60 potential in the future.
2-3AJ TarpleyILBStanfordTerrific young linebacker with an outstanding game. Athletic, instinctive and tough. True leader with playmaking skills.
3rdJosh HuffWROregonSpeedy wide out who can turn it on in a single step. Challenges opponents vertically and fights to make the reception. Lacks size but a solid slot receiver prospect.
3rdIfo Ekpre-OlomuCBOregonSolid cornerback with good ball skills. Physical yet smart and explosive.
3rdOwamagbe OdighizuwaDEUCLAUnderrated defensive line prospect with huge upside. Athletic, very quick and makes plays as a pass rusher or in pursuit. Offers potential at a variety defensive line spots. May miss the ’13 season with a hip injury.
3rdTerrance MitchellCBOregonFeisty cornerback that shows an array of skill. Comes with and upside and has shown consistent progress on the field.
3rdTrent MurphyOLBStanford3-4 outside linebacker prospect who shows decent pass rush skills as well as the ability to play in space.
4thDeandre ColemanDTCaliforniaStrong, gap occupier who controls blockers. Marginally athletic and has limited upside but should be a last day pick.
4thSilas ReddRBUSCTerrific running back with outstanding vision, instincts and ball handling ability. Strings several moves together over the course of a single carry, naturally eludes defenders and runs north/south. Lack of speed is an issue.
4thHayes PullardOLBUSCDynamite young weak side linebacker prospect with a great upside. Showed a lot of inconsistency in 2012 but has the tools to play in the NFL.
4thShayne SkovIBStanford
4thAustin HillWRArizonaTerrific possession/west coast receiver prospect. Possesses reliable, soft hands, plays with great balance and competes to make the reception. Lacks a deep burst. Tore a knee ligament last spring and expected to be sidelined this season.
4thKhalil WilkesGStanfordQuick, explosive guard that shows enough strength to hold the point as well as the athleticism to line up as a zone blocker. Underrated and over looked on an offensive line with two potential stars.
4thBoseko LokomboOLBOregonUnderrated outside linebacker who is a terrific combination of athleticism, instincts and speed. Three down defender on the weak side.
4thKa’Deem CareyRBArizonaSwift ball carrier with a versatile game. Has the speed and agility to beat defenders around the corner as well as the toughness to carry the ball on the inside. Potential third down back/rotational runner at the next level.
4thCassius MarshDEUCLATough, hard nosed football player who gets the most from his talent. Instinctive, plays through the whistle and makes plays defending the run or rushing the passer. Not a great athlete and presently overrated by many.
4thDaniel MunyerCColoradoDeveloping center that combines terrific athleticism, blocking fundamentals and movement skills. Can also play guard. Needs to get stronger and has height limitations but a terrific zone blocking prospect.
4-5Xavier GrimbleTEUSCConsistent, one-speed pass catching tight end with an average game.
5thSean MannionQBOregon StateTall, adequately armed prospect with a developing game. Shows good command of the offense, relatively accurate and makes all the throws. Needs to step up his consistency but has an upside.
5thKevin GrafTUSCTall, fundamentally sound blocker who has displayed consistent progress on the field. Good in most areas yet not great in any aspect of his game.
5thRashaad ReynoldsCBOregon StateFast, explosive cover corner with potential in a variety of schemes. Possesses a tremendous burst to the ball.
5thPaul RichardsonWRColoradoTerrific pass catcher with deceptive speed and reliable hands. Coming off a knee injury which shelved him in 2012.
5thRandall TelferTEUSC
5thRyan MurphySOregon StateDeveloping safety with a solid game. Tough against the run and also effective in coverage.
5thEric RoweSUtahDeveloping safety who flashes a complete game. Athletic, easily goes sideline to sideline and forceful. Inconsistent and needs to play at a high level on every snap.
5-6Carl BradfordOLBArizona StateTough, instinctive linebacker best making plays up the field or in the box. Terrific football player with marginal size/speed numbers.
5-6Jordan RichardsSStanfordDeveloping safety who shows a complete game. Tough against the run and also excels in coverage.
5-6Deone BucannonSWashington StateDeveloping safety with a complete game. Tough defending the run and gets outside the numbers in coverage.
5-6Ben GardnerDEStanfordTough, hard nosed lineman who gets the most from his ability. Lacks desired measurables but plays with great quickness, leverage and always around the action.
6thTyler McCullochWRColoradoDeveloping receiver with outstanding size and reliable hands. Lacks a burst and more of a possession wide out but comes with an upside.
6thTaylor HartDEOregonHard working defensive lineman with nice size and versatility. Gets the most from his talent, making plays with his head and heart. Not a great athlete but someone who could line up as a two-gap end or interior tackle.
6thDe’Anthony ThomasRBOregonExplosive running back with the speed to run to daylight as a ball carrier, pass catcher or return specialist. Multi-cut run who’s incredibly elusive. Has size limitations and more of a situational runner.
6thNate OrchardOLBUtahUndersized college defensive end that will get consideration at outside linebacker. Athletic, quick and fast moving in every direction. Flashes skill in space. Has an upside.
6thMicah HatchieTWashingtonDeveloping tackle with solid footwork and skill in pass protection.
6thDion BaileySUSCAthletic and mobile defender that’s switched between linebacker and safety. Fast, explosive and covers a lot of ground. Development seems to be stilted due to the way he’s used.
6thBrennan ScarlettOLBCaliforniaBig, strong linebacker best making plays in the box or up the field.
6thRyan HewittFBStanfordDependable utility prospect that can line up at fullback, tight end or H-back.
6thTony WashingtonOLBOregonDeveloping college defensive end who projects to outside linebacker. Displays good movement skills, natural pass rushing ability and makes a lot of plays in space.
6thShaquelle EvansWRUCLASmaller, possession receiver best running underneath routes. Potential fourth wide out at the next level.
6thMickey BaucusTArizonaSolid left tackle prospect that shows skill in pass protection. Has an upside yet did not elevate his game in 2012 as I thought possible.
6-7Erick DarganSOregonExplosive safety with a complete game. Goes sideline-to-sideline defending the run and pass. Average upside but offers a lot of next level ability.
6-7Wade KeliikipiDTOregonTough, nasty slug it out defensive tackle that can be impossible to move off the point. More of a space eater than a play maker but can be used on the nose or as a conventional tackle.
6-7Nick ForbesILBCalifornia
6-7Chris McCainOLBCaliforniaTall, 3-4 linebacker prospect that shows flashes. Easily moves about the field, makes plays in space and flashes dominance. Very rough around the edges but has an upside.
7thAvery SebastianSCaliforniaExplosive safety who plays through the whistle. Displays outstanding closing speed, moves fast in a straight line or laterally. Lacks classic safety size but comes with a special teams mentality.
7thJordan ZumwaltILBUCLAInstinctive linebacker who plays sideline to sideline. Solid speed, relatively effective in space and works hard. Shows some stiffness in his game.
7thTyrequek ZimmermanSOregon State
7thJunior OnyealiOLBArizona StateSmall college defensive end who projects to linebacker. Fast in every direction, possesses natural pass rushing skills and effective in pursuit. Size limitations will hamper him.
7-FATrevor ReillyOLBUtah
7-FAMorgan BreslinDEUSCHard working defensive end with limited size/speed and athleticism. Plays with solid fundamentals, shows better than average pass rushing skill and intense. Potential situational one-gap end/3-4 linebacker.
7-FAScott CrichtonDEOregon StateAthletic and explosive one-gap defensive end who may get looks as a 3-4 OLB.
7-FARicky HeimuliDTOregonNice sized defensive tackle that flashes athleticism. Has an upside yet needs a lot of work on his game.
7-FAMarion GriceRBArizona StateNice sized ball carrier with a burst. Terrific job following blocks and effective as a receiver out of the backfield. Underrated and will share the ball in the ASU backfield this season.
7-FAFabbians EbbeleTArizonaKing-size right tackle prospect with a huge upside. Effective as both a run blocker and pass protector.
FAColt LyerlaTEOregonTall, linear tight end who does a terrific job blocking and holds his own as an underneath receiver. Potential 3rd tight end at the next level.
FAKeith PriceQBWashingtonAthletic quarterback who must improve his throwing fundamentals and field vision.
FAChidera Uzo-DiribeDEColorado
FAOsahon IraborCBArizona State
FASean ParkerSWashington
FASione TuihalamakaDTArizonaSmall college nose tackle who plays big. Fires off the snap, works hard and shows pass rush skill. Has size limitations but quickness plus movement skills makes him a potential 3-technique back-up.
FABarry BrowningCBStanford
FAMichael LoweSCalifornia
FATy MontgomeryWRStanford
FAAvery PattersonCBOregonAdequate cornerback prospect best facing the action.
FAMarquis FlowersOLBArizonaFast, quick linebacker with size limitations. Fast sideline-to-sideline, explosive up the field and gives effort against the run. Potential back-up for a one gap system.
FAShaquille RichardsonCBArizonaExplosive cornerback best facing the action.
FAKhairi ForttOLBCaliforniaAthletic prospect that flashes skill yet possesses an undeveloped game. Transfer from Penn State who did not play in 2012.
FAJake FischerILBArizona
FAJack HarrisTColoradoStout blocker who can line up at tackle and guard. Lacks great upside but a potential reserve at the next level.
FAAnthony WilkersonRBStanford
FAKeenan GrahamOLBUCLA
FAKevin DanserGStanford
FAAlden DarbySArizona StateHard hitting safety best between the numbers. Average ball skills and struggles covering slot receivers.
FATyler GaffneyRBStanford
FABrian JacksonSOregon
FAJosh AndrewsGOregon StateStrong, relatively athletic lineman. Effective on the line of scrimmage or in motion.
FADerrick RaineyCBArizona
FAChris AdcockGCalifornia
FAKeith McGillDCUtahVersatile defensive back returning from an injury which sidelined him for a year and a half.
FABrian BlechenSUtahLarge, forceful safety that will get consideration at outside linebacker. Has an upside yet must be more consistent in his game.
FATorin HarrisCBUSCAthletic cornerback that needs to improve all areas of his game. Shows flashes but limited consistency. Dime/zone corner and special teams player at the next level.
FAJohn MartinezGUSCSolid pass protecting guard with limited size and upside. Better in a small area, lacks balance and can be all over the place.
FAPercy TaumoelauGUtah
FAChris CoyleTEArizona StateSolid pass catching college tight end yet a marginal athlete with minimal upside.
FAKelvin YorkRBUtah
FAJohn FullingtonTWashington StateAgile, mobile offensive lineman that shows skill blocking in motion yet must improve his overall playing strength.
FAMichael PhilippGOregon State
FAJarek LancasterOLBStanfordUndersized if asked, explosive linebacker that goes sideline to sideline. Effective in pursuit.
FAEvan FinkenbergTArizona StateLarge college left tackle better off on the inside at guard. Gives effort but lacks athleticism, balance and upside.
FAJacob WarkTECaliforniaBig, strong blocking tight end who offers potential as the third man on the depth chart.