Looking for a left tackle??  The SEC is the league to find one.  Need a defensive starter for the next level?  Head on over to Alabama.  Here are the rankings of 152 draft eligible players from the top college football conference in the nation.


Rnd Name Pos School Notes
1stJadeveon ClowneyDESouth CarolinaThe most dominant defensive player to enter the draft since Bruce Smith. Has minor red flags but a top two pick in 2014.
1stCyrus KouandjioTAlabamaDominant left tackle prospect that will be an early first round pick. Large, blocks with terrific fundamentals and outstanding in pass protection. Shows skill as a run blocker yet must improve his balance and learn to finish run blocks.
1stJake MatthewsTTexas A&MTerrific right tackle prospect that combines size, strength and fundamentals. Effective as both a run blocker and pass protector. Can dominate the opposition but really does not play with a nasty attitude. Draft grade will not be far behind former A&M teammate Luke Joeckel.
1stC.J. MosleyOLBAlabamaExplosive weak side linebacker prospect fast moving in every direction. Gets depth on pass drops, forceful up the field on the blitz and flows to the action in run defense. Terrific three down defender with starting potential at the next level.
1-2Ed StinsonDEAlabamaDeveloping two-gap end who flashes brilliance. Athletic, plays with great lean/leverage and easily makes plays in every direction. Has a burst and can run down tight ends in coverage. Comes with a huge upside.
1-2Antonio RichardsonTTennesseeTerrific left tackle prospect with a complete game. Outstanding pass protector who also gets movement run blocking. Must polish his technique and improve his playing balance but an early pick.
2ndJohnny ManzielQBTexas A&MTerrific college signal caller with solid skills for the next level. Smart, makes terrific decisions and does a great job commanding the offense. Beats opponents with his arm or legs. Lacks size and the arm strength for the vertical game. Not a quarterback for everyone.
2ndGabe JacksonGMississippi StateLarge, mauling lineman that also displays ability in motion. Strong at the point, easily controls defenders and versatile. Offers definite starting potential for the NFL.
2ndBenardrick McKinneyOLBMississippi StateStar in the making. Long, strong and athletic. Needs work on his game but has an upside.
2-3Adrian HubbardOLBAlabamaDeveloping 3-4 outside linebacker with a terrific game. Athletic, smooth changing direction and gets depth on pass drops while also displaying skill in pursuit. Also flashes skill rushing the passer out of a three point stance. Slow to react which may raise red flags.
2ndCorey RobinsonTSouth CarolinaDeveloping left tackle prospect with tremendous upside. Has great size, relatively athletic and dominates as a run blocker and pass protector. Former defensive lineman. Exciting prospect.
2-3Anthony JohnsonDTLSUDynamite defensive tackle prospect with a versatile game. Fires off the snap, fast up the field but can also pursue the action laterally. Offers potential as a three technique tackle or two gap end.
2-3Hasean Clinton-DixSAlabamaSolid safety with an all-around game. Showed a lot of progress on the field last season and comes with a decent upside.
2-3Louchiez PurifoyCBFlorida
3rdDominique EasleyDEFloridaSolid, not spectacular college defensive lineman with average measurables. Quick and offers the ability to make plays in every direction. Slightly overrated by many on the outside.
2-3Xzavier DicksonOLBAlabamaPotentially dominant 3-4 linebacker with a great upside. Expect a big jump in his game this season.
3rdLa’el CollinsGLSUTerrific zone blocking prospect with a large upside. Quick, effective on the second level and very explosive. Has an upside but needs to improve his blocking fundamentals.
3rdChaz GreenTFloridaTerrific young tackle prospect that stands out as a run blocker and in pass protection. Needs to improve his playing balance yet has a great upside. Has lined up at both left and right tackle. Missed time last year with injury but played well when on the field.
3rdJeoffrey PaganDEAlabamaBig, strong defensive end. Relatively athletic. Needs a lot of work but has a great upside.
3rdDaniel McCullersDTTennesseeBig, dominant interior lineman who controls the middle of the field or pushes the pocket. Gets tall and makes himself an easy target.
3rdTrey DepriestILBAlabamaSmart, instinctive linebacker with an explosive style. Covers a lot of area on the field, fast arriving to the action and effective making plays in space. Short and may only fit certain schemes.
3rdJordan MatthewsWRVanderbiltReliable possession receiver with minimal speed and quickness in his game. Offers next level skills yet overrated by many.
3rdZach FultonGTennesseeStrong, small area blocker who dominates opponents at the point of attack. Built for a ball control/power running offense.
3-4A.J. McCarronQBAlabamaPoised, patient passer with a great feel for the position. Accurate and effectively leads the offense yet primarily a game manager for the next level.
3-4Dee FordOLBAuburnUndersized college defensive end likely to move to outside linebacker in the NFL. Flashes pass rush skill and speed but comes with limited upside.
4thAaron MurrayQBGeorgiaTough, intelligent quarterback with a great feel for the position yet limited size. Accurately delivers the deep outs and makes good decisions. Will flourish as long as the read-option is relevant in the NFL.
4thBraylon WebbSMissouriSolid safety with a complete game. Tough against the run and shows good ball skills in coverage. One to keep an eye on.
4thA.J. JohnsonILBTennesseeSolid pursuit linebacker who makes plays sideline to sideline. Potential 3-4/ILB or 4-3/WLB.
4thA.J. CannGSouth CarolinaTerrific guard prospect. Thick, stout at the point and effective as both a run blocker and pass protector.
4-5Jonotthan HarrisonCFloridaStrong, fundamentally sound blocker in the middle of the line that controls opponents. Heavy legged and only effective in a small area.
4thLamin BarrowOLBLSUSolid outside linebacker effective making plays in space. Disciplined, instinctive and plays assignment football.
4-5Chaz SuttonDESouth CarolinaUnderrated pass rusher with definite next level potential. Small and more of a one-gap/DE or 3-4/OLB but a terrific pass rusher with speed and good movement skills.
4-5Deion BelueCBAlabamaInstinctive cornerback with solid ball skills. Mechanically sounds, does a terrific job finding the pass in the air and positioning himself to defend the pass. Most effective in man-to-man coverage.
5thBo WallaceQBMississippiJunior college transfer who made a positive impact last season. Smart, always in control of the situation and effectively leads the offense. Has an upside.
5thArthur LynchTEGeorgiaCollege tight end in a tackles body. Easily controls defensive lineman at the point of attack. Solid underneath receiver. Potential late round pick, 2nd/3rd tight end on a roster.
5thCharles SawyerCBMississippiVersatile defensive back that can be used at safety or cornerback. Athletic, quick and possesses solid playing speed. Also helps out as a return specialist. Lacks size and likely best at corner as a nickel back/punt returner at the next level.
5thJermaine WhiteheadSAuburnQuick, explosive safety who shows flashes of brilliance. Quick change of direction, shows speed outside the numbers and effective defending the pass and run.
5thKenny BellWRAlabamaReliable receiver who competes to make the reception. Shows a burst, can switch it on in a single step and nice acceleration. Potential number four at the next level.
5thJarvis HarrisonGTexas A&MDeveloping lineman with a good upside. Possesses size, athleticism and strength. Powerful run blocker and shows skill blocking in motion.
5thDamiere ByrdWRSouth CarolinaSmall, swift receiver who’ll take over for Ace Sanders.
5thJon HalapioGFloridaNasty, explosive lineman always looking to finish plays. Offers potential in a variety of blocking schemes.
5thJacques SmithOLBTennesseeCollege defensive end who projects to OLB in a 3-4. Quick, athletic and effective in space. Cannot shed blocks once engaged at the point.
5thTyler RussellQBMississippi StateClassic pocket passer with a big time arm. Easily makes all the throws, delivers passes through the tight spots and has terrific physical skills. Immobile, sometimes way off the mark and not a signal caller for everyone. Great upside but needs a lot of work on his game.
5thKevin NorwoodWRAlabama
5-6LaDarius PerkinsRBMississippi StateSomewhat elusive ball carrier who projects as a third down back in the NFL.
5-6Zach MettenbergerQBLSUBig, strong armed pocket passer who can make all the throws. Shows flashes of brilliance but also a bit streaky and often high of the mark. Has an upside but needs to throw with consistent mechanics.
5-6Travis SwansonCArkansasSmart, polished center with a consistent game. Blocks with terrific fundamentals, understands the position and strong. Not a dominant blocker but can start in the right system at the next level.
5-6Jimmy LegreeCBSouth CarolinaNice sized cornerback with a high upside. Shows a lot of flashes but still rough around the edges. Could make a big move up draft boards with a big senior season.
5-6Chris BurnetteGGeorgiaDeveloping wide bodied guard that moves very well on his feet. Quickly gets into blocks, explosive at the point and effective on the second level. Underrated and has an upside.
5-6Kelcy QuarlesDTSouth CarolinaExplosive, interior lineman with potential at a variety of positions. Fires off the snap, better than average pass rushing skills and flashes power. Has an upside.
6thBen MalenaRBTexas A&MSmallish ball carrier who plays big. Works hard on the inside, consistently runs north/south but also elusive with the ability to make defenders miss. Terrific receiver out of the backfield. Underrated. Situational back who could see spot starting duty in the NFL.
6thJonathon MincyCBAuburnNice sized corner with an upside. Quick, displays solid cover skills and gives effort defending the run.
6thHunter JoyerFBFloridaFeisty lead blocker who shows a good amount of athleticism in his game. Explosive at the point and shows great vision/instincts. Solid pass catcher out of the backfield. Works hard but struggles to finish blocks.
6thAnthony SteenGAlabamaQuick, intelligent blocker who shows skill in motion. Works hard but lacks size and struggles finishing blocks. Reserve lineman on the NFL level.
6thByron MooreSTennesseeSolid safety that shows great range in centerfield as well as the ability to defended the run or cover the pass. 7th defensive back/special teams player at next level.
6thDillon DayCMississippi StateExplosive, fundamentally sound center with a nice upside. Shows skill blocking in motion. Needs to improve his finishing strength but offers next level potential.
6thQuinton DunbarWRFloridaSlightly built receiver with a reliable hand. Works to make himself an available target, possesses dependable hands and has a deceptive burst. Number four on an NFL roster.
6thJawuan JamesTTennesseeStrong, developing right tackle prospect. Great size but must improve his balance and looks like an average athlete.
6thLeon OrrDTFloridaBig, interior lineman who flashes athleticism. Can be an over powering force but still very rough around the edges.
6thOdell Beckham Jr.WRLSUInconsistent receiver who shows big play ability yet also drops to many catchable throws.
6thDonte MoncriefWRMississippiBig, strong possession receiver who wins out in battles. Gives effort running after the catch as well as a blocker. Does too much body catching.
6thJay ProschFBAuburnSolid lead blocker effective opening holes for the running game or picking up the blitz in pass protection. Smart, plays with terrific vision and instincts and offers terrific next level ability.
6thAlfred BlueRBLSUPatient ball carrier who shows elements of a potential feature runner for the next level. Possesses a degree of strength in his ball carrying and the ability to break tackles. Can also string several moves together over the course of a single run. Natural pass catcher out of the backfield as well.
6thJa-Mes LoganWRMississippi
6thE.J. GainesCBMissouriNice sized corner best lining up in a zone system.
6thBaker SwedenburgPMississippi State
6-7Alex BullardCTennesseeNotre Dame transfer that shows the ability to control the middle of the field. Has lined up at guard and center. Will have the ability see significant action this season.
6thDemetruce McNealSAuburnUnderrated safety with a complete game. Shows skill in coverage with the ability to get outside the numbers and make plays. Gives effort defending the run. Lacks upside but dependable.
6-7Rajion NealRBTennesseeShifty, instinctive ball carrier also effective as a receiver out of the backfield. Situational runner at the next level.
7thSteve JenkinsOLBTexas A&MSolid weak side prospect who plays with a physical style. Goes sideline-to-sideline and also explosive moving up field to defend the run.
6-7Denico AutryDEMississippi StateUndersized college defensive end with natural pass rushing skills. Offers a nice combination of length and athleticism. Move to 3-4 OLB is a possibility.
6-7Christion JonesWRAlabama
6-7James FranklinQBMissouriAthletic signal caller with a big arm coming off a terrible season. Has the tools to run the read option but must quickly get his game back on track.
6-7Justin ColemanCBTennesseeDeveloping corner who displayed consistent progress last season. Tough, explosive and had an upside.
6-7Nickoe WhitleySMississippi StateExplosive safety best making plays against the run. Fast in a straight line and always looking to throw his pads in the pile. Inefficient and does not consistently take proper angles to the action.
6-7Brey CookGArkansasLong, large offensive guard with a decent upside. Fires into blocks, stays square and a terrific run blocker. Not a natural knee bender or a zone blocking prospect.
6-7J.C. CopelandFBLSUHard working lead blocker that would fit well as a traditional fullback.
6-7Brison WilliamsSSouth Carolina
7thBrian VoglerTEAlabamaMassive tight end in a tackles body. Dominates opponents and holds his own as an underneath receiver.
7thBrandon ShellTSouth CarolinaDeveloping tackle with a large upside. Has the size and strength to develop into a next level right tackle but still needs a lot of work.
7thJeffrey WhitakerDTAuburnQuick, explosive interior lineman with a great first step. Must get stronger and elevate his game.
7thCraig LostonSLSUAdequate safety who shows ability against the run and pass. Must pick up his game and start making more plays.
7thJames StoneCTennessee
7thGarrison SmithDEGeorgiaSomewhat underrated college defensive end who shows the ability to rush the passer or drop off the line on zone blitzes.
7thJeff ScottRBMississippiSmall, creative ball carrier who also stands out as a pass catcher. Can string several moves together over the course of a single run. Situational back at the next level.
7thKirby EnnisDTTexas A&M
7thDeontae SkinnerOLBMississippi StateAthletic linebacker with nice size and movement skills. Consistently making plays in space or pursuit. Offers a lot of next level elements but must polish his game.
7-FACody MandellPAlabama
7-FATevin MitchelCBArkansas
7-FANosa EguaeDEAuburnAthletic defensive end with potential at a variety of positions upfront. Quick off the snap and shows solid edge speed. Struggles getting off blocks.
FAGreg RobinsonTAuburnAthletic left tackle prospect with a large upside yet very rough around the edges.
FAEric WatersTEMissouri
FARonald PatrickGSouth CarolinaTough, small area blocker with limited upside.
FAChris SmithDEArkansasUndersized, one-gap defensive end who will get consideration at outside linebacker. Fast up the field, quick in pursuit and makes plays in the open field. Not really multi-dimensional or scheme diverse.
FADerel WalkerWRTexas A&M
FAByran JonesDTArkansasExplosive interior lineman with great quickness off the snap. Possesses nice girth, fluid changing direction and flashes ability. Must get stronger and be more consistent but offers next level ability.
FAPierce BurtonTMississippiWell sized finesse blocker who makes great use of angles and body positioning. Lacks great upside but gives effort and understands the position.
FAConnor ShawQBSouth CarolinaSolid college quarterback with a great head for the position. Makes plays with his arm and legs. Does not have the physical skills to start in the NFL but would be an asset as a back-up.
FAChade SladeGAuburnDeveloping offensive lineman with good size and athleticism. Does not consistently play with good leverage which saps his strength and explosion.
FAKenarious GatesTGeorgiaStrong, mechanically sound college tackle better in a small area. Shows the ability to knock pass rushers from their angle of attack but overall not light on his feet and does not finish blocks.
FATrey BurtonWRFlorida
FADonte RumphDTKentuckyLarge, athletic lineman with good movement skills. Forceful and flashes the ability to force his will on opponents.
FASenquez GolsonCBMississippiSolid cornerback with a developing game. Athletic with good ball skills. Also plays on the MSU baseball team.
FAVictor HamptonCBSouth CarolinaFeisty, explosive cornerback best facing the action. Struggles making plays with his back to the ball and does to much face guarding. Must improve his pedal as well.
FAMike MarryILBMississippi
FAJeff DriskelQBFloridaBig, strong armed passer with above average athleticism who needs to improve his accuracy and decision making.
FAKenny LadlerSVanderbilt
FADamien JacobsDTFlorida
FAL’Damian WashingtonWRMissouri
FADallas LeeGGeorgiaStrong, slug-it-out blocker limited to confined quarters.
FAJohn FultonCBAlabama
FAGabe WrightDTAuburn
FAJ.T. SurrattDTSouth Carolina
FAJosh WillifordGLSUStrong, slug it out lineman best in a small area. Gives effort and gets the most from his skill but has a limited upside.
FAVince SandersWRMississippiDependable receiver with limited speed. Potential 5th receiver at the next level.
FAJaylen WatkinsCBFlorida
FAEric BennettSArkansas
FAEmmanuel McCrayTMississippiLarge, left tackle prospect with an upside. Strong, controls opponents and does a nice job as both a run blocker and pass protector.
FAAmarlo HerreraILBGeorgia
FAMarcus LucasWRMissouri
FAWesley TateRBVanderbiltWell sized ball carrier who has flashed skill. Will get his opportunity to shine this season.
FAChris DavisCBAuburnTough, aggressive cornerback best facing the action. Shows good route recognition and explosive. Shows hesitation in his game and struggles in downfield coverage.
FACorey MillerDETennessee
FAWesley JohnsonTVanderbilt
FATrey FlowersDEArkansasUndersized college defensive end who may ultimately stand up over tackle. Relatively athlete with nice length and movement skills. Primarily an up the field guy at this point.
FATyler CampbellPMississippi
FAChase GarnhamILBVanderbiltSmart, hard working linebacker with limited athleticism and upside.
FAAndre DeboseWRFlorida
FAAndrew WilsonOLBMissouri
FAAndre HalCBVanderbilt
FAZach HockerPKArkansas
FAJeremy BrownCBFlorida
FADavid HurdTArkansas
FADamian SwannCBGeorgia
FAWalker MayDEVanderbiltHard working college defensive end that can be used at outside linebacker or as a one gap end in the NFL.
FAJavontee HerndonWRArkansas
FAJulian HortonWRArkansas
FACharles SiddowayTMississippi StateLarge, strong right tackle prospect best in a small area. Could get consideration at guard.
FAMister CobbleDTKentuckyWide bodied lineman who fires off the snap, breaks through blocks and can change direction. Short and engulfed by tall blockers.
FAMaurice CouchDTTennessee
FADontavis SappOLBTennessee
FAD.T. ShackelfordILBMississippi
FANehemiah HicksTETexas A&M
FAAvery WilliamsonILBKentuckyTough, two down run defending linebacker with limited speed and upside.
FAEvan SwindallCMississippi
FADarrin KitchensOBFlorida
FAKiero SmallFBArkansas
FAKadron BooneWRLSU
FAFitz LassingFBVanderbilt
FAAustyn Carta-SamuelsQBVanderbilt
FAEric GordonCBTennessee