Our ACC preview of NFL hopefuls includes 128 graded players.  The addition of former Big East schools Syracuse and Pittsburgh inflate the numbers.  While there’s only one potentially dominant prospect there’s a good deal of depth through round three from both sides of the line of scrimmage.


Rnd Full Name Pos School Notes
1stSammy WatkinsWRClemsonTremendous receiver prospect destined to be an early pick in the draft. Quick in all aspects, possesses soft, supple hands and dangerous running after the catch. Has the makings of a number one receiver in the NFL and scheme diverse.
2ndKareem MartinDENorth CarolinaTall, angular defensive lineman that shows a lot of flashes and natural pass rush skills. Fluid, possesses terrific movement skills and shows skill in pursuit. Does not play with a sense of urgency or much intensity.
2ndDenzel PerrymanILBMiami-FlInstinctive, explosive linebacker in the Ray Lewis mold. Fast, outstanding in pursuit and effective defending the run or covering the pass. Scheme diverse and can be used at middle linebacker, inside linebacker or on the weak side. Has a great upside.
2ndLafayette PittsCBPittsburghDynamic sophomore corner with a huge upside. Shows flashes of dominance and someone who could turn into an early selection.
2-3James GayleDEVirginia TechSmallish defensive end who plays with great quickness, explosion and tenacity. Natural pass rusher that can also pursue the action with speed. Good college player but could end up as the next Darryl Tapp/Jason Worilds.
2-3Kyle FullerCBVirginia TechFast rising defensive back with potential at corner or safety. Physically aggressive and offers a variety of skill. Rarely challenged by opposing quarterbacks.
2-3Antone ExumSVirginia TechPhysically gifted defensive back that looks imposing on the field. Aggressive, beats down opponents and works to make plays. Lined up at corner in 2012 but a much better fit at safety.
2-3Tajh BoydQBClemsonAthletic college signal caller that’s a threat throwing the ball or running with it. Showed great progress as a passer last season and has an upside but still needs a lot of work and by no means a sure thing. Potentially a terrific read-option quarterback.
2-3Morgan MosesTVirginiaMassive, rather athletic tackle with a huge upside. Mobile, strong and can be dominant. Does not block with balance or show a nasty attitude. Needs a lot of work and slightly overrated at this point.
2-3Timmy JerniganDTFlorida StateWatch out. Potentially the next great defensive lineman from FSU is he puts it together. Flashes brilliance, dominance and big, fluid athlete that can impose his will. Then again very streaky and does not make enough plays. Needs to perform every week as he did in the ACC title game of 2012.
2-3Seantrel HendersonTMiami-FlAthletic college tackle with an inconsistent game. At times dominates opponents showing terrific skill in pass protection or driving defenders off the line run blocking. Looks very ordinary in other instances getting beaten by speedy pass rushers and playing with little balance. Has an upside but must tie up the loose ends of his game to be an early pick in next April’s draft.
3rdCameron ErvingTFlorida StateTerrific young prospect with a high upside. Large, athletic and flashes brilliance in both pass protection and blocking on the move. Needs to increase his strength but a potential top 90 pick.
3rdNick WaisomeCBFlorida StateTerrific cornerback that’s overshadowed by the headlining talent in the Seminole secondary. Shows a complete game and rarely makes mental errors.
3rdLogan ThomasQBVirginia TechBig armed pocket passer with tremendous physical skill. Needs to improve the consistency of his accuracy but has NFL skills. Comes off a disappointing 2012 campaign but much better than many are presently predicting.
3rdStephen MorrisQBMiami-FlAthletic signal caller with NFL skills. Possesses the arm strength necessary to make all the throws and the leg speed to pick up yardage carrying the ball or make the throw on the move. For the most part makes good decisions and has an upside. Not a spectacular prospect yet underrated.
3rdLuther MaddyDTVirginia TechQuick interior lineman with a large upside. Plays with great quickness, at times impossible to handle and causes disruption. May have growth limitations but potentially a terrific three-technique tackle prospect.
3rdDevin StreetWRPittsburghFluid, natural receiver with dependable hands. Really lacks any semblance of quickness or speed in his game.
3rdTim ScottCBNorth CarolinaTalented defensive back with a high upside. Adequate size, quick and effective in man coverage or zone. Potential top 75 choice.
3rdJames Wilder Jr.RBFlorida StateBig, smooth ball carrier who’s shown consistent development. Strong, breaks tackles or carries the pile for extra yards. Agile enough to turn the corner and shows a nice burst. Needs work but possesses the skills to be a feature runner in the NFL.
3rdChristian JonesOLBFlorida StateIncredibly athletic outside linebacker that makes plays in every direction of the field. Fast, effective in space and has and upside. Instincts and reaction time are questionable.
3-4Brandon ThomasGClemsonExplosive lineman that has shown dominance since his freshman season. Strong at the point, effective in motion and overwhelms opponents as a run blocker or in pass protection. Lines up at left tackle but better off inside at guard.
3-4Derrick HopkinsDTVirginia TechStout lineman in the middle that shows a lot of quickness in his game. Can be a difference maker up front. Potential three technique tackle best suited in a one-gap system.
3-4Rob CrispTNorth Carolina StateUnderrated left tackle that’s shown terrific progress on the field. Possesses good size, growth potential and blocks with solid fundamentals. Solid footwork and really stands out in pass protection.
3-4Lamarcus JoynerCBFlorida StateSmall yet fast and explosive defensive back. Terrific range and flashes ball skills. Size is a limiting factor and he’s consistently losing out in battles. Nice defensive back with an upside but overrated at present time.
3-4Jeremiah JohnsonCBMarylandBig, explosive corner with terrific upside. Quick, very fast and shows a lot of skill in man coverage. Top 100 pick if he continues to progress.
3-4Keon LynCBSyracuseSolid cover corner with good ball skills and terrific size. Feisty and instinctive. Deep speed may be a concern as well as his ability to make plays with his back to the ball.
4thBryn RennerQBNorth CarolinaSolid college quarterback that’s shown consistent development in his game. Terrific job commanding and controlling the offense. Makes good decisions and uses all his targets. Lacks great pocket stature and needs to improve his accuracy but can develop into a productive NFL signal caller.
4thBrandon LinderGMiami-FlStrong, small area blocker with a solid game. Fundamentally sound, play smart football and works hard. Lacks great movement skills yet has next level potential.
4thBrandon ReddishCBSyracuseDeveloping corner with good skills. Struggles to see a lot of playing time but effective in zone and can play backed off the line.
4thKyshoen JarrettSVirginia TechTough, explosive defensive back with a developing game. Shows skill in all areas and reminds me of a better, more athletic version of Cody Grimm.
4-5Jeremiah AttaochuOLBGeorgia TechPlay making linebacker that shows a well-rounded game. Deceptively strong, stout against the run and offers skill in coverage. Also possesses natural pass rushing skill. For some reason just doesn’t seem to have the “wow” factor but can play.
4-5Josh WatsonDTClemsonUndersized yet athletic defensive tackle prospect with a nice upside.
4-5James HurstTNorth CarolinaTall, large college left tackle that may be better off on the right side in the NFL. Possesses good size, growth potential and a strong run blocker. Plays smart football as well.
4-5Shane McDermottCMiami-FlIntelligent, explosive center with a great feel for the game. Blocks with solid fundamentals, works well with linemates and solid in all areas. Offers growth potential and has an upside.
5thAllen HurnsWRMiami-FlFast, game breaking receiver with solid pass catching skills. Shows the ability to make long plays from the line of scrimmage. Struggled with injury last season and was unable to take his game to another level. Potential fourth receiver at the next level.
5thDetrick BonnerSVirginia TechDeveloping defensive back that shows a lot of flashes. Possesses solid ball skills and gives effort defending the run. Offers an upside but has lapses in concentration, which are a concern.
5thJosue MatiasGFlorida StateThick, stout lineman who shows surprising ability blocking in motion. Easily overwhelms opponents at the point of attack and dominant as a run blocker. Needs to improve his blocking balance and put together a complete game but offers next level skill.
5thTerrence BrooksSFlorida StateSolid but not special safety with next level athleticism. Needs to show he’s more than just a run defender in 2013.
5thGifford TimothyTClemsonTall, strong, smart right tackle prospect. Drives opponents off the line run blocking and effectively uses angles and body positioning in pass protection. A bit stiff and limited with his footwork.
5thTodd ThomasOLBPittsburghAthletic, three down linebacker that goes sideline to sideline. Solid weakside candidate.
5-6Jack TylerILBVirginia TechSmall yet explosive linebacker outstanding in pursuit. Smart, tough and better than advertised athlete. Has one-gap size but plays big.
6thCorey CrawfordDEClemsonDeveloping defensive end with a high upside. Athletic and quick with pass rushing skills but needs to elevate his game.
5-6Mike OlsonILBWake ForestQuick, intense linebacker with a large degree of versatility. Terrific in pursuit, plays with great instinct and goes hard. Scheme diverse and comes with a special teams mentality.
5-6T.Y. McGillDTNorth Carolina StateQuick, competitive defensive tackle who makes plays in a straight line or in pursuit. Potential three technique lineman. More of a short burst but has an upside.
5-6Tre BostonSNorth CarolinaDeveloping defensive back with potential at corner or safety. Quick, fast in a straight line and aggressive. Really better facing the action.
6thAsa WatsonTENorth Carolina StateTerrific pass catching tight end. Quick in his all around game, possesses reliable hands and makes the difficult catch in a crowd. Gives effort as a blocker but possesses marginal strength at the point. Potential move tight end.
6thRashad GreeneWRFlorida StateSkinny but quick, elusive receiver. Runs good routes, gets separation and effective running after the catch. Potential 4th receiver at the next level.
6thJabari PriceCBNorth CarolinaSolid cornerback with well rounded skills. Dime back at the next level.
6thTyler ShatleyGClemsonStrong, nasty small area blocker. Mauls opponents, opens big holes for the running game and plays smart football. Average athlete and cannot line-up in a zone blocking system.
6thMichael CampanaroWRWake ForestCompetitive and dependable receiver that consistently comes away with the difficult grab. Has size and speed limitations but projects as a 5th/slot receiver at the next level.
6thMartavis BryantWRClemsonBig, tall receiver with soft hands. Uses his size as an advantage. Possession wide out prospect.
6thKevin JohnsonCBWake ForestTall, angular cornerback with solid ball skills. Showed a lot of progress last season and has a nice upside.
6thQuintin PaytonWRNorth Carolina StateLarge, game controlling receiver coming off a career year. Uses his size as an advantage beating down opponents. One speed wide out but has an upside and potentially a 5th wide out at the next level.
6thOlson PierreDTMiami-FlExplosive one gap lineman with a nice upside. Fires off the snap, explodes through the open gaps of the offensive line and shows the ability to quickly change direction in pursuit of the play. Offers growth potential and could eventually develop into a two gap end.
6thRussell BodineCNorth CarolinaQuick, explosive interior blocker with a great head for the position. Needs to improve his playing strength but well rounded in all areas. Scheme diverse and potential zone blocking prospect.
6thDontae JohnsonCBNorth Carolina StateFeisty, hard working cornerback who competes to defend the pass. Better facing the action but offers next level ball skills.
6-7Devonta FreemanRBFlorida StateSwift, creative ball carrier in the Leon Washington mold. Potential situational runner/return specialist at the next level.
6thPrince-Tyson GulleyRBSyracuseExplosive ball carrier/pass catcher out of the backfield. Good initial burst/quickness, terrific vision/instincts and does a solid job consistently picking up positive yardage.
6-7Bobby HartGFlorida StateStrong, small area blocker slated to move to tackle in 2013 after lining up at guard as a sophomore.
6thMarquis SpruillOLBSyracuseThree down linebacker proficient in space and skillful defending the run or covering the pass. Looked great as a sophomore in 2010 but never elevated his game and does not play with a sense of urgency.
7thThomas TealDTNorth Carolina StateLarge, rumbling interior lineman coming off a disappointing season. Strong, moves very well and controls the line of scrimmage. Overweight, poorly conditioned and close to being labeled an underachiever.
7thCole FarrandILBMarylandSmart, instinctive linebacker who makes plays with his head and hustle. Constantly around the ball. Quarterbacks the defense. Not a great athlete but has a lot to offer.
7thBryan StorkCFlorida StateQuick, explosive blocker who plays with great intelligence. Adequate in all areas yet shows not physical dominance.
7thBrent UrbanDTVirginiaTall, strong gap occupier with an NFL body. Plays with good pad level and impossible to move off the point. Marginal quickness, speed and pass rush skill but has a spot in the NFL.
7thDarryl Cato-BishopDENorth Carolina StateUndersized yet athletic college defensive end with natural pass rushing skills. Plays with excellent pad level, fast off the edge and plays with good balance. Cannot get off blocks. Potential 3-4 OLB.
7thAlex AmidonWRBoston CollegeReliable, sure-handed wide out with no outstanding physical trait to his game.
7thQuandon ChristianOLBClemsonQuick, explosive linebacker that goes sideline to sideline. Good in pursuit as well as coverage. Undersized yet offers potential on the weak side.
7thLaken TomlinsonGDukeThick, strong wide bodied blocker with NFL potential. Plays with terrific leverage, explosive at the point and washes defenders from the action. Must improve his balance and the nuances of the position but has an upside.
7thKasim EdebaliDEBoston CollegeTall, thin college defensive end with solid pass rush skill. Plays hard and may have a future as a 3-4 OLB.
7thDemonte McAllisterDTFlorida StateStrong, slug it out lineman really best occupying gaps versus making plays.
7thChase RettigQBBoston CollegeDeveloping quarterback with a solid game. Shows a good head for the position. Has an above average arm and terrific pass placement in the short and intermediate field. Lacks great pocket size and stature.
7-FANick O’LearyTEFlorida StateSmart, consistent and dependable college tight end with no real NFL position. Lacks the height for tight end and size/strength to line up at fullback. Potential H-back and someone that will find a way onto an NFL roster.
7-FAK’Waun WilliamsCBPittsburghTough, physical cover corner with solid ball skills. Dime back/special teamer at the next level.
FAEric EbronTENorth Carolina
FATyrone EzellDTPittsburghQuick, penetrating tackle who flashes ability. Has an upside but needs more consistency.
FAJake McGeeTEVirginiaTall, lean pass catching tight end with an upside. Needs to improve his playing strength but has possibility in a number of NFL schemes.
FAKevin Pierre-LouisOLBBoston CollegeSmall yet explosive linebacker prospect who makes plays sideline to sideline. Possible weak side player at the next level.
FAAndrew MillerCVirginia Tech
FAQuayshawn NealyOLBGeorgia TechQuick, athletic weak side linebacker with an upside. Showed little in the way of development in 2012.
FAAndre WilliamsRBBoston CollegeStrong, interior ball carrier that pounds it out on the inside. Lacks great quickness and speed but shows outstanding vision and instincts. Potential rotational ball carrier at the next level.
FADyshawn DavisOLBSyracuseSmall but quick and fierce linebacker who plays sideline to sideline. Has size limitations and will be relegated to specific systems but worth a look as an 8th OLB/special teams player.
FABrandon WattsOLBGeorgia TechPotential three down weak side linebacker who shows more flashes than consistency.
FAJerome SmithRBSyracusePowerful downhill ball carrier who moves the pile and picks up the difficult yardage. Struggles carrying the ball in anything other than a straight line.
FAJosh HarrisRBWake ForestPatient ball carrier that runs low to the ground and shows the ability to make defenders miss. Does the little things well carrying the ball, catching it out of the backfield or as a blocker. Athletically limited but the type of prospect that clings to the last spot on the depth chart.
FABobby VardaroGBoston CollegeBig, strong small area blocker with an upside.
FAJemea ThomasCBGeorgia TechAggressive cornerback who makes to many plays after the fact.
FABeckett WalesTESyracuseTerrific pass catching tight end with reliable hands. Gives effort blocking but not strong at the point. Potential move tight end and third man on the depth chart.
FADexter McDougleCBMaryland
FAPhilip DorsettWRMiami-FlBig-play receiver who also helps out as a return specialist. Undersized yet quick and shows the ability to stretch the defense. Loses out in battles, gets intimidated and needs to improve the consistency of his fundamentals.
FAHarris WilliamsGBoston CollegePlayer I really liked off the 2011 film. Played in just two games during the 2012 campaign after suffering a serious foot injury.
FARi’Shard AndersonCBSyracuseAggressive corner who flashes skill. Lacks great upside but offers potential as a 9th DB/special teamer.
FAIsaiah JohnsonSGeorgia TechAggressive straight line safety with a burst. Solid ball skills between the numbers yet also displays the ability to get to the flanks in run support.
FALouis YoungCBGeorgia TechPhysical corner that has an upside and shows a lot of play making skill.
FAMatt RobinsonOLBMarylandTough, run defending safety best in a straight line. Moving to outside linebacker in 2013 and worth watching.
FAJack TabbTENorth Carolina
FAJason HendricksCBPittsburgh
FAA.J. BlueRBNorth CarolinaPowerful, interior ball carrier who picks up the tough yardage or carries the pile. Better than average quickness for a bigger back.
FAJimmy GainesOLBMiami-FlPart-time starter at linebacker who displays a solid game. Fluid, relatively athletic and stands out in pursuit. Adequately sized and could develop into a backup linebacker/special teams player at the next level.
FARoderick McDowellRBClemsonInstinctive ball carrier with average physical skills. Will get the opportunity to show his skill this season as Clemson’s feature back. Potential rotational runner in the NFL.
FATakoby CofieldTDukeAthletic tackle prospect with an upside. Long, quick and displays footwork in pass protection. Really must improve his strength.
FASean HickeyTSyracuseTall, strong side blocker with limited upside. Strong at the point yet does not play with leverage or show much in the way as a zone blocker.
FADarius LipfordOLBNorth CarolinaSolid weak side prospect that makes plays sideline to sideline and shows skill in coverage.
FADrew CarswellTEPittsburghUndersized pass catching tight end with good hands. Limited size as well as growth potential and may be better off as a fifth receiver in the NFL.
FAClive WalfordTEMiami-FlAthletic tight end with a high upside yet still very rough around the edges. Never truly elevated his game last season and still more athlete than football player.
FAD.J. ColesWRVirginia TechLarge, possession receiver struggling to get back to form from a knee injury. Has the ability to control games and must be monitored.
FAKelby BrownILBDukeSwift, sideline to sideline linebacker with a complete game yet poor size. Missed the 2012 campaign with injuries.
FAJ.R. CollinsDEVirginia TechSmallish college defensive end with a great head for the ball. Lacks size for defensive end and on film does not show enough speed to move to OLB. Possible 8th OLB/special teams player at the next level.
FAMacky MacPhersonCSyracuseTough position blocker who plays with solid fundamentals. Lacks bulk and strength on the inside.
FAAaron DonaldDTPittsburgh
FAPerry SimmonsTDukeStrong, hard working blocker with marginal upside. Blocks with solid fundamentals and understands body positioning/angles. Potential 7th offensive lineman at the next level.
FAJay BromleyDTSyracuseStrong, interior lineman best occupying blockers. Nice length and growth potential.
FALaDarius GunterCBMiami-Fl
FAKacy Rodgers IISMiami-FlTough, run defending safety best playing downhill in a straight line.
FAKenny AnunikeDEDukeTall, thin college defensive end who projects to linebacker. Relatively athletic but really must improve his strength.
FAKris ReddingDEWake ForestSmallish college defensive end with natural pass rush skill. Good movement skills and does a solid job reading plays. A poor man’s Calvin Pace.
FASpencer ShueyILBClemson
FASteele DivittoOLBBoston CollegeInstinctive, hard working linebacker with marginal size and athleticism. Makes plays with his heart and head. Potential 8th LB/special teams player.
FARoss CockrellCBDukeTalented cornerback with the ability shutdown opponents. Really better facing the action and struggles in downfield coverage.
FADuran LoweSWake Forest
FAKaleb RamseyDTBoston CollegeOne time highly rated defensive lineman whose career has been ravaged with injury recently. Best as a three-technique tackle or potential two-gap end. Talented but durability is a major challenge.
FAMarcus WhitfieldOLBMaryland
FAZach ThompsonDEWake Forest
FAAsante ClevelandTEMiami-FlNice sized tight end that shown flashes yet little in the way of consistency.
FAJarrod WestWRSyracuse
FATom SavageQBPittsburghOne time highly rated passer whose career has been on a downslide the past three years. Has the physical skills but must get back in the game. Keep an eye on him just in case.
FAMatt PatchanTBoston CollegeHighly recruited high-school talent who has struggled staying healthy. Transferred from Florida and hopes to put it together in ’13.
FAJonathan ColemanWRBoston CollegeSmooth, gliding receiver with soft hands. Marginally productive until 2012 and has announced he will not return to Boston College for the 2013 season.
Brent UrbanDTVirginia