We grade 94 draftable players from the Big 12 conference.  Unlike last year, the league will not offer a top ten pick.  Nor will they have an offensive lineman selected during the initial 60 picks.

Big 12

Rnd Full Name Pos School Notes
1stJackson JeffcoatDETexasExplosive pass rusher that can be impossible to block. Must play hard on every down. Potential DE or OLB. Returning from injury but a very early pick if he puts it together this season.
2ndJustin GilbertCBOklahoma StateDynamite cornerback with return skills. Sized well, runs with receivers everywhere on the field and shuts down opponents. Scheme diverse. Falls asleep on occasion but offers big time potential.
2-3Aaron ColvinCBOklahomaVersatile defensive back that lined up at corner and safety. Tough run defender that also displays terrific ball skills. Incredibly athletic. Marginal instincts and struggles making plays with his back to the ball. Overrated and likely to be over drafted.
3rdCyril RichardsonGBaylorLarge, thick, strong college lineman best in a small area. Dominates opponents at the line of scrimmage, driving defenders off the line. Heavy footed and can only play in certain schemes.
3rdJordan HicksOLBTexasThree down linebacker with a complete game and terrific upside. Suffered with a hip injury in 2012 but when healthy offers starting potential on the weak side.
3rdMike DavisWRTexasFocused wide out who makes a number of acrobatic receptions. Possesses the skill to line up as a third receiver at the next level.
3rdJoe BergeronRBTexasPowerful interior runner who carries the pile yet also shows a good degree of quickness and vision. Offers the tools to develop into a feature back for the NFL.
FATayo FabulujeTTCUBYU transfer. Big time prospect with tremendous size, explosion and skill run blocking as well as pass protection. Lines up at left tackle yet may be better on the right side. Huge upside. Recently left the TCU program due to personal reasons.
4thJalen SaundersWROklahomaExplosive game impacting receiver that shows a good degree of reliability. Comes off a slightly disappointing 2012 campaign but at the top of his game a dynamite slot receiver/return specialist.
4thAdam SheadGOklahomaTough, strong, small area blocker who elevated his game last season. Dominant run blocker and a terrific pass protector.
4thGabe LynnSOklahomaAthletic safety with great range. Goes sideline-to-sideline, covering a great amount of area. Shows terrific ball skills and can play over the slot receiver. Has potential at cornerback.
4thJames SimsRBKansasInstinctive ball carrier with a solid game. Runs with outstanding vision, quickly gets through the running lanes or easily cutback against the grain. Not big or strong but has a style which helps him consistently pick up positive yardage. Potential second back/rotational ball carrier at the next level.
4thKeenan TaylorGKansas StateTerrific blocker polished in all areas of the game. Solid run blocker who holds the point in pass protection and also stand out blocking on the move. Lacks great bulk but has an upside and underrated.
4thJacques WashingtonSIowa StateAthletic, instinctive safety with a total game. Reads the plays, displays top ball skills and fast defending the run. Could make a nice move up draft boards.
4thCharles SimsRBWest VirginiaElusive and creative ball carrier that’s also a legitimate threat as a pass catcher out of the backfield. Instinctive, hard working and handled the ball extensively at Houston. Recently announced his transfer to West Virginia after leaving the Cougar program.
4thGabe IkardCOklahomaQuick, smart center who shows a lot of potential as a zone blocker. Fires off the ball and easily gets out to the second level, annihilating linebackers.
4thDamien WilliamsRBOklahomaSmooth, gliding ball carrier with an explosive style. Has a great burst through the hole and can pick up big chunks of yardage from the line of scrimmage. Runs with an upright style, does not show great strength carrying the ball and more of a situational runner in the NFL.
4-5Trey MillardFBOklahomaPotential West Coast fullback effective catching the ball out of the backfield or carrying the ball. Good blocking vision and instincts. Not dominant as a lead blocker.
4-5Steve EdmondILBTexasThick, stout run defending linebacker who does not make mental mistakes. More of a two down defender but offers scheme diversity.
4-5Ahmad DixonSBaylorUnderrated safety who goes sideline-to-sideline making plays against the run and pass. Solid ball skills with the ability to occasionally line-up over the slot receiver. A lot to like about his game.
5thTyler LockettWRKansas StateSmall yet reliable pass catcher with big play ability. Has a burst which he turns on in a single step, easily makes the downfield reception at full speed yet also consistent catching underneath routes. Fourth wide out at the next level with return possibilities.
5thDaryl WilliamsTOklahomaPowerful tackle who flashes skill and comes with a large upside. Plays tentative at times and needs to polish his game yet could be an early pick if he develops.
5thCornelius LucasTKansas StateMassive tackle prospect who flashes skill. Overpowering yet athletic and somewhat nimble. Has a large upside yet needs a lot of work on his game.
5thTevin ReeseWRBaylorQuick, focused receiver who consistently comes away with the grab. Decent speed and play making ability. Under the radar.
5thChucky HunterDTTCUExplosive interior tackle who fires off the snap, shows power in his lower body and the ability to occupy gaps. Athletic and makes plays behind the line of scrimmage or in the box. Offers starting potential as a conventional tackle.
5thJohn HubertRBKansas StateSmall, creative ball carrier who plays big. Fires through the cutback lanes and works his runs hard. Potential third down back/return specialist in the NFL.
5thCarrington ByndomCBTexasAggressive and explosive cornerback best facing the action.
5thDavid IrvingDEIowa StateUndeveloped defensive lineman who looks like a power forward on the field. Needs work on his game but flashes dominance and the ability to impose his will on opponents.
5thCalvin BarnettDTOklahoma StateHard working one-gap defensive tackle with potential as a 3-technique lineman.
5thTrey HopkinsGTexasPowerful run blocking lineman. Stout at the point and easily drives defenders off the line, opening large holes for the running game.
5thJoe WilliamsCBBaylorDeveloping cornerback with a lot of skill. Sized well, possesses terrific ball skills and aggressive. Likely better in zone or backed off the line but a potential 6th DB in the NFL.
5thDonald HawkinsTTexasAgile college left tackle who may be better suited for guard in the NFL. Easily adjusts to oncoming blitzers, stays square and more a finesse blocker versus an outright mauler.
5-6Tom FarniokCIowa StateDeveloping center that blocks with good fundamentals and shows a good head for the position.
5-6Jason VerrettCBTCUSkilled corner with an aggressive game. Shows a nice feel for coverage, quickly defends the run and keeps the action in front of him.
6thJaz ReynoldsWROklahomaSmooth, tall pass catcher dependable in all areas. Has an upside and NFL potential if he matures. Returns after sitting on the sidelines last season.
6thTyrus ThompsonTOklahomaBig, thick powerful college right tackle who may be better off at guard. Dominates the opposition as a run blocker and finishes off opponents. Lacks great range and footwork in pass protection.
5-6Waymon JamesRBTCUWell balanced ball carrier with enough strength to grind it out on the inside, speed to break into the open field as well as elusiveness to create yardage. Lacks classic measurables and coming off an injury but possesses all the tools to contribute in the NFL.
5-6Josh CochranTTexasTall, agile tackle who blocks with a nasty attitude. Easily adjusts to defenders and shows skill blocking in motion but must improve his strength at the point.
6thB.J. FinneyCKansas StateMechanically sound blocker on the pivot effective in all areas. Terrific quarterback of the offensive line and has an upside.
6thCedric ReedDETexasAthletic pass rusher with potential as a 3-4 OLB.
6thBrandon CarterWRTCUPlaymaking receiver with terrific hands. Makes a lot of acrobatic receptions and very reliable. Potential slot receiver at the next level.
6thM.J. McFarlandTETexasDeveloping tight end with nice size and pass catching skills.
6thKerry HyderDTTexas TechTough, competitive defensive lineman who plays with a warrior mentality. Fires of the snap with a terrific first step and shows speed pursuing the action laterally. Plays a bit tall and not strong but has a place in the NFL.
6-7Shamiel GarySOklahoma StateHard-hitting, intimidating safety who keeps the action in front of him and plays disciplined football.
6-7Tony PiersonRBKansasQuick, elusive ball carrier dangerous in the open field. Creates yardage, makes numerous defenders miss and terrific catching the ball out of the backfield.
7thQuandre DiggsCBTexasPhysical, aggressive defensive back who must play facing the action. Bites on receivers moves and gets beat deep. Has an upside but must polish his game. May be better off at safety.
7thDavid AshQBTexasStrong armed passer with terrific pocket stature. Can make all the throws yet really needs to improve his reads.
7thDesmond JacksonDTTexas
7thCody WhitehairGKansas State
7thDarwin CookSWest VirginiaSolid defensive back who shows skill in all areas of the game. Tough defending the run and possesses better than average ball skills.
7thWill ClarkeDTWest VirginiaTall, athletic defensive lineman that can line-up as a two-gap end or defensive tackle. Quick, fluid and easily moves in all areas. Needs to add bulk and improve his strength but has a terrific upside.
7thEthan TufteeGIowa StateLarge, nasty blocker that easily controls opponents once engaged at the point of attack. Also displays the ability to slide in space and effective run blocking or in pass protection.
7thSam CarterSTCULarge, physical safety with an aggressive game. Stout run defender who also displays solid ball skills. Possesses the size of a traditional strong safety yet the cover skills necessary to play in zone.
7thMykkele ThompsonSTexasSlightly undersized safety with terrific ball skills. Can cover the middle of the field or line up over the slot receiver. Not a stout run defender.
7-FAK.J. MortonCBBaylorPhysical, aggressive corner with solid ball skills. Gives effort, explosive and does not make mental errors. Undersized and over matched at times. Potential nickel at the next level.
7-FACasey PachallQBTCUNice sized signal caller with terrific arm strength, accuracy and decision making in the pocket. Does a terrific job with his reads and leads his team down the field. Major off the field issues will throw up red flags but possesses NFL ability if he matures as a person.
FAWill SmithILBTexas TechUndersized but fast pursuit linebacker. Easily gets outside the numbers and cuts off the flanks in run defense. Solid cover skills. Weak-side possibilities.
FAAndre McDonaldTEKansas StateKing sized tight end that stands out as a blocker and holds his own as a pass catcher. Tight end in a tackles body.
FACorey NelsonOLBOklahomaAthletic yet undersized weak side linebacker prospect that makes plays sideline to sideline. Struggles handling blocks and will only fit certain schemes.
FADavion PiersonDTTCUQuick, powerful tackle who overwhelms blockers and holds his ground. Needs to polish his game and develop more moves but someone to watch.
FACharlie MooreWROklahoma StateOne-speed yet dependable wide out who consistently comes away with the reception. Potential 5th/possession receiver at the next level.
FAAndrew BuieRBWest VirginiaSlippery, elusive third down back/situational ball carrier who would benefit by adding return skills to his game. Comes with size limitations.
FATy ZimmermanSKansas StateBig, strong safety with terrific instincts and a head for the game. Plays within himself and does not make mental errors. More of a zone safety than true centerfielder.
FADemetri GoodsonCBBaylorFormer basketball player from Gonzaga that showed consistent improvement last season.
FAAshton DorseyDTTexasExplosive and athletic defensive tackle that can line up as a three-technique lineman.
FANick HarwellWRKansasReliable underneath receiver with some run after the catch ability. Lacks great deep speed and soft hands but a potential 5th receiver on the NFL level.
FAJames CastlemanDTOklahoma StateFirst step lineman best playing downhill. Marginal upside.
FALevi NorwoodWRBaylorDependable receiver who just makes plays.
FAElisha OlabodeSTCUSlightly undersized safety with terrific ball skills. Aggressive, works hard to make plays and has shown consistent progress on the field.
FAJosh StewartWROklahoma State
FAMason WaltersGTexasStrong, small area blocker.
FARoy FinchRBOklahomaCompact ball carrier with a resilient style. Gives effort and works runs to get every bit of yardage from each carry.
FATavon RooksTKansas StateJC transfer out of place at right tackle. Mobile, quick and solid in pass protection. Needs to get stronger. Left tackle/guard prospect.
FAShaun LewisOLBOklahoma State
FAEric WardWRTexas TechTough, sure handed receiver who makes some incredible receptions. Flashes skill but does not play with balance and must complete his game.
FAKirby Van Der KampPIowa State
FAJaxon ShipleyWRTexas
FALaDarius BrownWRTCULarge possession receiver who flashes the ability to control games.
FADaytawion LoweSOklahoma State
FAQuinton SpainTWest VirginiaMassive college left tackle better off on the right side. Shows flashes and has an upside but really needs to improve all aspects of his game.
FATerrance BullittSTexas Tech
FATyler EvansGOklahoma
FABronson IrwinGOklahomaHard working, small area blocker with limited upside.
FAJeremiah GeorgeILBIowa StateSmall yet effective pursuit linebacker. Fast in every direction, shows skill in coverage and works hard. Built more like a strong safety than a linebacker.
FATracy MooreWROklahoma StateOne time highly rated recover returning from injury.
FAJoe MitchellOLBOklahoma StateSmall yet athletic weak side linebacker that makes plays sideline to sideline.
FAJonathan AndersonSTCUAggressive and explosive safety that showed a lot of skill in his game last season. Moved to OLB and slow making the transition but possesses an upside.
FAJordan NajvarTEBaylorStanford transfer. Little used tight end who shows athleticism and play making skill when put on the field.
FACaleb LaveyILBOklahoma StateActive, fierce linebacker with ordinary physical skills. Plays with a special teams mentality and could make it as an 8th LB in the NFL.
FABrodrick JenkinsCBWest Virginia
FAJansen WatsonCBIowa State
FATerrance LloydOLBBaylorUndersized college defensive end with the physical skills and body type to be used at linebacker in the NFL. Comes with an upside.
FASam HollSBaylorAggressive run defending safety that flashes skill in coverage. Best between the numbers, playing downhill.
FARoss ForrestDETCUHard-working, undersized defensive end with that makes plays in every direction. Missed 2012 with injury and no longer on TCU roster.