We grade 122 draftable prospects from the Big 10, a conference likely to place dominant talent into the early part of round one next April.  The league looks to be heavy at offensive tackle, defensive back and defensive tackle in the early rounds.

Big 10

Rnd Full Name Pos School Notes
1stBradley RobyCBOhio StateTremendous cornerback with a dominant game. Stands out in every single way and helps out on coverage units. Top five pick if he enters the draft in 2014, which I fully expect.
1stTaylor LewanTMichiganKing sized left tackle with solid movement skills and flexibility. May be better off on the right side but comes with a large upside. Fourth offensive tackle selected had he entered the 2013 draft.
2ndDarqueze DennardCBMichigan StateDynamite man/bump and run corner. Smart, tough and possesses outstanding ball skills. Struggles a bit in zone but has next level starting ability.
1-2Donovan SmithTPenn StatePotential star in the making. Big, dominant left tackle with tremendous size and movement skills. Annihilates opponents at the point of attack. Needs work (does not make good use of angles) and stands to develop a nasty streak (too passive at times). First round prospect if he continues to improve.
2-3Kurtis DrummondSMichigan StateDeveloping safety with a terrific game. Tough and stout against the run. Solid ball skills and shows a feel for coverage. Nice athlete. Could make a big move up boards if he improves on 2013.
2-3Brandon ScherffTIowaLarge but stiff left tackle better off on the right side. Strong but must improve his use of angles, body positioning and overall game.
3rdDaQuan JonesDTPenn StateEnigma. Looks the part and occasionally plays to it but disappears for stretches. Moves well on his feet and offers potential in a variety of systems but must elevate his game and consistently play at a high level.
3rdRa’Shede HagemanDTMinnesotaExplosive lineman that can play tackle or be used as a two-gap end. Quick, moves well and relatively strong. Must improve his playing balance and develop more moves with his hands.
3-4Andrew NorwellGOhio StateThick, powerful lineman that can line up at guard or right tackle. Dominant run blocker and solid in pass protection. Lacks great footwork and lateral slide skills.
3rdDezmen SouthwardSWisconsinIn my mind one of the most underrated players moving towards the 2014 draft. Hard hitting safety who displays a complete game. Needs to polish his cover skills but can start in the right system.
3-4Braxton MillerQBOhio StateAthletic quarterback with a large upside. Elusive runner and rips off big yardage. Big arm with the ability to make all the passes. Inconsistent throwing mechanics and accuracy. If he matures on the field he can develop into a big time read-option signal caller.
4thJack MewhortTOhio StateTechnically sound left tackle who may be better off inside at guard. Does the little things well and, though not pretty, gets the job done.
4thMax BulloughILBMichigan StateAggressive run defending linebacker that shows a good head for the ball. Average athlete with limited playing lateral speed and ineffective outside the box. Two-down defender and really struggles in coverage.
4-5Corey BrownWROhio StateReliable, underneath receiver who also lends a hand in the return game. Does not present himself as a vertical threat yet a potential 4th wideout on the NFL level.
4-5Christian BryantSOhio StateUnderrated safety with a complete game. Aggressively defends the run, displays terrific range and solid ball skills. Potential centerfielder that can also line-up over the slot receiver.
5thJosh CampionGMinnesotaAthletic college right tackle effective blocking in motion. Extremely quick, explosive at the point and easily redirects to linebackers on the move. Comes with a lot of upside.
5thSpencer LongGNebraskaLarge, nasty guard with terrific power at the point and solid movement skills. Has an upside and could move into the draft’s top 100 picks.
5thBruce GastonDTPurdueQuick, mobile defensive tackle who can occupy the gaps or make plays behind the line. Strong, goes hard and shows a degree of suddenness in his game. Possible 3-technique tackle and second man on the depth chart.
5thJames MorrisILBIowaTough, run defending linebacker that shows ability in pursuit or making plays outside the box. Very instinctive and constantly around the action.
5thC.J. FiedorowiczTEIowaBig strong tight end in a tackles body. Dominates opponents, even defensive linemen, at the point of attack. Adequate pass catching hands but nothing more than a short range target.
5thJared AbbrederisWRWisconsinTough, wide out that consistently comes away with the ball. Finds ways to get open and always makes the tough reception. Slightly quicker version of former Ohio State receiver Brian Hartline.
5thRyan GroyGWisconsinSize prospect that can line up at guard or tackle. Mauls opponents and controls them at the point. A bit one dimensional and ineffective outside a small area. Loved by scouts.
5thAndrew DonnalGIowaLarge, powerful guard who dominates opponents. Showed flashes as a sophomore in 2012 and comes with a large upside.
5thDesmond MorganILBMichiganFierce, three down defender that constantly makes plays and shows consistent improvement. Much more than a in the box/downhill two down defender. Scheme diverse.
4thRicardo AllenCBPurdueAthletic cornerback who shows solid ball skills and man coverage ability. Has a tendency to fall asleep and disappear on occasion.
5thJake RyanOLBMichiganVersatile linebacker with a multi-dimensional game. Overachieves and makes a lot of plays with his head and heart.
6thBrent QvaleTNebraskaUnderrated tackle with good size, athleticism and upside. Solid pass protector and blocks with effective fundamentals. Must improve his run blocking strength but has the tools to play in the NFL.
5-6James WhiteRBWisconsinSwift, elusive ball carrier with the ability to create his own yardage. Nice situational player for the next level.
5thChris BorlandILBWisconsinTough, instinctive linebacker that goes hard to make plays. Effective outside the box and also up the field. Three down defender. Insiders tell me injuries may red flag him.
6thThomas GordonSMichiganUnderrated safety with a sound game. Good against the run and pass. Similar to former Wolverine Steve Brown though not as big. Eight DB on a next level roster.
5-6Rob HavensteinTWisconsinSolid offensive tackle prospect with next level skills. Large but moves relatively well and shows a degree of agility. Back-up at the next level who could start in the right system.
6thAmeer AbdullahRBNebraska
6thFou FonotiTMichigan StateRelatively athletic lineman returning from injury. Sized well and solid movement skills. Needs to improve his balance and complete his game. Late rounder that can play tackle or guard.
6thCarlos HydeRBOhio StateStraight line, downhill ball carrier with power. Terrific blocker as well but limited running around the corner.
5-6Raymon TaylorCBMichiganDeveloping corner with a solid game. Effective in zone or with his back to the ball.
6thAntonio MarshallCBIndianaJunior college transfer who showed flashes of great skill last season. Solid size, athleticism and ball skills. Big season will push him up draft boards.
6thMichael SchofieldGMichiganLarge, strong lineman with growth potential. Offers possibilities at both guard and tackle yet needs to improve his playing balance and finish his game.
6thKenny BellWRNebraskaQuick, nimble receiver that shows skill running after the catch. Possible slot wide out for the next level.
6thDenicos AllenOLBMichigan StateSmall yet explosive one gap linebacker that goes sideline to sideline and makes plays in every direction of the field. Potential 8th linebacker/special teams demon. Draftable.
6thMike HullOLBPenn StateInstinctive linebacker that makes plays in the box or out to the flanks. Athletic enough to pass defend in zone coverage.
6thJonathan BrownOLBIllinoisUndersized middle linebacker with a nose for the football. Goes sideline-to-sideline making plays. Really watched his game slide off last season.
6-7Dan FranceTMichigan StateMechanically sound college left tackle with a great feel for blocking. Does the little things well and really understands the position. Average athlete and better off on the strong side, possibly inside at guard.
6-7Jeremiah SirlesTNebraskaLarge, rumbling offensive lineman best in a small area. Solid size and head for the position.
6thKevonte Martin-ManleyWRIowaReliable underneath receiver who competes to make the reception. Potential 5th receiver on the NFL level.
6thChance CarterDTNorthwesternSmallish yet quick, penetrating defensive lineman. Potential 3-technique tackle/two-gap end at the next level. Has size limitations but offers a nice game.
6-7Fitzgerald ToussaintRBMichiganQuick, ball carrier that also excels catching the ball out of the backfield. Instinctive and a nice combination of vision and run instincts. Returning from a tough injury.
6-7Jamal TurnerWRNebraska
6-7Miles DieffenbachGPenn StateStrong small area mauler on the inside. Better in a small area and offers potential as a back-up in the NFL.
7thMarcus HallGOhio StateStrong, small area blocker who flashes athleticism. Overpowers defenders, opening holes for the running game and anchoring in pass protection. Must learn to do the little things well; atrocious using his hands and does not sink his butt at the line.
6-7Shilique CalhounDEMichigan StateTall, lanky defensive end who flashed skill in 2012. Game could take off this season.
7thBrad RogersFBIowaTerrific lead blocker that opens up big holes for the ball carrier at the line of scrimmage or on the second level.
7thCiante EvansCBNebraskaSolid corner who can line up over opposing receivers on the flanks or in the slot. Possesses solid ball skills and decent speed but must step up the consistency of his game.
7thJacob PedersenTEWisconsinReliable pass catching tight end that gives effort in all areas yet lacks great physical skills. Potential move tight end/H-back in the NFL.
7thJeremy GallonWRMichiganConsistent underneath receiver with a terrific feel for the position. Does the little things well and finds ways to get open. Not a vertical threat. Potential 5th WR in the NFL.
7thVenric MarkRBNorthwesternQuick, explosive situational back/return specialist. Creates yardage, makes several defenders miss and a terrific receiver out of the backfield. Also a game impacting punt returner. Has size limitations. Lesser version of Darren Sproles.
7thCaleb BakGMinnesotaQuick, mobile zone blocking guard who plays with terrific fundamentals. Needs to get stronger yet has an upside.
7-FARyan ShazierOLBOhio StateAthletic weak-side linebacker prospect best in pursuit or chase and run. Offers skills in coverage but must improve his strength.
7thJordan FredrickWRWisconsinSolid game and nice size. Developing. Potential 3rd/4th receiver at the next level as of now but has an upside.
7-FADevin SmithWROhio State
FAKevin PamphileTPurdueFormer defensive lineman that’s shown flashes at the tackle spot. Athletic, quick and agile. Needs a lot of work on his overall game (hand usage is awful) and plays surprisingly passive for a former defender, yet has an upside.
FAGabe HolmesTEPurdue
FAJon DavisTEIllinoisSmallish move tight end effective as a blocker and pass catcher. Potential third TE at the next level.
FAIsaiah LewisSMichigan StateSwift, quick safety that shows toughness against the run and skill in coverage. Slightly undersized but has an upside.
FAAnthony HitchensOLBIowaSmallish but quick weak-side linebacker that flies to the play. Best in pursuit and shows skill in coverage.
FAAdrian AmosCBPenn StateSolid corner with questionable playing speed. Zone defensive back/special teamer at the next level.
FAKofi HughesWRIndianaNice sized receiver who consistently comes away with the difficult grab. Battles opponents, plays big and reliable. Not a vertical threat and limited to underneath routes.
FAKyle CarterTEPenn StateSolid tight end with an all-around game. Plays and looks bigger than his listed measurables. Solid pass catcher and gets the job done as a blocker.
FAQuinton AlstonOLBIowaUndersized yet explosive, weakside linebacker who stands out in pursuit.
FAAllen RobinsonWRPenn StateReliable underneath receiver who consistently finds a way to get open. Possesses minimal speed and gets lazy with his fundamentals.
FAMark WeismanFBIowaHard working ball carrier that’s a great story yet not a great NFL prospect.
FAPeyton EckertTIndianaSolid right tackle prospect with a decent upside. Best run blocking and strong at the point.
FAStanley Jean-BaptisteSNebraska
FAAlex LewisGNebraska
FAC.J. BarnettSOhio StateStrong, run defending safety best playing downhill.
FAJoel StaveQBWisconsinTall, strong armed passer with a large upside. Can make all the throws but needs to throw to the proper target.
FADonovonn YoungRBIllinois
FADavid CooperOLBIndianaSmall but swift linebacker who goes sideline to sideline and is effective in pursuit.
FAZach ZwinakFBPenn StatePowerful, grind it out downhill ball carrier who does the little things well. Limited speed and quickness. Pittsburgh Steelers short yardage ball carrier or fullback at the next level.
FACarl DavisDTIowaBig bodied athlete that can impose his will when he wants to. Has a lot of tools to work with and a great amount of upside yet needs a lot of work.
FAChristian KirkseyOLBIowaExplosive and athletic linebacker with size limitations. Game did not take off in 2012 as we thought possible.
FAGreg HebanSIndianaHeady, tough safety who gets the most from his ability. Constantly around the action and does not make mental errors. 3rd safety/special teamer at the next level.
FAQuincy EnunwaWRNebraskaWell sized receiver with an unpolished game.
FABennie FowlerWRMichigan StateNice sized receiver rough around the edges. Flashes skill and very effective as a downfield blocker but needs a lot of work on his game. Practice squad worthy.
FATaylor RichardsSPurdueUndersized safety with solid cover skills. Goes sideline to sideline and possesses solid ball skills. Tough against the run as well.
FABrian WozniakTEWisconsin
FALandon FeichterSPurdueFormer walk-on who has developed into a solid run defending safety. Limited range but offers potential as a traditional strong safety/special teams player in the NFL.
FAAndrew GreenCBNebraskaOne time highly rated corner whose game has not developed. Looked like a world beater as a sophomore but has since leveled off.
FADonnell KirkwoodRBMinnesotaQuick, somewhat elusive ball carrier that also does a solid job catching the ball out of the backfield. More or a situational runner and does not play to the 220lbs he’s listed at.
FATim KynardOLBIllinoisCollege defensive end who projects to LB at the next level. Fast off the edge and shows some pass rushing skill. Needs to start making more plays.
FAChi Chic AriguzoOLBNorthwesternAthletic, weak side linebacker prospect who covers a lot of area on the field. Marginal instincts and makes to many plays after the fact.
FABrett Van SlotenTIowaTerrific prospect with a high upside. Lines up at right tackle yet shows the footwork and movement skills necessary to slide out and protect the edge. Quick and effective blocking in motion. Needs to improve his finishing strength yet has a lot of tools to work with.
FADrew DileoWRMichiganUndersized yet tough pass catcher who competes to make the reception. More quick than fast and a timing receiver with potential in a WCO.
FAShane WynnWRIndianaSmallish WR/RB/RS with playmaking ability.
FACorey LinsleyCOhio StateQuick, heady center with potential as a zone blocker.
FARyan RussellDEPurdueSmallish yet athletic defensive end who flashes skill but must really step up his game.
FACourtney AveryCBMichiganAdequate college cornerback best facing the action. Lacks long speed and struggles making plays with his back to the ball.
FAStephen Obeng-AgyapongSPenn StateHard working safety with poor speed. Plays heads up football and defends the run but shows little ability to close or recover and can be a liability down the field.
FAJibreel BlackDTMichiganSlightly undersized yet high intensity defensive lineman. Penetrator who fires off the snap with a great first step and finds ways to make plays. Lacks great upside.
FAEd OlsonTMinnesotaSolid pass protecting left tackle who may also get consideration at guard. Quick, explosive and blocks with solid fundamentals.
FAEvan WilsonTEIllinoisAthletic tight end that showed flashes yet must develop a complete game. Missed 2012 with injury and took a redshirt season.
FATyler HooverDTMichigan StateHard working, gap occupier who could be an inexpensive back-up in the NFL.
FAIbraheim CampbellSNorthwestern
FAQuinton WashingtonDTMichiganBig, imposing lineman who flashes dominance. Looks relatively athletic and moves well on his feet. Has an upside but must take his game to the next level in a hurry.
FATanner MillerSIowaSolid straight line safety best between the numbers. Marginal-to-poor ball skills.
FAGlenn CarsonILBPenn StateTough, two down linebacker with limited playing speed.
FAStephen HoustonRBIndianaSmooth, gliding ball carrier with terrific size. Outstanding pass catcher out of the backfield. Shows limited speed and quickness. Plays soft at times and does not always run like a bigger back.
FAJeff HeuermanTEOhio StateTechnically sound tight end that holds his own as a blocker and pass catcher. Dependable rather than solid. Potential third man on an NFL depth chart.
FATed BolserTEIndianaSolid all around tight end with limited upside. Adequate in all areas yet does nothing great.
FAB.J. LoweryCBIowaPotential zone corner that will primarily be a special teams player in the NFL.
FADevin GardnerQBMichiganMarginal college quarterback who displayed average skill at receiver when lined up on the flank.
FAAndrew MaxwellQBMichigan StateStrong armed passer with a streaky game. Fires passes into receivers and possesses a quick release. Must improve his reads, decision making and overall timing.
FADamien ProbyILBNorthwesternQuick, relatively athletic linebacker. Gives effort but not a stout run defender and struggles in coverage.
FACole PensickCNebraskaSmallish dink and dunk passer with limited NFL potential.
FATyler DippelDEWisconsinSlightly undersized yet high motor defender. May have a place as an 8th DE/special teamer.
FAKain ColterQBNorthwesternOption quarterback best making plays with his legs or as a pass catcher. Slated for a position change in the NFL.
FATrevor FoyTPurdueTall, quick left tackle who plays with solid fundamentals. Agile, moves well on his feet and can slide in pass protection. Practice squad prospect.
FADominic AlvisDEIowa
FACameron GordonOLBMichiganSolid weakside linebacker prospect who shows flashes. Plays sideline-to-sideline and effective in pursuit. Needs to elevate his game.
FATaylor MartinezQBNebraska
FAChristian JonesWRNorthwesternNice sized receiver who flashes ability yet must elevate his game.
FANathan ScheelhaaseQBIllinoisSolid college quarterback with marginal size and skill for the next level.
FADanny O’BrienQBx-WisconsinAmazing how this one time highly rated prospect has fallen. Reclamation project at this point; great physical skills but no confidence whatsoever.