Big changes coming in the Sun Belt after a handful of teams made the move to other conferences.  Western Kentucky is cause a buzz in scouting circles and the program accounts for 75% of the leagues draftable prospects.

Sun Belt

Rnd Name Pos School Notes
4thAndrew JacksonILBWestern KentuckyStout run defending linebacker best in the box or up the field. Explosive, attacks ball handlers and easily brings them down at the point of contact. Shows no skill in pursuit and limited abilities making plays outside the box. More of a two-down defender.
4-5Antonio AndrewsRBWestern KentuckyElusive ball carrier with an array of skill. Strings several moves together over the course of a single run, can turn the corner and effective catching the ball out of the backfield. Not a sturdy runner and more of a rotational back.
6thMelvin MeggsGSouth AlabamaTerrific college tackle who projects to guard. Wide bodied blocker, moves well on his feet and showed consistent progress. Has a large upside.
7thJonathan DowlingSWestern KentuckyUniversity of Florida transfer. Aggressive, sideline-to-sideline safety that shows skill covering the pass or defending the run.
FADaniel QuaveGLa-LafayetteWide bodied lineman who dominates as a run blocker and anchors in pass protection. Has an upside and definite next level ability.
FASteven HaungaGArkansas StateUnderrated lineman who combines terrific size, strength and movement skills. Stands out in pass protection and holds his own run blocking. Has an upside.
FASterling YoungSArkansas StateAll around safety that shows good ball skills. Can play a traditional free safety position or line up over the slot receiver.
FAJosh AllenCLouisiana-MonroeExplosive zone blocking prospect with a solid game. Shows the ability to bend and flex, moves well on his feet and very quick in his entire game. Effective in motion and can hit moving targets on the second level.
FAIsaiah NewsomeSLouisiana-MonroeSolid safety with a complete game yet physical limitations.
FAJamal RobinsonWRLa-Lafayette
FAJoseph TreadwellTLouisiana-MonroeRelatively athletic blocker with solid movement skills. Can slide in space, effective in pass protection and has an upside. Needs to improve his finishing strength yet must be watched.
FAJ.D. McKissicWRArkansas StateQuick receiver with run after the catch ability.
FAAmos DraperDTArkansas StateUndersized defensive end who plays with explosion and athleticism. Potential three technique tackle.
FADavid OkuRBArkansas StateQuick, creative ball carrier who also stands out as a pass catcher. Potential third down back/rotational ball carrier at the next level.
FAJe’Ron HammWRLouisiana-MonroeWell sized possession receiver with strong hands. Uses his size as an advantage and usually comes away with the difficult grab. More of a one-speed wide-out.
FAAlonzo HarrisRBLa-Lafayette
FABrandon McCrayDTLa-Lafayette
FATerry JohnsonGLa-LafayetteJUCO transfer who flashed skill last season. Must finish his game but offers the tools to work with.
FATavarese MayeWRLouisiana-Monroe
FAAaron WilliamsTArkansas StateMassive blocker who must develop his game.
FASean ConwayCWestern Kentucky
FAKolton BrowningQBLouisiana-Monroe