Remnants of the former Big East along with a few defections from Conference USA make up the new American Athletic Conference.  And while many may snicker over the seemingly substandard talent on the field, the conference does possess the top NFL quarterback prospect in the country.

American Athletic

Rnd Name School Pos Notes
1stTeddy BridgewaterLouisvilleQBTremendous quarterback skilled in all areas. Athletic, accurate and can make all the passes in or out of the pocket. Legitimate top three selection.
2ndBrandon ColemanRutgersWRBig bodied, big time receiver prospect with deceptive speed. Game controller who presents himself as a game breaker. Comes with terrific upside.
2ndGreg BlairCincinnatiILBDynamite three down defender skilled in all areas of the linebacker position. Actual size/speed numbers will determine if he’s top 32 or 40-75 talent.
3rdYawin SmallwoodConnecticutOLBQuick and explosive linebacker that stacks well against the run and also effectively makes plays in space. Scheme diverse and possesses outstanding instincts.
3rdKaleb JohnsonRutgersGTalented pass blocking college left tackle better suited for guard in the NFL. Mobile, moves exceptionally well and easily adjusts to oncoming blitzers. Must improve his run blocking strength and does not have the height to stay at tackle.
3-4Jamon BrownLouisvilleTOutstanding tackle prospect with a big upside. Offers great size, agility and strength at the point. Must improve blocking balance but has a lot of tools and an early pick if he continues to improve.
4thGeremy DavisConnecticutWRTerrific possession receiver with a developing game. Shows little in the way of speed or quickness but a potential 3rd/4th receiver at the next level.
5thGarrett GilbertSMUQBTexas transfer. Underrated in all areas. Smart signal caller who rarely makes mental errors. Accurate with adequate arm strength. Poised and patient. Draftable and has a lot of tools for the next level.
5th-FAShahid PaulhillTempleDTAthletic, playmaking defensive lineman. Quick, explosive and makes plays behind the line of scrimmage or in pursuit. Scheme diverse and offers potential at defensive tackle or as a two-gap end. Underrated and a talent. Has had several off the field issues and dismissed from the Temple program in March. No sighting yet.
5thSenorise PerryLouisvilleRBPatient ball carrier with the ability to make defenders miss or pick up yardage off initial contact. Needs to polish his game and pick up his overall intensity/physicality of his play.
5-6Eric LefeldCincinnatiTSaw limited playing time in 2012 but someone to watch. Has left tackle size, footwork and mobility. Solid technician who understands angles and positioning. Needs to get stronger.
5thJohn MillerLouisvilleGBig, athletic guard who shows terrific power at the point and surprising movement skills blocking in motion. Possesses a solid game and has an upside.
5-6Antwan LoweryRutgersGStrong, powerful small area blocker. Lacks agility, mobility and will only fit certain blocking schemes.
6thJoey MbuHoustonDTLarge, mobile interior lineman that clogs the gaps as well as makes plays in the backfield. Has shown consistent progress and has a nice upside.
6thTy-Meer BrownConnecticutSNice sized safety that can make plays downhill or outside the numbers. Has an upside.
6thDeven DraneCincinnatiSVersatile defensive back that’s lined-up at corner and safety. Flashes skill and athleticism but inconsistent. Did not improve in 2012 as we thought possible. Has an upside and will move up boards with a good senior campaign.
6thE.J. DunstonUCFDT
6thDavid PilandHoustonQBStrong armed pass with a decent upside. Good command of the offense and relatively accurate.
6-7Torrian WilsonUCFTCollege left tackle likely better off at guard. Position blocker who does the little things well and has an upside.
6-7Jamal MerrellRutgersOLBFluid, athletic linebacker very effective in space. Plays with good technique and covers a large amount of area on the field. Does not play a physical brand of football.
7thDeVante ParkerLouisvilleWRNice sized pass catcher who flashes skill. Could move up draft boards with a big campaign in ’13.
7thLevi BrownTempleDTHardworking interior defensive tackle who flashes skill. Athletic, quick and does more than occupy gaps.
7thJamil MerrellRutgersOLBUndersized college defensive end that projects to outside linebacker. Flashes pass rush skill but must now learn to make plays in space.
7-FALyle McCombsConnecticutRBSmall but quick, elusive ball carrier also effective as a pass catcher out of the backfield. Third down back/rotational ball carrier at the next level.
7-FABrendon KayCincinnatiQBTall, thin signal caller with a developing game. Came on late in the 2012 season and showed good progress on the field. Can make most of the throws and a nice athlete with the ability to make plays with his legs. Has an upside and a sleeper at the position.
7-FARalph David Abernathy IVCincinnatiRBSmall, to the point of tiny, skill player that can produce as a ball carrier, pass catcher or return specialist. Poor man’s Leon Washington.
FARyne GiddinsSouth FloridaDESlightly undersized college defensive end that flashes skill as a pass rusher.
FAHakeem SmithLouisvilleSTough and explosive safety that flashes a lot of skill but shows little in the way of consistency or playmaking skills.
FAJeff GodfreyUCFWR
FAByron JonesConnecticutSAdequate safety with an upside.
FAAbdul SmithTempleCBUnderrated cornerback with a well developed game. Can play in man, zone and shows good awareness/instinct on the field. Potential dime back/special teamer. Draftable if he elevates his game.
FADeWayne PeaceHoustonWRAcademically ineligible but a talented receiver with next level skills. Has reportedly left the Houston program.
FADeDe LattimoreSouth FloridaOLBShort but feisty linebacker who makes plays sideline-to-sideline. Potential one-gapper on the outside or 3-4 ILB.
FACalvin PryorLouisvilleSActive safety with solid playing speed. Misses to many tackles and must improve his ball skills.
FAAlex MateasConnecticutC
FAJeremy JohnsonSMUWRSmooth, dependable receiver with run after the catch skills. Possesses soft hands and works to make the reception but more of a one speed/5th receiver for the next level.
FAGary NovaRutgersQBStrong armed passer who must improve his accuracy and decision making. Very streaky.
FAJohnnie FarmsMemphisDT
FAQuinterrius EatmonSouth FloridaTBig, strong right tackle prospect with a decent upside.
FAMarcus SmithLouisvilleDEUndersized but athletic pass rushing defensive end. Better as a 4-3 end and struggles in UL’s 3-4 alignment.
FACody BoothTempleTAggressive and somewhat athletic tight end who will move inside to tackle this season. Gives effort in all areas and physical in his entire game. Must be watched.
FAAndre DavisSouth FloridaWRBig pass catching target who flashes a lot of skill. Needs polish but has an upside.
FAStorm JohnsonUCFRBPatient, interior runner who combines quickness and power. Picks up the difficult yardage Has an upside and will have the opportunity to display his skills this season as the feature runner.
FABlake BortlesUCFQBNice sized pocket passer with above average arm strength. Poised, withstands the rush and gets the pass through tight windows. Accuracy is an issue and all over the place with passes. Streaky. Has an upside but needs work.
FAZachary McMillianHoustonCB
FAZamel JohnsonTempleCBHofstra transfer. Comes with solid ball skills. Plays tough football, has a burst and offers next level skills.
FADerrick MathewsHoustonOLBUndersized linebacker best in pursuit. Shows flashes but never elevated his game.
FAAndre CivilRutgersGTalented offensive line prospect who struggled with an ankle injury last season.
FADominique BrownLouisvilleRBBig strong ball carrier that moves the pile and picks up the tough yardage. Missed the 2012 campaign with an injury but possesses next level skill.
FAAusten BujnochCincinnatiGTall, strong small area blocker who does not play with good pad level.
FAAnthony RobeyTempleCB
FAMichael BurtonRutgersFBTremendous lead blocker that also stands out catching the ball out of the backfield. Missed most of the 2012 season with a leg injury but a legitimate NFL lead blocker if he regains prior playing form.
FATevin MimsSouth FloridaOLB
FADer’rikk ThompsonSMUWR
FAJaQuez JenkinsSouth FloridaS
FAPreston BrownLouisvilleILBInstinctive linebacker with average physical skills.
FAClayton GeathersUCFSExplosive safety who plays with a large degree of suddenness. Shows good awareness in coverage and covers a lot of area on the field. Inefficient, slow to react and needs work on the details of his game.
FAReggie TravisMemphisWR
FAChris ParksSMUCB
FAMark JoyceSouth FloridaSTraditional strong safety prospect with poor ball skills.
FABen GottschalkSMUTLimited athlete with marginal upside. Understands blocking angles, body positioning and makes the most of his skill but may be nothing other than practice squad fodder.
FAJeremy DeeringRutgersSPhysically gifted prospect who’ll transition to safety this season after never making a mark at receiver.
FAJake SmithLouisvilleGTechnically sound blocker who must improve his playing strength.
FAPaul CarrezolaRutgersFB
FAOlaniyi AdewoleTempleOLBAthletic and occasional playmaking linebacker no longer on Temple roster.
FAJay ScottSMUSHard-hitting, aggressive safety who also helps out as a return specialist.
FAJustin McCrayUCFGLeverage/position blocker best in a small area. Possesses minimal upside.