The pro-day workouts kick off week one as a busy schedule awaits teams who will crisscross the nation the next month.  Here’s a breakdown of the practices. March 14th: Oregon, Michigan, Arkansas State

March 14th


– Continue to hear a buzz being built around receiver Denard Robinson, especially after his performance today.  Though he just participated in drills (WR/RS/RB) scouts were impressed with his consistency and the fact he dropped no passes.  Looks like Robinson has secured a spot for himself in the draft’s second day.

– As reported earlier, defensive tackle William Campbell measured 6045/311lbs, timed 4.98s-to-5.08s in the forty and completed 35 reps on the bench.  The New York Jets and New England Patriots have workouts planned for Campbell, whom I felt should have been invited to the combine.

– I’m told Jordan Kovacs results today will likely push him into the late rounds of the draft.  Most specifically his three cone time of 6.62s and short shuttle of 4.19s will dispel some of the concerns that he’s a straight line safety.  As reported earlier the New England Patriots will work out Kovacs individually.


– Linebacker Kiko Alonso has been one busy man.  Even bore today’s workout Alonso had dinner with the Miami Dolphins last night, breakfast with the Arizona Cardinals this morning then interviewed extensively with the San Diego Chargers, New Orleans Saints and Tampa Bay Bucs.  Before the workout began Alonso had four official visits set up.  From what I was told he timed as fast as 4.68s in the forty, 4.22 in the short shuttle, 6.93 in the 3-cone and posted a 9-foot 9-inch broad.  The schematic diverse Alonso is getting looks from all sorts of defensive teams.

– With all sorts of times being passes around on Kenjon Barner, the Kansas City Chiefs clocked the ball carrier at 4.43s.  He also ran the short shuttle in 4.10s, an improvement from his combine mark.

– Marks for linebacker Michael Clay, who is having dinner with Alonso and the Philadelphia Eagles this evening, include forty times between 4.68s-to-4.73, 3-cone mark of 6.58s, 4.03s in the short shuttle and 23 on the bench.  Clay measured 5115/231lbs.

Arkansas State

Don Jones/S; Measured 5114/194lbs.  Timed 4.40-to-4.44 in the forty, 4.25s short shuttle, 7.18 3-cone and 10-foot 7-inch broad.  We were sent an initial mark of 44-inches in the vertical jump but I am trying to confirm that.  The Miami Dolphins sent a defensive backs coach to watch Jones.

Josh Jarboe/WR; Measured 6023/198.  Timed 4.49-to-4.55 in the forty, 4.20s in the short shuttle, 7.24s in the 3-cone.  Broad jump was 10-feet, 4-inches and vertical jump 37.5-inches.

March 12th


Datone Jones/DL stood on his combine numbers yet looked outstanding during drills.  Jones was quick, fluid and easily moved in every direction of the field.  He’s likely cemented himself as a first round choice.

Jonathan Franklin/RB was another who stood on his combine marks but impressed in position drills.  He was quick during ball carrying exercises and also stood out as a pass catcher.  We’ve heard since the combine Franklin has been moving up draft boards rather quickly will likely be selected somewhere during the early part of round two.  The New York Jets, Cincinnati Bengals, Miami Dolphins, St Louis Rams and San Diego Chargers are all possibilities.

–  Jeff Baca/OL posted 28 reps on the bench, an improvement from his combine number, and was another who stood out in position drills.  Scouts were very happy how Baca moved around the field and showed little stiffness.

Joseph Fauria/TE ran on the slow side (4.78s) but caught the ball very well.

Andrew Abbott/DB was also slightly slow afoot at 4.62s but was another who stood out in drills.  I’ve been told he’s a definite 7th round target by a few teams due to his special teams ability.

– Times on Sheldon Price/CB range as fast as 4.37 to 4.45.  Price posted a 39-inch vertical jump and 10-foot, 6-inch broad jump.  He also measured an impressive 6020/189lbs.

Aaron Hester/CB timed 4.55s.

– Punter Jeff Locke impressed the teams on hand and several now rate him as the top punter in the draft.  Locke has 5 individual workouts in the coming weeks.


Earl Okine/DL registered just 12 tackles last season but gave scouts something to think about today.  As posted earlier he measured 6064/284lbs, put up 25 reps on the bench, posted a 33-inch vertical jump, 9-foot 6-inch broad then timed 4.98s in the forty on a wet field.  At the very least Okine looks like a practice squad prospect.

– As has been posted Jelani Jenkins/LB was timed at 4.77s on the wet turf.

Omar Hunter evidently looked really good in drills.  He was explosive in the bag drills, showed good movement skills and was fluid in his hips.

Kansas State

– If you follow my twitter account you’d know by now Arthur Brown/LB blew up his workout.  He tipped the scales at 236lbs and posted 21 reps on the bench; a terrific number for someone who was dealing with a shoulder issue.  His forty times ranged between 4.58-to-4.62.  During drills Brown was sensational, showing a quick change of direction and losing no momentum altering his angle of attack.  He was fast in every direction and really solid in ball drills.  We are hearing late first round is now a possibility.   Late word is the Jacksonville Jaguars and Pittsburgh Steelers met extensively/had dinner with Brown.

Chris Harper/WR timed as fast as 4.38s on a number of watches, though we expect the “official” time to be slightly slower.  Regardless, he was still very quick and caught the ball well during drills. Its more than coincidence he’s being referred to as an Anquan Boldinesque type of receiver, though faster, and the Baltimore Ravens really like Harper.