The pro-day workouts kick off week one as a busy schedule awaits teams who will crisscross the nation the next month.  Here’s a breakdown of the practices. March 8th:  Texas A&M & Ohio State

March 8th

Ohio State

Jonathan Hankins/DT: Participated only in position drills.  Tipped the scale in the low 320’s.  Looked solid moving around the field yet not very explosive.

Jake Stoneburner/TE: Shaved .1 from his combine forty, running as fast as 4.52s on some watches.  Unlike the past when the Buckeyes ran the forty on a piece of very fast track, Stoneburner ran his forty on field turf, so the time is legitimate.  He was terrific in pass catching drills and caught everything thrown in his direction.  Definitely a tight end on the rise.

Reid Fragel/T: Look physically impressive and passed the eyeball test.   Turned in a solid performance during position drills.

Troy Smith/QB: The former Buckeye was the practice quarterback today and by all accounts looked solid.  As we posted earlier, he told people he’s ready “to move on to the next phase of his life,” but is more than happy to give pro-football another try “if I get a call from an NFL team”

Texas A&M

Damontre Moore/OLB-DE: As posted earlier Moore was timed between 4.27s-to-4.34s in the short shuttle, 7.07s in the three cone and completed 19 reps on the bench.  He then completed position drills to mixed reviews.  Overall people we spoke with said Moore did not look all that athletic as he was straight up and down in bag drills and was not very fluid moving about the field.  We were alerted to the fact that Moore evidently tweaked his hamstring during the 3-cone, which he was not scheduled to run.  Fact is people from Texas A&M were not surprised by Moore’s poor forty time or the fact he’s come across as marginally athletic; that’s the type of prospect he is though everyone points out he’s a tremendous football player.  Since the combine one name keeps popping into my mind when comparing Moore’s athletic workouts versus his play on the field; Terrell Suggs.

Ryan Swope/WR: By all accounts Swope dazzled during pass catching drills.  He ran crisp routes and caught everything thrown in his direction.  His position work today along with his combine performance has Swope heading into the late part of round two.

Luke Joeckel/T: Joeckel looked significantly better in position drills compared to his combine performance.  It was brought to my attention that while Joeckel really looked good in bag drills during pro-day they did not do much in the way of footwork or pass slide drills.

March 7th

Florida International

The hardest working man on the field during FIU pro-day was Tourek Williams.  After timing under 4.7s in the forty (as fast as 4.65 on some watches), Williams was put through an exhaustive battery of defensive line and linebacker drills.  Scouts say he looked terrific during defensive line drills, run by the Tennessee Titans, and really showed well during bag drills.  When the Pittsburgh Steelers ran Williams through linebacker drills he showed some stiffness in the early going then loosened up and looked smooth in pass coverage exercises.  With the need for big, athletic linebackers who can line up in a 3-4 alignment it would be surprising if Williams makes it out of the early part of day three.

New Mexico

Both Lucas Reed and Lamar Thomas carried the momentum of the day and after some terrific marks in testing, each stood out in pass catching drills.

Reed’s forty time of 4.68s would have ranked as top five at the combine.  His short shuttle time (4.08s) was by far the best of any tight end who ran at the combine.  Reed caught the ball well during the practice session, snatching several fast passes out of the air and displaying consistent hands.

For his part Lamar Thomas also looked good.  After running 4.35s in the forty Thomas was exceptional in pass catching drills.  He ran terrific routes, displayed soft hands and really impressed those on hand.

Reed will be a last day pick while Thomas will surely find his way into a camp.  As mentioned earlier, with weapons at their disposal such as Reed and Thomas, scouts at the pro-day wondered aloud why New Mexico did not throw the ball more in 2012.


If there were any questions about his passing skills leaving the combine, Ryan Nassib answered them all today with an impressive pro-day workout.  The signal caller threw 75 passes under the guidance of his coaches, former NFL offensive coordinator Paul Hackett and former All Pro signal caller Ken Anderson.  All but four passes were caught.  Three passes were dropped by receivers while the fourth was a catchable pass yet just slightly high of the mark at the end of the workout.

Nassib significantly improved his downfield accuracy and the placement of his deep outs.  The long passes did not float as much as they had in the past and all his throws had excellent speed.  Most impressive was the accuracy and speed Nassib displayed on his move throws late in the workout.  Despite the grinding routine throughout the workout Nassib swiftly sprinted outside the tackle box and was dead on passing in motion.

Nassib is scheduled to have dinner with the New York Jets this evening, offensive coordinator Marty Mornhinweg included.


Matt Scott of Arizona was another quarterback who stood out during his pro-day workout on Thursday.

The strong armed signal caller delivered upwards of 85 passes and all but seven ended up complete.  Three of his throws were dropped while a few were over thrown by Scott.  Initially he was slated to throw 93 passes but when receiver Dan Buckner injured his hamstring during the forty and was unable to run routes, Scott scaled back from the original plan.

Everyone we spoke to mentioned how athletic and accurate Scott was all day.  He accommodated both the NFL coaches on hand as well as a few former Arizona receivers who participated in the workout with the hopes of getting another shot in the league.

Scouts we spoke with also mentioned how personable Scott was and how he comes across as a leader and quality person.  The inevitable comparisons to Russell Wilson are already being made, though on film we see a bit of Colin Kaepernick in his game.

The thought process during the workout was Scott had moved himself into the third round, something we posted earlier today.  When the day was done a number of coaches were of the opinion Scott could actually sneak into the late part of round two.


Compared to previous years the Clemson workout today did not have the usual huge crowd.  Here are the results:

DeAndre Hopkins/WR: Was timed as fast as the low 4.4’s on a number of watches but was later given an “official” time of 4.52.  Except for two drops late in the session his pass catching workout was described as “dazzling”.

Malliciah Goodman/DL: Tipped the scale at 273lbs then ran times of 4.7s/4.65s in the forty.  Posted marks of 33-inches in the vertical jump and 9’9” in the broad.

Brandon Ford/TE: Weighed in at 245lbs, timed 4.72 in the forty and completed 17-reps on the bench.

Jonathan Meeks/S: Timed 4.46s in the forty, completed 23-reps on the bench, posted marks of 33.5-inches in the vertical jump and 9′ 7” in the broad.  Also weighed in at 209-pounds.  Meeks has been a favorite of mine but people think he’s just very raw and makes too many mental errors.

Jaron Brown/WR: Had the workout of the day.  Timed 4.40s in the forty, posted a 35.5-inch vertical jump, 10′ 4”-broad jump and completed 17-reps on the bench.  Turned in a sensational pass catching workout.  As one coach told me, “he was overshadowed by the other two guys but he’s going to play in the NFL.”

March 6th

Eastern Washington

Wind, sleet and cold weather greeted the 18 NFL teams who showed up for the EWU workout. The wind was such that scouts had players run the forty in both directions.

Two Washington State players on hand who wanted to workout, receiver Marquess Wilson and quarterback Jeff Tuel, were turned away due to a league rule which only allows small school (non IA) players to workout at any pro-day event in the state where they attended school.

The schools top prospect, receiver Brandon Kaufman, posted a forty time of 4.48s with the wind and 4.60s against.  The average time of 4.55s is an improvement from his combine mark.

Teammate Greg Herd, another receiver, measured 6031/202lbs then timed 4.50s with the wind and 4.60 against.  His other marks included a 34-inch vertical jump, 10-foot, 9-inch broad jump and 3-cone run of 6.95s.

Nick Edwards, who was the highest rated receiver from EWU coming into the season before suffering an injury last year, posted times of 4.60 with the wind and 4.67 against.

During the workout it began sleeting/hailing and many of the tests were moved indoors to an older facility.  Afterwards back outside everyone went to clear off patches of ice so quarterback Kyle Padron could throw to stationary targets.


What usually is one of the more anticipated pro-days on the calendar turned into a rather ho-hum affair today.  The event was not well attended by offensive coaches, considering the available talent, and many of the headliners were disappointing.

Offensive linemen Travis Frederick and Ricky Wagner participated only in position drills and were underwhelming at that.  Scouts were surprised Frederick, who ran poorly during the combine, did not at least attempt another forty.

Montee Ball did not standout in position drills after timing 4.57 in the forty.

It was a pair of unheralded defensive backs who impressed the most.

Wisconsin cornerback Marcus Cromartie timed 4.41s in the forty then looked crisp and swift during drills.  He left scouts wondering why he did not perform to this level on Saturday’s the past two years.

Wisconsin-Platville defensive back Ryan McWethy turned in one of the best workouts of the day.  The small school defender measured 6013 and 226lbs, timed 4.48s in the forty , 3.96s in the short shuttle and 6.76 in the 3-cone.  His other marks included 31-reps on the bench and 37.5-inch vertical jump.  Scouts agreed McWethy is more athlete than football player yet with proper coaching he has a chance to make it at the next level.

Other notable players included defensive backs Shelton Johnson, who timed 4.48s in the forty and Devin Smith, who timed 4.53s.

Mississippi State

Twenty-five teams were on hand for the Mississippi State pro-day, including a handful of defensive coordinators from around the league.

As is the case with most pro-days, the forty time, especially for cornerback Jonathan Banks, were all over the place.  Some teams had him in the low 4.5’s (4.51) while others timed him in the mid 4.6’s (4.64).  In the end his official time is likely to reside somewhere around 4.58s.  Banks did look good in drills, in fact much better than his combine showing.  He was relaxed throughout the workout, quickly getting out of breaks and showing good hands for the interception.  As we reported earlier, something later confirmed when the workout was complete, the New England Patriots seem very interested in Banks.

Fast rising cornerback Darius Slay sat on the sidelines after reportedly popping a hamstring warming up before the workout.  There’s still a belief he could be drafted before Banks.

Defensive lineman Josh Boyd was the focus of attention and really impressed teams on hand.  Boyd checked in at 305-pounds, five less than his combine weight, and his workout was run by the New York Giants.  During drills Boyd was fluid and easily moved about the field.  His marks of 4.98s in the forty, 4.49s in the short shuttle and 29-inches in the vertical jump were improvements from his combine performance.

Chad Bumphis was another who stood out to the scouts on hand.  The recievers marks included forty times which ranged from 4.52s-to-4.59s, 17-reps on the bench, 34-inch vertical jump and

March 5th


While the Tuskegee pro-day takes place later this afternoon, the teams star running back, Derrick Washington, actually participated in Troy State’s pro-day yesterday.

Washington timed in the 4.6’s after tipping the scale at 226-pounds.  He posted marks of 31.5-inches in the vertical jump, 9′-3” in the broad and 19-reps on the bench. Washington will also participate in position drills during pro-day at Tuskegee today.

Many may remember Washington from his days at Missouri, when he looked like a promising NFL prospect.  His college career was eventually derailed by a sexual assault allegation, which eventually sent him to jail for four month.  He made a triumphant return to the field this season posting 1679-yards rushing with 14 touchdowns at Tuskegee.

The New Orleans Saints, Green Bay Packers, Arizona Cardinals and New England Patriots are showing a lot of interest in Washington.

March 4th

Arkansas Pine Bluff

Fifteen teams were on hand for the pro-day event in Arkansas Pine Bluff, primarily to watch fast rising offensive lineman Terron Armstead, fresh off his outstanding combine performance. As one pro-day veteran explain, the school had never witnessed an NFL crowd such as the one today and did not know what to do will all the coaches.

Sources tell me the San Diego Chargers had two people in attendance including their offensive line coach and the Jacksonville Jaguars also had a pair of people on hand.

Armstead was run through a battery of position drills and from all accounts, once again impressed the NFL people on hand.  He did run the short shuttle and turned in a time of 4.63s, one-tenth faster than his combine mark.  It was noted that the field Armstead ran/practiced on was in poor condition and rather slippery.

Most all teams now grade Armstead primarily as a left tackle and have pulled him off their guard board.

Alabama State

Thirteen teams on hand for the Alabama State pro-day where the weather conditions were cold and windy.

Defensive back Kejuan Riley timed poorly in the forty clocking between 4.68s and 4.72s.  He later impressed during position drills showing a smooth backpedal, quick hip turn and solid ball skills.

Massive lineman Terren Jones measured 6-feet, 7-inches and 340-pounds, down from his playing weight of 357lbs.  He timed 5.59s in the forty.  Jones was unable to participate in the bench press due to a shoulder injury.

Alabama Birmingham

The Pittsburgh Steelers, Houston Texans and Miami Dolphins were in Birmingham to take in UAB pro-day and offensive lineman Chris Hubbard was the star of the show.

Measuring 6034/290lbs, the athletic blocker ran the forty in the upper 4.8’s and posted 21 reps on the bench.  Those on hand told us Hubbard looked terrific in drills.  He easily moved about the field and looked smooth and natural in all the exercises.  Many in the scouting community feel Hubbard was a combine snub and the college tackle will get considerations in the late rounds by a zone blocking offense looking for a guard.

Inside linebacker Marvin Burdette ran faster than expected despite pulling a quad during his first forty.  Burdette, who played in both the Raycom and Casino Del Sol All Star games, measured 5095/232 then posted a forty time of 4.72s before injuring his leg.  He gutted out the drills as best he could before ending his day.  Both the Steelers and Texans showed a lot of interest in Burdette, who projects as an inside backer/special teams player.

The other player the teams got to see was linebacker Larry Lumpkin.

Lumpkin, who made himself available for last July’s supplemental draft, was with the Indianapolis Colts this summer before reaching an injury settlement.  Today the athletic defender showed he’s ready to play again.

Lumpkin measured 6000/251lbs, timed 4.65s in the forty and completed 30-reps on the bench.