The combine is over but the whispers and rumors are still filtering out of Indianapolis.  After a few days break here’s a bit of what we’ve been hearing the past five days.

– Who are the Dallas Cowboys targeting in April’s draft?  We hear that’s yet to be determined as the team still has plans to trim the roster.  And while they’ve targeted a few positions, their depth chart on March 12th will go a long way in determining who the franchise selects in the early rounds of the draft.

– We understand both the San Francisco 49ers and New Orleans Saints will look hard at defensive backs in the early rounds of the draft.  The conventional thought that New Orleans will take a defensive front seven player in the first round is not a sure thing.

– We hear a lot of corners will be selected in the top 100 choices of the draft, many more than people expect.

– Two corners who came out of the combine with significantly elevated draft stock were Jamar Taylor of Boise State and Darius Slay of Mississippi State.  Taylor could go top forty while its not out of the question that Slay is selected ahead of his teammate, Jonathan Banks.

– Word during the final day of the combine is many of the free agent cornerbacks and defensive backs who are expecting big paydays are likely to be disappointed.  We hear those expecting deals of $7-million per year may have to settle for $4-$5 million annually.  LaRon Landry, who’s hoping to get in the area of $6-million per year, is likely to be offered no more than $3-$4 million, according to those who hung around Indianapolis through Tuesday.

–  Several agents who met with the New York Jets during the combine say it seems Rex Ryan is running the show.  We hear in several instances general manager John Idzik struggled to get a word in edgewise as Ryan controlled meetings.  To be completely fair someone who met extensively with the Jets mentioned its more about personalities than control.  Its not that Idzik doesn’t have control rather he’s much more reserved than the boisterous Ryan.