Daily breakdown of every player on the North squad at the Senior Bowl.


Jonathan Cyprien DB Florida International

6002 209 10.1 30.48

Tues: Had a very solid day.  Showed well in pass coverage and the ability to get outside the numbers to the sidelines.  Showed a good head for the ball and feisty.


Will Davis DB Utah State

5113 182 6.68 31.28

Tues: Struggled most of the day.   Lost opponents at the line and was consistently playing catch-up.


Dwayne Gratz DB Connecticut

5111 200 10.4 30.78

Tues: Solid yet not spectacular.  Made a few nice plays on the ball but also got beat on occasion.


T.J. McDonald DB USC

6023 211 8.78 32.28

Tues: Made a few plays on the ball but for the most part did not stand out.


Jordan Poyer DB Oregon State

5116 182 9.48 30.58

Tues: Solid day for Poyer.  Battled opponents from the snap of the ball, displayed good instincts and solid ball skills.  Not fast but did a good job keeping the action in front of him.


Jamar Taylor DB Boise State

5106 193 9.38 29.38

Tues: Had his moments.  Have to like the way he battles and fights from the snap of the ball.


Phillip Thomas DB Fresno State

6005 210 9.28 30.28


Desmon Trufant DB Washington

5111 190 8.28 30.58

Tues: Except for one play a very good day for Trufant.  Showed a large degree of quickness and athleticism in his game.  Nice ball skills and does not back down to anyone.


Duke Williams DB Nevada

5110 201 9.58 31.68

Tues: Good athlete but just does not seem to make many plays on the ball.


Blidi Wreh-Wilson DB Connecticut

6005 192 8.68 32.48

Tues: Inconsistent.  Flashes skill and the ability to shut down opponents yet did give up a few receptions in drills.


Michael Buchanan DL Illinois

6051 252 9.78 33.28

Tues: “A” for effort but really did not make many plays.  Does not have the strength to hold up at defensive end.


Jordan Hill DL Penn State

6014 294 10.0 32.18

Tues: Showed terrific quickness and a great first step but once blocked stayed blocked.  Handled by a number of blockers throughout practice.


Margus Hunt DL SMU

6082 277 9.58 33.38

Tues: Looks the part and flashed ability yet at times was easily handled by opponents.  Needs to really fine tune and polish his game.


Datone Jones DL UCLA

6041 280 9.68 32.18

Tues: Flashed dominance throughout the day but there was no level of consistency in his play making.  Thoroughly beat blockers on several downs then would disappear for stretches.


Alex Okafor DL Texas

6045 261 9.00 33.18

Tues: Like his game and motor.  Uses all his assets to their maximum yet not a great athlete.


Kawann Short DL Purdue

6032 308 9.48 32.78

Tues: Solid day for short.  Was impossible to stop on the inside at times and displayed a good change of direction with the ability to get outside the box and pursue plays.


Brandon Williams DL Missouri Southern

6017 341 9.58 32.68

Tues: Has NFL type size and shows a good degree of lower body strength but was easily handled and really needs to elevate his play here.


Sylvester Williams DL North Carolina

6026 313 10.4 32.58

Tues: Had a lot of good moments today.  Fires off the snap, showed good power in his lower body and got a lot of push up the field.  Must do a better job using his hands and protecting himself.


Kyle Juszczyk FB Harvard

6013 248 9.18 31.38


Steve Beauharnais LB Rutgers

6006 236 9 32

Tues: Solid but by no means spectacular.  Not a great athlete yet did not make any mistakes.


Arthur Brown LB Kansas State

inj 9.78 32.28

Khaseem Greene LB Rutgers

6004 236 9.48 31.78


Ty Powell LB Harding

Tues: Very athletic and showed well in drills but struggled in coverage and got burnt by Jack Doyle on one occasion.


Kevin Reddick LB North Carolina

6014 246 9.38 31.58

Tues: Like his game.  Showed a good change of direction in drills and a good amount of strength against blocks.


John Simon LB Ohio State

6014 256 9.38 32.68


Trevardo  Williams LB Connecticut

6013 235 9.28 32

Tues: Out- injured ankle.


Braxston Cave OL Notre Dame

6030 304 9.38 30.38

Tues: Quick and fundamentally sound but lacks natural size and really struggled to hold the point.


Eric Fisher OL Central Michigan

6072 305 10.3 34

Tues: Terrific performance on Tuesday.  Explosive, athletic and his fundamentals were outstanding.  Really looked terrific in pass protection.  Excellent lateral blocking range.  Needs to get stronger as he was beaten by a few inside, power moves but has all the tools to start at the next level.


Kyle Long OL Oregon

6061 304 10.7 32.18



Joe Madsen OL West Virginia

6034 301 9.48 29.18

Tues: Shows a nice degree of small area strength but looks as though he has limited upside.


Justin Pugh OL Syracuse

6047 301 10.0 31.48

Tues: Lined up at both tackle and guard.  Quick, moves well and blocks with solid fundamentals.  Very quick in his pass set-ups.  Marginal strength and never really finished blocks.


David Quessenberry OL San Jose State

6050 294 9.38 33.78

Tues: Lined up at both guard and tackle.  There’s a lot to like about his game; mechanics, athleticism, quickness.  Needs work yet has an upside.


Hugh Thornton OL Illinois

6032 313 9.78 33.58

Tues: Had his moments but also struggled.  Often times pushed back into the pocket and really did not show enough strength to hold the point.  Good mechanics/fundamentals.


Ricky Wagner OL Wisconsin

6061 310 10.1 33.48

Tues: Give him high grades for effort but looked marginally athletic and often times was holding on for dear life.


Brian Winters OL Kent State

6034 310 9.48 32

Tues: Looked dominant at times.  Terrific size, build and strength.  Annihilated opponents at the line then showed surprising skill blocking in motion.


Zac Dysert QB Miami-Oh

6027 224 9.00 31.68

Mon: Displayed himself as a solid short range passer but struggled getting the ball downfield.  Directs to many of his throws and can’t get passes through the tight windows.



Mike Glennon QB North Carolina State

6066 220 9.38 32.38

Tues: He looks great in drills as he’s able to power passes all over the field but made a lot of errant passes and poor throws (picks) during 7-on-7’s and in scrimmage.


Ryan Nassib QB Syracuse

6020 223 10.0 31

Tues: Good day for Nassib. Accurate and effective throwing on the move.  Solid on the intermediate throws.  Downfield throws were just average and he needs work on his timing and pass judgment (to many throws falling short of intended targets).


Kenjon Barner RB Oregon

5092 188 9.28 29.58

Tues: Quick and explosive with a nice burst.


Johnathan  Franklin RB UCLA

5100 201 9.48 29.28

Tues: Solid day for Franklin who displayed a lot of well rounded skill.


Robbie Rouse RB Fresno State

5057 186 9.18 32.58

Tues: Really like what I see from Rouse; fast, quick and very elusive.  Defenders struggled getting a hand on him.


Jack Doyle   TE Western Kentucky

6052 254 9.38 32.18

Tues: Caught the ball well but showed little in the way of quickness and speed.


Nick Kasa TE Colorado

6054 271 9.00 32.18

Tues: Really developing into the position.  Showed signs as both a pass catcher and blocker yet needs work.


Ryan Otten TE San Jose State

6052 235 9.58 32.18


Aaron Dobson WR Marshall

6025 203 8.48 33.48

Tues: Caught the ball well yet shows little in the way of speed and a burst.


Marquis Goodwin WR Texas

5087 179 8.85 30.68

Tues: Fastest receiver on the field.  Quickly gets off the line, has a burst and gets separation from defenders.  Ran quick, crisp routes and caught the ball well.  Struggled getting off jams.


Chris Harper WR Kansas State

6006 228 9.58 32

Tues: Plays to his size, beats opponents off the line and caught the ball well.


Aaron Mellette WR Elon

6024 216 9.58 32.16

Tues: Looked like he belonged on the field.  Showed good hand techniques getting off jams, fought to make the reception and caught the ball well.  Not really fast but made several nice receptions down the field.


Denard Robinson WR Michigan

5104 196 10.0 32.78

Tues: Caught the ball well.  Looked uncomfortable running routes.  Struggled handling punts.  A lot of quickness and athleticism to work with so unlike others we won’t discount him yet.


Markus Wheaton WR Oregon State

5110 183 8.48 32.28

Tues: Really like what Wheaton showed today.  Quick, fast and consistent.  Fast off the line, ran exceptional routes and caught the ball very well.  Did struggle handling jams at the line.