A daily breakdown of Senior Bowl practice from the South squad.  Updated for Tuesday


Robert Alford DB Southeastern La.

5097 186 9.38 31.38

Mon: Alford looks the part and has the underlying ability but struggled today.   He got smoked early on by Terrance Williams and just seemed to do a lot of chasing rather than play making.

Tues: Looked a lot more comfortable and really stepped up his game today.   Showed a lot of speed and constantly around the action.  Did not make many plays yet did not get beat either.


Marc Anthony DB California

5113 191 9.00 31.48

Mon: Showed a great deal of feistiness and solid ball skills yet his speed was suspect.

Tues: Terrific day for Anthony.  Made a lot of plays on the ball and broke up a good deal of passes.  Lack of speed is an issue but looks like he’d be very effective in a zone system.


Sanders Commings DB Georgia

5117 223 8.26 31.38

Tues: Struggled for a second day.  Just seemed slow and non-responsive.  Very late getting to the action.


Robert Lester DB Alabama

6012 212 9.68 31.28

Tues: Displayed little in the way of quickness, speed or explosion.  Late getting to the action and really did not make plays.


Leon McFadden DB San Diego State

5096 193 8.58 31.28

Mon: Terrific day.  Showed terrific ball skills, explosion and instincts.  Practiced with quick feet, smooth hips and was terrific in transition.  Had one outstanding interception and came close to another pick.

Tues: Though not as dynamic as Monday it was still a good day for McFadden.  Made several nice plays on the ball and for the most part, did not get beat.


Bacarri Rambo DB Georgia

6004 215 9.18 30.48

Mon: Looked very slow to react and seemed non-instinctive on the field.

Tues: Another poor day for Rambo.  Very late arriving on the scene and made plays after the fact.


B.W. Webb DB William & Mary

5102 183 9.58 30.18

Mon: Looked very strong in the early going.  Really did well in bump and run coverage and stayed with receivers step-for-step down the field.  Struggled when asked to play off the line.

Tues: Strong performance by Webb.  Like his quickness in reverse, his ability to flip his hips in transition and lose little running downfield with opponents.  Solid performance.


J.J. Wilcox DB Georgia Southern

5113 214 8.78 30.48

Mon: Looked the part but was very late reacting on the ball and was a step slow arriving to the play all day.

Tues: Starting to pull it together.  Still about a half step late to the action but a marked improvement compared to Monday.


Shawn Williams DB Georgia

5117 211 8.28 30

Mon: Really played back on his heels and was constantly late arriving on the scene.  Had one or two nice plays but for the most part was ineffective all practice.

Tues: Another ineffective day on the field for Williams.  Made a few nice plays yet for the most part looked slow, not very quick and out of sorts.


Ezekiel Ansah DL BYU

Mon: Played in spurts but when he was on Ansah was terrific.  The athleticism, explosion and power is there but he really needs to improve his overall techniques and polish his game.

Tues: Showed a lot of flashes and made more plays on the ball today.  Displayed some terrific edge speed and pass rush skills.  Needs to improve his moves/ability getting off blocks.


Everett Dawkins DL Florida State

6021 288 10.3 32.28

Mon: Fires off the snap with a great first step and showed tremendous quickness and explosion.  Cannot get off blocks  but has the skills to line up as a three technique lineman.

Tues: Slightly better than Monday.  Showed a good change of direction and the ability to pursue laterally.


Lavar Edwards DL LSU

Mon: Showed some edge speed but did not stand out for the most part.

Tues: Again; solid edge rusher and gave effort but not a whole lot more.


Malliciah Goodman DL Clemson

6035 272 10.7 35.78

Mon: Quick and very athletic.  Showed better pass rushing moves compared to his game at Clemson.  Good day overall for Goodman.

Tues: Another solid day.  Consistent though not spectacular.  He’s going to have to get bigger and stronger.


Cory Grissom DL South Florida

6013 313 9.18 32.48

Mon: Quick, explosive tackle who showed a terrific first move off the snap.  Problem is he cannot get off blocks once engaged at the point.

Tues: Fires off the snap and very explosive but showed just a short burst of speed and easily blocked.


Montori Hughes DL Tennessee Martin

10.1 31.58

Mon: Did not play.  Injured?

Tues: Terrific performance from Hughes.  Quick, explosive and powerful.  Tremendous lower body power and got a lot of push up the field, bull rushing opponents off the line and collapsing the pocket.  Really a good day for Hughes.


Johnathan Jenkins DL Georgia

6037 359 9.48 33.18

Mon: Looked awesome at times.  Cat like quickness, terrific movement skills and athletic.  Fired through the gaps up the field, easily changed direction and easily got outside the numbers to make plays. 

Tues: Looked even more athletic on Tuesday than Monday, if that was possible.  Displayed a tremendous array of skill, but has to use them on an every down basis.


Cornelius Washington DL Georgia

6040 264 9.28 33.78

Mon: Athletic and displayed good edge speed.  Solid inside move as well.

Tues: Another good performance from Washington.  Has a solid game and practiced hard.  Size and the inability to shed blocks is a problem.


Tommy Bohanon FB Wake Forest

6005 247 9.78 29.68

Mon: Did not do much blocking with no pads yet looked solid catching the ball out of the backfield.

Tues: Looked solid in his overall game today.  Once again very effective catching the ball out of the backfield.


Jamie Collins LB Southern Mississippi

6033 245 9.78 33.38

Mon: Looked very athletic and showed a lot of flashes.

Tues: Did not dress today.


Zaviar Gooden LB Missouri

6014 233 10.0 31

Tues: Looked very athletic and fast on the field.  Did not see him make many plays.

Nico Johnson LB Alabama

6017 249 9.28 32.78

Mon: Showed some flashes in the box but was victimized several times in coverage if asked to get outside the numbers or cover more than ten yards down the field.

Tues: Struggled again.  Made a few nice plays against the pass yet often victimized against the pass.


Sean Porter LB Texas A&M

6013 231 9.38 31.78

Tues: Nice day for Porter.  Looked very athletic on the field and made plays sideline-to-sideline.  Solid against the run or in coverage.


Chase Thomas LB Stanford

6031 241 9.48 31.38

Mon: Struggled all day.  Looked poor in coverage drills despite the fact he was covering a very slow Michael Williams, who continually beat Thomas.  Did not show much of anything.

Tues: Similar results to Monday.


Vince Williams LB Florida State

6004 247 9.18 31.48

Mon: Showed  a terrific amount of speed and explosion.  Fast sideline-to-sideline.  Very athletic.

Oday Aboushi OL Virginia

6052 310 10.4 32.78

Mon: Lined up a lot at right tackle.  Nice size and athleticism.

Tues: Good day for Aboushi. Technically sound, strong and anchors at the point or controlled opponents in drills and scrimmage.  Did not make many mistakes.  Does not block with the killer mentality.


D.J. Fluker OL Alabama

6047 355 10.2 36.38


Dalton Freeman OL Clemson

6042 286 9.78 31.00

Mon: Technically very sound but got walked back into the pocket on a number of occasions.

Tues: Again; got rag dolled and overrun in the middle by Montori Hughes and John Jenkins.


Garrett Gilkey OL Chadron State

6057 314 10.3 31.68

Mon: Very impressed with Gilkey.  Played hard, did not back down and fought hard every play he was involved with.  He stunned John Jenkins on one play with a violent jolt of his hands and knocked the big tackle back off the ball.



Lane Johnson OL Oklahoma

6062 302 9.68 35

Mon: Johnson looked good in pass protection and showed a lot of athleticism.  He needs to get stronger in his lower body as Johnson got pushed back off the ball a few times.

Tues: Terrific day for Johnson.  Showed tremendous pass blocking skills, anchoring at the point and handling opponents.   Really did not see him get beat once.


Xavier Nixon OL Florida

6054 311 10.4 33.68

Mon: Lined up at both guard and tackle.  Looked really good in pass protection, quickly getting off the snap and doing a terrific job with his sets.

Tues: Nice job again by Nixon.  Fundamentally sound and blocks with good knee bend and leverage.  Very quick and explosive as well.


Brian Schwenke OL California

6030 307 9.48 30.78

Mon: Quick and mechanically sound yet was overwhelmed on a number of occasions.

Tues: Solid day for Schwenke.  Fought hard and played through the whistle.  Not a great athlete but smart and tough.


Dallas Thomas OL Tennessee

6052 308 10.3 32

Mon: Lined up at both tackle and guard.  Athletic, quick and moves very well on his feet.  Really needs to get stronger in his lower body and he gets no push run blocking.



J.C. Tretter OL Cornell

6035 302 10.1 32.28


Larry Warford OL Kentucky

6032 333 9.58 31.78

Mon: Dominated opponents all day.  Big, wide bodied blocker who plays to his size.  Several commented on how powerful Warford is.  Terrific power blocking lineman.

Tues: Another dominant day for Warford who regularly handled anyone who lined up opposite him.


Landry Jones QB Oklahoma

6035 221 9.00 32.18

Mon: Up and down practice but for the most part struggled.  Made a few nice passes yet mostly had receivers leaving their feet or reaching backwards to grab the errant throw.

Tues: Poor outing for Jones.  He completes a lot of three yard screens but stares down targets, forces the ball into coverage and made a lot of bad choices today.


E.J. Manuel QB Florida State

6043 227 10.1 35

Mon: Had the best arm of any quarterback in attendance.  Shows great speed and power on his passes.  Got the ball through the tight spots and made some brilliant NFL passes.  On the other hand sprayed a lot of throws.  Incredible upside but needs a lot of work.

Tues: Up and down.   Has the strongest arm of any passer in attendance and makes some beautiful passes but again; all over the place with his tosses.


Tyler Wilson QB Arkansas

6021 218 8.58 31

Mon: Had his moments and threw some terrific passes that were on the money.  Also tossed one very bad pick in full scrimmage.

Tues: Much improved and much better consistency today.  Showed a terrific arm and made a lot of really nice throws. Stayed away from mistakes.  Probably watched his stock move north faster than any other signal caller at the Senior Bowl on Tuesday.


Andre Ellington RB Clemson

5094 197 9.28 30.58

Mon: Did a lot of slipping on the field but otherwise showed a lot of variety and skill in his game.



Mike Gillislee RB Florida

5112 207 8.68 30.68

Mon: Really does not show that great pop in his game or a burst carrying the ball.  Nice vision but neither quick not fast.

Tues: Better performance from Gillislee.  Has nice vision, instincts and did a great job following blocks.


Onterio McCalebb RB Auburn

5101 164 8.68 30.18


Stepfan Taylor RB Stanford

5090 216 8.38 29.58

Mon: Best back on the field.  Practiced with great vision, instinct and had a burst.  Flashes suddenness with his ability to explode through the hole.  Terrific pass catcher out of the backfield.  Showed a complete game.

Tues: In a word; tremendous. Stood out in all facets of the game.  Never went down and worked every play.  Nice power and pop in his game.


Philip Lutzenkirchen  TE Auburn

6031 255 10.1 33




Vance McDonald TE Rice

6041 262 10.0 34.48

Mon: Very nice day for McDonald.  Caught the ball extremely well and made some difficult catches.  Also displayed skill as a blocker.

Tues: Came back to earth a bit.  Dropped several easy passes which scouts won’t forget.


Mychal Rivera TE Tennessee

6032 237 10.2 32.18

Mon: Athletic, quick and fast.  Made several nice receptions.  Definite move tight end prospect.

Tues: Best tight end on the field.  Looked like a big possession receiver versus a fast tight end.


Michael Williams TE Alabama

6056 269 10.1 32.68

Mon: Yes- Williams is a heavy footed plodder with no speed in his game.  But he caught the ball well and was as effective blocking as many of the offensive lineman.

Tues: Again- did a nice job in all areas of the position.


Cobi Hamilton WR Arkansas

6016 199 8.58 32.28

Mon: Looked good running underneath routes and possesses reliable hands.  Lacks a deep burst and second gear.  Had a lot of passes thrown in his direction by Tyler Wilson.

Tues: Caught the ball well but his route running leaves a lot to be desired.


Tavarres King WR Georgia

6002 192 9.38 32.58

Mon: Caught the ball well but nothing outstanding stood out about his practice.

Tues: Solid day from King.  Not fast but steady.


Quinton Patton WR Louisiana Tech

6000 202 9.18 32.28

Mon: Patton:  Very quick and sure handed. Made a lot of nice receptions today and ran good routes.  Does not have that second gear.

Tues: Picked up the pace and even better today.  Caught the ball well.  Runs exceptional routes.  Made all the catches everywhere on the field.


Ryan Swope WR Texas A&M

6002 204 8.18 30.38

Mon: Tough, quick and reliable.  Dropped one pass all day.  Solid routes; sharp and quick in/out.



Conner Vernon WR Duke

6002 193 9.18 29.68

Mon: Worked hard and made a lot of nice receptions.  Ran solid routes and separated from defenders then made the catch.  Lacks any sort of speed of burst.

Tues: Outstanding performance from Vernon.  Ran the best routes of any receiver on the South.  Exceptional hands; soft and reliable.  Not fast yet very dependable.


Terrance Williams WR Baylor

6017 201 8.68 30.58

Mon: Best receiver on the field for the South.  Quick off the line with a nice burst.  Made some outstanding receptions.  Reliable hands and played with a good degree of athleticism.