A breakdown of the players on the West squad participating in practice during Shrine week. Broken down numerically as shown on the roster.

Chad Bumphis/WR/Mississippi St:  Did a solid job and gave us more than we expected.  Competed and caught the ball well. Wed- Another strong day for Bumphis who made a number of very difficult receptions.  Overall a strong two days of practice for the wide out.

Dan Buckner/WR/Arizona: Solid day; big target who fought hard and competed to make the reception then caught the ball most of the time.  Not a speedster but a solid possession wide out.  Left practice with a minor ankle issue.  Wed- Out with the ankle injury.

Seth Doege/QB/Texas Tech: Can’t throw the ball.

Keenan Davis/WR/Iowa:  Wed- Made a number of difficult receptions all practice.  Showed strong hands and the ability to snatch the pass from the air.  Slow but presented himself as a solid possession wide out.

Jasper Collins/WR/Mount Union: Caught the ball extremely well and displayed good short area quickness.  Made some tough, down the field receptions.  Struggled getting off jams to the point where he could not get off the line.  Wed- Terrific practice and the comment was passed that he’s the best receiver on the West roster.  Quick with a burst and reliable hands.

Matt Scott/QB/Arizona: Strongest arm of any quarterback at both Shrine practices.   Passes display nice zip and relatively accurate.  Has nice height.  Wed- Strong arm but the problem is you don’t know where the passes will end up.

Tyrone Goard/WR/Eastern Kentucky: Made several nice receptions in contorted positions with defenders draped on him.  Limited quickness, speed and burst.  Wed- Fought hard and made some decent catches yet also let an easy downfield throw slip by him.

Alex Carder/QB/Western Michigan: Does not have an NFL arm.

Kerwynn Williams/RB/Utah State:  Elusive and creates yardage but not a guy that can handle a large number of carries.  Wed- Real good practice.  Showed good vision, elusiveness and a nice burst.  Really liked his patience and the way he would pick his spots on the inside.  Also displayed the speed and quickness to turn the corner on more than one occasion.

Christine Michael/RB/Texas A&M: Terrific day.  Pounded it out on the inside, ran through tackles and also displayed terrific quickness for a bigger back.  Made a lot of money for himself today.  Wed- Ran strong and hard on the inside.  Had a number of runs that wowed scouts.  Also showed he’s not an elusive back and cannot create but needs a hole.

Josh Hill/TE/Idaho State:  Shows a good deal of athleticism and movement skills but struggles in most areas as a blocker.  Wed- Mostly quite yet shows a good degree of athleticism.

Zach Line/RB-FB/SMU: Displayed a lot of strength carrying the ball on the inside.  Wed- Had a number of strong runs on the inside.   Can really grind it out.

Kirby Fabien/T/Calgary: Decent size and athleticism.  Skills are there to work with.  Wed- Needs a lot of work on his overall technique.

James Ferentz/C/Iowa: Smart technician that understands the position but lacks size. Wed- Was overrun on a number of occasions by Will Campbell.  Also beat by Josh Boyd.

Ryan Turnley/OL/Pittsburgh: Played a lot of guard.  Not dominant but a solid position blocker who gets leverage on opponents and holds his point.  Wed- Did a solid job.  Good position blocker.  One of the few linemen able to slow Campbell down.  A smart technician.

Blaize Foltz/OL/TCU: Showed some explosion and quickness.  Good position blocker.  Wed- Moved well on his feet and looked very good getting out front and blocking in motion. Unlike the East, the West has put their linemen in motion to give scouts a view of their potential as zone blockers.  Foltz has it.

Manase Foketi/OL/West Texas A&M:  Pulled a calf muscle the day before arriving to the Shrine Game.  Having a precautionary MRI in coming days.  Did receive a combine invite.

Dann O’Neill/T/Western Michigan: Size prospect with good strength yet immobile and really limited to a small area.

Tanner Hawkinson/T/Kansas: Leverage blocker who plays with great fundamentals.  Really must improve his strength as he got pushed back off the line several times.  Wed- Would say he was better today. Same solid technique yet today he was able to hold the point.

Braden Brown/OL/BYU: Left practice early.  We are told potential groin issue.  Wed- Its actually a hip flexor that knocked Brown out of practice.

Zach Sudfeld/TE/Nevada: Did not stand out in any single area yet solid in his all around game.  Did a nice job blocking and made some terrific receptions.  Wed- A solid tight end but neither big or fast.  Does the little things well but a bit limited.

Khalid Wooten/CB/Nevada: Showed some signs of life after getting toasted on Monday.  Wed- Shows a lot of skills but struggled covering Jasper Collins.

Aaron Hester/CB/UCLA: Strong, press cover who fought to break up passes.  Limited speed and quickness.  Wed- Made several nice pass break-ups in scrimmage.  Nice break to the ball and fights to get a hand in.

Duke Williams/S/Nevada: Looked terrific in drills- very quick and fluid.

Demontre Hurst/CB/Oklahoma: Struggled all day and was consistently beaten.

Keith Pough/LB/Howard: Displayed a complete game.  Playmaker.  Not the biggest but played tough.  A lot to like.  Wed- Another terrific practice.  Displayed a large degree of quickness as well as smarts today.  Made several nice plays on the ball.

Jaheel Addae/S/Central Michigan: Sold defensive back.  Shows next level ball skills and for the most part did well in coverage drills.  Better facing the action and struggled making plays with his back to the ball.

Travis Howard/CB/Ohio State: Good instincts yet marginal athleticism.  Wed- Again; several comments passed that he’s a good cornerback yet does not possess the next level quickness and speed.  Zone corner who must be protected.

Micah Hyde/CB/Iowa: Showed some terrific ball skills.  Explodes to the pass out of his plant and broke up several throws.  Good day.  Wed- Outstanding day for Hyde.  Had several nice plays including one outstanding interception in scrimmage. Just jumps out of nowhere to make plays on the ball.

Bradley McDougald/S/Kansas: Struggles in anything other than a small area.

Zeke Motta/S/Notre Dame: Made one terrific play in coverage but for the most part a one-dimensional strong safety.  Wed- Made another solid play in deep coverage.  Must be kept inside the numbers yet very effective once he get to the action.

DeVonte Holloman/OLB-S/South Carolina: Used primarily at linebacker.  Really did not stand out.

Shamarko Thomas/S/Syracuse: Shows a lot of quickness in his game.  Wed- Made several nice plays on the ball in coverage.  Good break to the ball out of his plant.

Terry Hawthorne/CB/Illinois: Struggled all day and was often beaten.  Wed- Really had a tough go of it.  I rated Hawthorne up there at the start of the season but he’ll struggle to stay in the draft’s initial 100 selections.

Nathan Williams/OLB/Ohio State: Big, strong defender who looks the part yet really does not play to it.

Travis Johnson/DE/San Jose State: Undersized speed rusher that will have to move to OLB at the next level.  Wed- Displayed a lot of natural pass rushing skills.  Practiced with the defensive linemen.

William Campbell/DT/Michigan: Big, strong, controlling lineman that constantly pushed blockers off the ball and into the backfield.  Was dominant at times and could not be stopped.  Did not show great quickness or a closing burst.  More of a gap occupier and pocket collapser then play maker.  Wed- Another day in which Campbell looked like a man amongst boys.  That said his motor is being questioned not only by scouts but by the West coaches.  Looked disinterested and took shortcuts at times.

Will Pericak/DL/Colorado: Lacks great physical skills but played with high effort all day.  Potential three technique tackle.  Wed- Very quick and showed  good movement skills yet once blocked stayed blocked.

Rob Lohr/DL/Vanderbilt:  Wed- Lohr returned to the field after exiting with an injury yesterday. He’s an explosive lineman with a terrific first step and change of direction.  He also plays with a big motor yet lacks size and will be controlled at the point.

Wes Hutton/DE/USC: Really looks the part and stood out in drills and one-on-one’s.  Looks like he’s got some nice growth potential as well.  Wed- His athleticism jumps out at you as Horton is quick, fluid and has a burst.  He needs to start making more plays on a consistent basis.

Josh Boyd/DL/Mississippi State: One gap/three technique tackle who beat opponents off the snap yet could not beat blocks once tied up at the point.  Wed- Much better day for Boyd.  Quick with a good change of direction and did a better job getting off blocks today.