Off on a bad footTraining for the combine has seemingly taken its’ toll on a top player today as several sources on the scene have told us Georgia Tech receiver Demaryius Thomas allegedly hurt his foot while practicing the three cone drill.  It looks as though Thomas has broken a bone in his foot.  The big receiver,  who is training in Scottsdale, Arizona, has been tearing it up recently.  Sources have told us after weighing in at 220-pounds Thomas had been timed as fast as 4.38-seconds in the forty.  This afternoon Thomas was seen on crutches.  Update 11PM.

Update 11 PM

We’ve since talked to several sources who were on hand to watch Thomas prepare for the combine and all the reviews have been glowing.  Some told us many of the other players on hand at API preparing for the combine were amazed at the athleticism Thomas displayed on a daily basis.  He was not only fast but very explosive and strong.  The receiver coaches on hand were astonished at the route running ability the 237-pound Thomas displayed besides the ability to make all the receptions.  Several we spoke with said they could not wait for his workout at the combine and, in a bit of irony,  thought it would be reminiscent of the workout turned in by former Yellow Jacket receiver Calvin Johnson.

How will this effect the draft stock of Thomas?  Todd France told us general managers have said since Thomas will be ready to go for OTA’s it won’t hurt much.  And while we agree we think the inability to workout in front of scouts makes it almost impossible for Thomas to make a big leap up draft boards.

Update 7:30 PM

Todd France, the agent for Demaryius Thomas, confirmed with us a little while ago his client did in fact break a foot today.  France told us the big receiver will be checked by specialists to determine if surgery is needed and admitted it is very possible that a pin may need to be inserted into the foot of Thomas to hasten the healing.

The recovery time will be four-to-six weeks and it is very questionable whether or not Thomas will workout for NFL teams prior to the draft.  The issue is even a four week recovery will bring Thomas into the middle of March.  At that point he’ll be a bit rusty and won’t be able to train all out as he has been.

France did confirm that Thomas had run a 4.38 forty last week after weighing in at 227-pounds.  France tolud us the run was filmed and every NFL team would receive a copy.  More later this evening.

Other news from Arizona has former Oklahoma tight end Jermaine Gresham looking very good as he prepares for the combine.  Sources have told us Gresham looks fit and fast.  He’s catching the ball very well in drills and though not yet 100%, seems close to full strength.

The same cannot be said for Eric Decker. Decker has not been doing much running and limited pass catching since his since the surgery to repair a Lisfranc sprain was completed in early November.  Sources say the recovery time from that surgery is six months, which brings Decker to the beginning of May.