A breakdown of the players on the East squad participating in practice during Shrine Game week. Broken down numerically as shown on the roster.  Updated for Wednesday!

Zac Stacy/RB/Vanderbilt: Solid short area quickness and a nice burst.  Displayed good vision and overall running skills.

Collin Klein/QB/Kansas State: Struggled all day.  Pushes the ball and cannot drive passes.  Looked hesitant and slow to pull the trigger even in 7-on-7’s.  Wed Did a better job throwing the ball, especially on screens yet looks much more comfortable running with the ball.

D.C Jefferson/TE/Rutgers: Tall and looks the part.  Only plays to it on occasion.  Did a solid job blocking yet looked no better than average catching the ball.  Wed Showed the ability to get open on several occasions but the quarterbacks on he East struggled to get the ball to him.  More the fault of the signal callers.

Ray Graham/RB/Pittsburgh: Looked very quick and elusive.  Shed the knee brace.

Marcus Davis/WR/Virginia Tech: Looked like a man amongst boys at times.  Fluid, natural and beat down opponents on occasion. Wed Looks the part but disappeared for stretches and did not display himself as a big play pass catching threat.

Montel Harris/RB/Temple: Solid day carrying the ball and catching it out of the backfield.  Not spectacular.

Chris Pantale/TE/Boston College:  Wed Solid day.  Did a nice job blocking and consistently found the open spot on the field as an underneath receiver then caught the ball well.

TJ Johnson/C/South Carolina: Fundamentally very sound in all aspects. Not dominant but efficient and got the job done.  Wed- Another solid day.  Needs to improve his playing strength but the skills are there.

Eris Kush/C/Cal-Pa: Blocks with excellent mechanics.   Good leader and shows good awareness.  Over run by larger opponents.

Jordan Devey/OL/Memphis: Looked unathletic and clumsy at times but controlled opponents once he got his hands on them.  Wed Again- does not look pretty yet consistently gets the job done and controls opponents at the point of attack.

Earl Watford/G/James Madison: Solid.  Did not block in motion, which is his forte, yet held his own blocking on the line of scrimmage and in one-on-one drills.  Wed- Very effective today.  Displayed surprising strength at the point of attack and the ability to control defenders.  Solid technician.  Hearing some scouts rank him as the number two zone blocking prospect in the draft after Jon Cooper of North Carolina.

Nick Speller/T/UMass:  Wed- Terrific day for Speller.  Leverage blocker who played with good fundamentals and rarely got beat.  Looked like a prospect today.

Mark Jackson/Glenville State: Lined up at tackle.  Looks the part, blocks with solid fundamentals and athletic but needs a lot of work.  Showed flashes but was also beaten a number of times.  Wed- Much better practice on Wednesday.  Played with good fundamentals again yet did not look intimidated nor did he play back on his heels.  Controlled everyone he went up against.

RJ Dill/OL/Rugers: Looks the part but very stiff and at times held on for dear life.  Wed- Very stiff and consistently exploited by pass rushers.

Terron Armstead/OL/Arkansas Pine-Bluff: Very impressive.  Athletic, blocks with good fundamentals and controlled opponents most of the day. Played up to his level of competition all morning.  Wed- Another impressive performance from Armstead.  There a lot to like about his game; athleticism, mechanics, versatility.  Leaves Shrine practices as one of the best offensive linemen in attendance.

Emory Blake/WR/Auburn: Made several nice catches and separated himself from the rest of the receiver crop from the East.  Not fast but efficient.  Wed- Another solid day catching the ball.

Corey Fuller/WR/Virginia Tech: Wed- Natural, fluid and consistent catching the ball all day.  Showed little in the way of speed or quickness.

Rodney Smith/WR/Florida State: Caught the ball well but neither fast nor quick.  A lot of pushing off.

Erik Highsmith/WR/North Carolina: Made several nice receptions during practice.  Extended and adjusted a number of times to grab the ball.

Lucas Reed/TE/New Mexico:  Looked the part and flashed as a blocker and pass catcher.  Wed- Stepped up his game today.  Made several nice receptions and looked good as a blocker.  Had scouts buzzing.

Cooper Taylor/S/Richmond: Monstrous safety.  Fluid and quick moving about the field.  Nice pedal and turn.  Showed a lot of good skills today.

Sio Moore/LB/UConn: Made a lot of nice plays which drew praise from the coaches and a rise from the scouts on hand.

Kayvon Webster/CB/South Florida: Off and on throughout practice.  Shut down opponents then was beaten a number of times.  Wed- Played significantly better today.  Had several nice pass break-ups and stuck with opponents around the field.

Brandon McGee/CB/Miami-Fl: Made several sensational plays throughout practice including two nice interceptions.  Terrific practice.  Wed- Not as impressive as yesterday yet still played well.

Rod Sweating/CB/Georgia Tech: Solid drill session.  Nothing outstanding in scrimmage.

Melvin White/CB/La-Lafayette: Looked stiff and disappointing.  Terrific size and build.

Rashard Hall/S/Clemson: Started strong in drills and drew the praise of coaches but turned quite in scrimmage.  Wed- Made several nice plays in coverage.  Not a rangy center fielder yet very effective between the numbers.

Nick Moody/LB/Florida State:  Wed- Looked athletic and quick.  Covered a lot of area on the field.  Made several nice plays in coverage.

Josh Evans/S/Florida: Explosive and has a burst yet very straight linish.

Kejuan Riley/S/Alabama State: A bit disappointing.  Looked rather stiff and not very quick.  Expected more.

Earl Wolff/S/North Carolina State: Solid from the get-go.  Drew the praise of coaches early on and made a number of nice plays in scrimmage.

Josh Johnson/CB/Purdue: Spotty but very good when on his game.

Mike Catapano/DE/Princeton: Has several nice plays in one-on-one as well as scrimmage.  Fast off the edge and fluid on twists/stunts.  Wed- Hard charging player who showed good edge speed yet lacks bulk and easily handled by blocks several times.

Anthony McCloud/DT/Florida State: Flashed power and dominance on the inside then would disappear.  Wed- Stepped up his game today.  Was tough to stop on the inside.  Possesses a nice first step and lower body power.  Got a lot of push up the field and collapsed the pocket.

David Bass/DE/Missouri Western: Terrific morning practice.  Quick off the snap, fast off the edge and constantly beat his opponent.  Looked very athletic on the field and was tough to stop.  Wed- The good on Bass is he’s a natural pass rusher who does more than take wide angles around blockers.  He showed terrific hand techniques and an inside move.  Bass does struggle once engaged with a blocker and was a liability defending the run.

Joe Vellano/DL/Maryland: Few are as intense as Vellano.  Chased around trying to make plays.  Not big and struggles getting off blocks yet great effort.

Izaan Cross/DL/Georgia Tech: Primarily lined up inside and looked terrific.  Quick with surprising power. Was impossible to stop at times.  Wed- Had a tough go of it today and was not nearly effective compared to Tuesday.

AJ Francis/DL/Maryland: Looked the part and often played to it.  Large and powerful.  Needs to improve some of his techniques but he has next level skill.  Wed- Terrific performance.  Was impossible to stop and consistently drove opponents off the line of scrimmage into the backfield.  Not quick off the snap but incredibly strong, cannot be moved off the point and consistently got the better of opponents.

Devin Taylor/DL/South Carolina: Terrible day.  Handled at the point by just about everyone he faced off against, down to the small school blockers.  Just gave the impression his best football is behind him.  Wed- Much better performance for Taylor.  Made plays, got off blocks quicker and around the action a lot.