Is Clausen ready for the NFL?

Who are the top quarterbacks in the 2010 NFL Draft?  Brent Sobleski gives his insight on the fifteen players at the position he thinks could be selected throughout the seven rounds in April.  Brent also adds extended comments for all his picks.

Rank Full Name School Rnd Comments
1 Jimmy Clausen Notre Dame 1 A lightning rod for controversy, Clausen has all the tangibles and intangibles need to be the top signal caller drafted.   He hails from a pro system where he showed to be very accurate and not turnover prone.   He fits balls into the tightest of windows.   He continually brought his team back from deficits and played through injury.    His physical upside and off the field attitude are somewhat questionable, but Jimmy Clausen is certainly a better prospect than his predecessor at Notre Dame.
2 Sam Bradford Oklahoma 1 The ever present arm injury will continue to play a factor in this prospect’s draft status.   Once he is medically cleared and is allowed to fully participate in throwing drills for his pro day, then Sam Bradford has the potential of reclaiming the top spot in this category.
3 Tony Pike Cincinnati 2-3 Long, lean, accurate, tough, superb footwork, willing to stare down an oncoming blitzing defender and still deliver a soft catchable ball.  Tony Pike has almost all of the qualities needed to be considered the best of the next batch of quarterback prospects in this draft class.
4 Colt McCoy Texas 2-3 If not for his recent arm injury, McCoy’s eventual draft status would be much more enticing.   Instead this prolific collegiate passer will fall further than his wonderful career statistics would indicate.  Colt McCoy is athletic and accurate but lacks true down the field arm strength.   In the right system, he could eventually become a steal.
5 Jarrett Brown West Virginia 3-4 A one year starter with ample upside.   Brown has shown more in one season as a passer than Pat White did in his four years at West Virginia.   Brown is bigger, a very good athlete in his own right, and has a very strong and explosive arm.    As he develops past his first year as a starter, he can look to overcome his faulty decision making and turnovers.
6 Tim Tebow Florida 3 Eventually someone will be willing to take a chance on this highly debated prospect.   He obviously has an impressive body of work.   He does have the physical tools to be an NFL quarterback.   His technique and lack of traditional pocket presence will continually be a work in progress.   In the end, one team will fall in love with his demeanor and attitude and take said chance.
7 Mike Kafka Northwestern 4-5 Somewhat of a sleeper, Mike Kafka improved greatly in his first full year as a starter.  He has a nice feel for the passing game, very good footwork in the pocket, athletic, and accurate.   And as his bowl game performance would indicate, he is not afraid to sling the football all over the field.
8 Sean Canfield Oregon St. 4-5 One of the few prospects coming out of a system that can be loosely described as a “pro system”.   Canfield shows nice anticipation on this throws, which helps to overshadow a less than stellar arm.  He really improved in his final campaign with the Beavers and became a legitimate quarterback prospect.
9 Dan LeFevour C. Michigan 5-6 Overrated due to a highly decorated and productive career for the Chippewas.   As a passer, this is generally where LeFevour would rank.  His technique is suspect, he does not have a great feel for a traditional passing game, and his collegiate system definitely played to all of his strengths.   He is athletic, a good leader, and a better person off the field; and that will drive his stock past where he should be legitimately selected.
10 Jevon Snead Mississippi 5-6 All the talent in the world, yet never showed the consistency to live up to the expectations placed upon this prospect entering this season.   Would have benefited from returning to school, winning the QB job outright, and display improvement on his accuracy and decision making.
11 Jonathan Crompton Tennessee 6-7 Another with a very good arm, prototypical size, yet never showed the consistency needed from the position.    It should be noted Crompton did improve as his senior season progressed and finished with 6 interceptions in his final ten games under center.   A number he replicated in Tennessee’s first three contests alone.
12 Levi Brown Troy 7-FA A strong GMAC Bowl performance helped put this prospect on the map.  A transfer from Richmond, Brown came into Troy and became a two year starter, breaking multiple school records.  Having started 23 games for the Trojans, Brown only threw 12 interceptions over said time.
13 John Skelton Fordham 7-FA Big, very strong arm, lightning release.  All the tools necessary to make the jump from a small college atmosphere to the NFL.   Questions have arisen about work ethic, ability to buckle down, and learn the game thus improving his woeful inaccuracy at times.
14 Zac Robinson Oklahoma St, 7-FA Solid dual threat signal caller who put together an impressive career while for the Oklahoma State Cowboys.  A marginal prospect with some tools that can make a squad and develop into a fine backup.  His numbers did dip as a senior due to being asked to do more than he was capable.
15 Armanti Edwards App. State 7-FA A four year starter for the Mountaineers, Edwards is a wildcat/athlete option at the next level.   This quarterback was very successful at the FCS level winning championships, numerous individual awards, and setting records.   His athleticism should project him elsewhere, but his talent should not go unnoticed.