The PAC 12 placed four players in the first round of last April’s draft.  There’s a very good chance that number will be increased by one in 2013, with the USC Trojans leading the way.


Rnd Full Name Pos Num Yr Comments
3rdMickey BaucusT683SoSolid left tackle prospect that shows a lot of skill in pass protection.
5thFabbians EbbeleT733SoKing-size right tackle prospect with a huge upside. Effective as both a run blocker and pass protector.
7thDan BucknerWR45SrQuick, sure handed pass catcher effective in underneath coverage.
FAGreg NwokoRB285SrOne time highly rated ball carrier that’s struggled with consistency and injury the past two seasons.
FATrace BiskinG725SrTough, hard working, small area blocker.
FAMatt ScottQB104Sr
FATaimi TutogiFB314SrLimited, one dimensional fullback that gives effort in all areas.

Arizona State

Rnd Full Name Pos Num Yr Comments
6thJamal MilesWR324SrSmallish yet elusive pass catcher that also stands out as a return specialist.
6thRashad RossWR154SrConsistent receiver with adequate size and terrific pass catching skills.
7thWill SuttonDT904JrIntense, one gap tackle that combines tremendous quickness and explosion. Moves well in every area and chases the action hard.
FACorey AdamsDT684SrExplosive, hard-working one gap tackle that plays with a fiery attitude.
FACameron MarshallRB64SrStout, compact ball carrier that combines strength and good footwork. Better between the tackles.
FAEvan FinkenbergT624JrLarge college left tackle that has possibilities on the right side at the next level.
FABrandon MaGeeOLB85SrRelatively athletic weak side linebacker that makes plays sideline to sideline and gets depth on pass drops. Returning from a major injury.
FAKeelan JohnsonS105SrDownhill, run defending safety.


Rnd Full Name PosNumYrComments
1stKeenan AllenWR213JrDominant, reliable receiver that makes some amazing receptions. Possesses the tools to be a number one wide out at the next level.
5thMarc AnthonyCB25SrWell sized cornerback with good ball skills. Aggressive, instinctive and offers next level skills.
6-7Matt Summers-GavinG755SrUnderrated college lineman that can line up at guard or tackle. Fundamentally sound, tough and has an upside.
7thSteve WilliamsCB14JrDeveloping corner that shows solid skills.
FAC.J. AndersonRB94SrStout, strong interior runner that also does a terrific job as a pass catcher.
FABrian SchwenkeG574SrUnderrated lineman that can be used at guard or center. Has enough skill to backup at the next level.
FAKendrick PayneDT965SrExplosive one gap/3 technique lineman that has size limitations.
FAIsi SofeleRB204SrInstinctive, quick ball carrier that does a terrific job finding the running lanes and choosing his spots. Potential rotational runner at the next level.
FAAaron TipotiDT505SrExplosive, straight line defender that occupies blockers.
FAJacob WarkTE843JrBig, strong blocking tight end.


RndFull NamePosNumYrComments
3rdDoug RippyILB35SrAthletic three down defender that quickly fills gaps defending the run while also going sideline to sideline in coverage. Comes with a nice upside.
4thPaul RichardsonWR63JrTerrific pass catcher with deceptive speed and reliable hands.
4thDaniel MunyerC523SoDeveloping center that combines terrific athleticism, blocking fundamentals and movement skills. Needs to get stronger yet an outstanding prospect for the future.
FAJack HarrisT754JrStout, tough tackle prospect that’s been effective when on the field.
FADavid BakhtiariT594JrSolid college left tackle that may be better off inside at guard in the NFL.
FAJon MajorOLB314SrInstinctive, intense linebacker with average physical skills. Plays hard and could be used as a backup/special teams player.
FAWill PericakDT835SrHard-working lineman used at end in Colorado’s 34 alignment. Chases the action hard and plays with great intensity yet lacks top upside.
FARay PolkS75SrSolid between the tackles safety effective defending the run or covering the pass.
FANick KasaDE844SrGood athlete that must start to transition into a football player.


RndFull NamePosNumYrComments
3rdDion JordanDE965SrAthletic defender that is a disruptive force. Solid pass rusher that’s tough to stop off the edge and shows ability making plays in space. Lacks the pure speed to be used at outside linebacker yet should grow into a terrific defensive end.
3rdWade KeliikipiDT924JrTough, nasty, slug it out defensive tackle that can be impossible to move off the point.
3-4John BoyettS215SrAggressive safety with a complete game. Explosive, tough and shows good ball skills. Lacks classic height yet can play in any type of system.
4thCarson YorkG775SrMechanically sound guard that stands out in pass protection and run blocking. Needs to improve his strength yet offers starting potential at the next level.
4thKenjon BarnerRB245SrPatient, creative ball carrier with a terrific burst. Sets up blocks, eludes defenders and a terrific receiver out of the backfield.
5thKiko AlonsoOLB475SrSolid linebacker with a complete game. Athletic, tough against the run and makes plays in coverage. Three down defender with an upside.
6thRicky HeimuliDT903JrNice sized offensive tackle that flashes athleticism. Has an upside yet needs a lot of work on his game.
6-7Michael ClayOLB464SrUndersized one gap linebacker that makes plays in every direction of the field. Fast, athletic and could make it as a backup/special teams player at the next level.
FAAvery PattersonS214JrSolid safety who shows well in every area.
FATerrance MitchellCB273SoFeisty cornerback that shows an array of skill. Comes with an upside yet needs a lot of work on his game.
FANick CodyT615SrStrong, small area college right tackle that may be best inside at guard.

Oregon State

RodFull NamePosNumYrComments
3rdJordan PoyerCB144SrTerrific cornerback with solid ball skills and football instincts. Underrated and a potential top 100 pick next April.
5thSean MannionQB43SoTall, adequately armed prospect with a developing game.
6thScott CrichtonDE953SoAthletic and explosive underclassmen that shows a lot of skill.
6-7Markus WheatonWR24SrSpeedy, athletic receiver that shows great quickness on the field. Flashes skill yet needs a lot more consistency.


RndFull NamePosNumYrComments
2-3Shayne SkovILB114SrDominant linebacker that must now return from a knee injury.
3rdLevine ToiloloTE114JrAthletic tight end with great size and upside potential. Needs to develop his game.
3rdDavid YankeyG543SoTremendous young offensive line prospect that is effective in pass protection as well as blocking in motion.
3-4Cameron FlemingT733SoMassive right tackle prospect that displays good strength, athleticism and movement skills. Needs work on his game yet has a huge upside.
5thZach ErtzTE864JrAthletic, pass catching tight end that displays the ability to create mismatches down the field.
6thAJ TarpleyILB173SoTerrific young linebacker with an outstanding game. Athletic and tough.
6thStepfan TaylorRB334SrHard charging interior ball carrier that also stands out as a pass catcher. Minimal speed and quickness in his game.
7thChase ThomasOLB445SrIntelligent linebacker that works hard yet a limited athlete with minimal quickness and speed in his game.
FAJarek LancasterOLB354JrUndersized yet explosive linebacker that goes sideline to sideline. Effective in pursuit.
FARyan HewittFB854JrDependable utility prospect that can line up at fullback, tight end or H-back.
FATyler GaffneyRB254SrTough ball carrier effective in all areas. Gave up football for career in baseball.


RndFull NamePosNumYrComments
5thDatone JonesDE565SrUndersized college defensive end that flashes skill but has an upside.
5thPatrick LarimoreILB425SrTough, stout run defender that also shows ability in zone coverage. Solid prospect.
6thGreg CapellaG744JrFlexible, explosive blocker that can play several interior spots on the offensive line.
7thJohnathan FranklinRB235SrElusive ball carrier that also produces as a pass catcher. Potential rotational back/third-down ball carrier at the next level.
7thAaron HesterCB215SrFeisty cornerback best in press coverage. Downfield speed may be a concern.
FATevin McDonaldS73SoDeveloping safety who plays sideline to sideline, flashes ball skills and has an upside.
FAJeff BacaG605SrStrong college tackle better off inside at guard at the next level.
FAJoseph FauriaTEN5SrAthletic tight end that shows flashes yet must put together a consistent game.
FADonovan CarterDT905SrQuick, hard-working lineman with limited upside.
FASheldon PriceCB224SrLimited corner that struggles making plays with his back to the ball.


RndFull NamePosNumYrComments
1stMatt BarkleyQB74SrTerrific signal caller with the ability to lead a franchise at the next level. Smart, athletic and displays precise accuracy on throws.
1stRobert WoodsWRN3JrTerrific pass catcher that breaks games open. Dangerous running after the reception.
1stT.J. McDonaldS74SrExplosive safety effective in all areas of the game when he plays with discipline. Big, athletic and a game changer in the middle of the field.
2ndDevon KennardOLB424SrExplosive athlete that can rush the passer out of a three-point stance or effectively make plays in space at linebacker.
2ndHayes PullardOLB103SoDynamite young weak side linebacker prospect with a great upside.
2-3Khaled HolmesG785SrBig, strong, nasty blocker on the pivot. Offers immediate starting potential at the next level.
3rdNickell RobeyCB213JrSolid cornerback that also doubles as a return specialist. Displays good ball skills and does not back down to a challenge.
3-4Kevin GrafT774JrTall, small area blocker with a lot of upside. Should only get better as he physically matures.
4thWes HortonDE965SrAthletic college defensive lineman that can be used at several positions upfront. Has an upside yet must round out his game.
4-5Xavier GrimbleTE863SoTerrific young tight end prospect that stands out as a pass catcher and gives effort blocking.
7thJawanza StarlingS294SrSmart safety that keeps the action in front of him and plays sideline to sideline.
FADion BaileyS183SoAthletic and mobile defender used linebacker. Undersized and potentially a traditional strong safety at the next level.
FATorin HarrisCB44JrAthletic cornerback that needs to improve all areas of his game.
FAJohn MartinezG594JrSolid pass protecting guard with limited size.
FAIsiah WileyCB144Sr


RndFull NamePosNumYrComments
1stStar LotuleleiDT925SrDominant interior lineman that’s impossible to move off the point. Athletic, displays good movement skills and more than just a straight-line defender. Tremendous upside.
FADave KrugerDT445SrUnderrated defensive lineman used at tackle while offering potential as a two gap end. Athletic, fierce and makes plays in every direction of the field.
6thSam BrennerG744SrAggressive offensive lineman that displays a lot of skill blocking in motion.
6thReggie DunnWR145SrConsistent wide out that displays a lot of skill running after the reception.
6-7Joe KrugerDE993JrSolid college defensive end with an upside. Good game yet not spectacular.
FADeVonte ChristopherWR105SrQuick receiver that lets a lot of catchable throws through his hands.
FABrian BlechenS43JrLarge, forceful safety that will get consideration at outside linebacker. Has an upside yet must be more consistent in his game.
FAKendrick MoeaiTE815SrConsistent pass catching tight end that gives effort blocking.
FALuke MatthewsWR115SrSolid pass catcher that flashes downfield speed.
FAJohn WhiteRB154SrExplosive ball carrier with the ability to quickly get through the cutback lanes and beat defenders into the open field. Solid pass catcher out of the backfield.
FARyan LacyCB265SrPhysical defensive back that gets beat down the field too often.
FADavid RolfTE475SrFormer defensive end who moved to tight end last season. Michigan state transfer that’s primarily a size/speed prospect to this point.
FATevita StevensG545SrQuick interior lineman that needs to improve his playing strength.
FAMo LeeCB55SrServiceable corner that can play in zone coverage.


RndFull NamePosNumYrComments
4thKeith PriceQB174JrAthletic quarterback that lacks pocket stature yet offers a lot of playmaking skill.
6thDesmond TrufantCB64SrStreaky cornerback that flashes the ability to shut down opponents yet also gives up a lot of big plays.
7thDrew SchaeferC735SrStrong and quick center with nice size. Better in a small area yet effective in all facets.
FASean ParkerS13JrProductive safety that flashes skill. Must develop his game yet has an upside.
FAErik KohlerT753JrDeveloping tackle that shows good strength in a small area.
FAColin PorterG793JrTall, strong small area blocker.
FAJames JohnsonWR34SrUnderrated possession receiver that finds a way to come free and consistently makes the difficult reception.
FAJonathan AmosaFB485SrStrong, straight line lead blocker with a serviceable game.

Washington State

RndFull NamePosNumYrComments
2ndMarquess WilsonWR863JrDependable receiver that displays a large degree of quickness in his game. Has nice size and effective running after the reception. Expect a huge season in 2012.
5thDeone BucannonS203JrDeveloping safety with a complete game. Tough defending the run and gets outside the numbers in coverage.
FAJohn FullingtonT773JrAgile, mobile offensive lineman that shows skill blocking in motion yet must improve his overall playing strength.
FATravis LongDE894SrHard-working, competitive and intelligent defensive lineman with limited physical skills.
FAAndrei LintzTE875SrVersatile and dependable pass catcher that lines up at several positions yet offers tight end size for the next level.
FADan SpitzT715SrTall, strong small area blocker with marginal upside.