The Big 12 says “adios” to Texas A&M and Missouri while welcoming West Virginia and TCU.  It was just two years ago (April, 2010) the first four players selected in the draft were from the Big 12.  Players from the conference were the second choice in each of the past two draft’s.  Moving forward it will be tough for the Big 12 to match recent successes.  TCU added


Rnd Full Name Pos Num Yr Comments
6thIvory WadeT783JrUnderrated offensive blocking prospect that lines up at right tackle and will also get looks at offensive guard.
7-FATerrance WilliamsWR25SrDependable pass catcher that does A tremendous job coming free for the quarterback and making the reception.
FATerrance LloydOLB114JrUndersized college defensive end with the physical skills and body type to be used at linebacker in the NFL. Comes with an upside.
FAJoe WilliamsCB223JrDeveloping cornerback that flashes skill.
FAJordan NajvarTE184JrRelatively athletic tight end that is effective as a blocker and pass catcher.
FASam HollS253JrAggressive run defending safety that flashes skill in coverage.
FALanear SampsonWR35SrReliable intermediate pass catching target that could make it as a fifth wide out.
FAMike HicksS174SrTough, straight line safety with a solid head for the game.
FACyril RichardsonG684JrLarge, thick, strong college tackle best in confined quarters.
FAK.J. MortonCB83JrAggressive corner that flashes skill.
FAChance CaseyCB94SrTough, aggressive cornerback with a good head for the game. Better facing the action in a zone system.

Iowa State

Rnd Full Name Pos Num Yr Comments
5thA.J. KleinILB474SrTough, dependable run defending linebacker with a good head for the game.
6thTom FarniokC743SoDeveloping center that blocks with good fundamentals and shows a good head for the position.
6-7Jake KnottOLB204SrSlightly undersized yet quick linebacker effective in pursuit.
7-FAEthan TufteeG644JrLarge, nasty blocker that easily controls opponents once engaged at the point of attack.
FAKurt HammerschmidtTE865SrAdequately sized tight end solid in all aspects.


Rnd Full NamePosNumYrComments
5-6Bradley McDougaldS164SrVersatile, interchangeable defensive back who also stands out on special teams.
6thGreg BrownCB55SrAdequate cornerback that has shown flashes.
7-FADayne CristQB105SrFormer Notre Dame signal caller that’s much better than given credit for.
FATanner HawkinsonT725Sr

Kansas State

RodFull NamePosNumYrComments
2-3Arthur BrownOLB45SrSmall yet explosive linebacker that makes plays against the run and pass. Terrific three down defender that’s underrated and will be under drafted.
5-6Andre McDonaldTE184JrKing sized tight end that stands out as a blocker and holds his own as a pass catcher.
FAChris HarperWR35SrNice sized receiver that’s a consistent hand catcher. Effective downfield blocker as well.
FANigel MaloneCB244SrAdequate cornerback effective facing the action.
FAMeshak WilliamsOLB424SrSmall yet quick and athletic college defensive end likely to move to outside linebacker at the next level.
FATy ZimmermanS124JrBig, strong safety with a developing game.
FACollin KleinQB75SrBig armed passer with an upside. K-State offense does not lend to NFL development.
FAAllen ChapmanCB34SrAggressive cornerback best facing the action.
FAAdam DavisDE974SrAthletic yet undersized defensive lineman who makes plays in every direction.


RndFull NamePosNumYrComments
2ndLandry JonesQB125SrTough, intelligent signal caller that fizzled late in his Junior season. Offers the skills to be a starter at the next level yet by no means a franchise signal caller.
3rdKenny StillsWR43JrStrong, possession receiver with good size and reliable hands.
3-4Jaz ReynoldsWR164JrSmooth, tall pass catcher that dependable in all areas. Recently had his scholarship pulled by Oklahoma.
4thTony JeffersonS13JrComplete safety that displays toughness against the run while also going sideline to sideline to defend the pass. Lacks classic safety height yet a solid prospect.
4thTom WortILB214JrIntense competitive linebacker with a variety of skill.
5thLane JohnsonT695SrTall right tackle prospect with nice size as well as growth potential. Displays the ability to bend his knees, flex and adjust his body. Needs to improve his playing strength but comes with an upside.
5thAaron ColvinCB143JrVersatile defensive back that lined up at corner and safety. Tough run defender that also displays good ball skills.
5thBen HabernC615SrExplosive position blocker that plays with terrific fundamentals and intellect.
5-6David KingDE905SrRelatively athletic defensive end with good size and growth potential. Shows marginal speed as a pass rusher or in pursuit of the action.
6thRoy FinchRB223JrCompact ball carrier with a resilient style. Gives effort and works runs to get every bit of yardage from each carry.
6thStacy McGeeDT925SrTough, interior lineman that plays with good pad level, shows a variety of moves with his hands getting off blocks and plays hard until the whistle blows.
7thDemontre HurstCB194SrDeveloping cornerback who plays an aggressive game. Best facing the action in a zone system or backed off the line of scrimmage.
FACorey NelsonOLB73JrAthletic yet undersized weak side linebacker prospect that makes plays sideline to sideline.
FATrey MillardFB333JrPotential West Coast fullback effective catching the ball out of the backfield.
FACasey WalkerDT535SrHard-working yet limited defensive tackle best plugging the middle.
FADominique WhaleyRB85SrStraight-line back with solid vision.
FATyler EvansG754SrTough, strong, small area blocker with limited upside.

Oklahoma State

RndFull NamePosNumYrComments
5-6Michael BowieG614SrUnderrated college left tackle likely to move to guard at the next level. Strong, blocks with solid fundamentals and has a terrific lineman’s build.
6thJoe MitchellOLB293JrSmall yet athletic weak side linebacker that makes plays sideline to sideline.
7thNigel NicholasDE895SrDeveloping defensive lineman that can be used at several positions upfront. Athletic, explosive and improved as the season progressed last year.
FAJonathan RushG705SrPowerful and fundamentally sound small area blocker that easily controls defenders at the point of attack. Ineffective in motion but has the skills to play at the next level.
FABroderick BrownCB195SrAggressive corner best facing the action.
FAJoseph RandleRB13JrProductive straight-line ball carrier that does not stand out in any single aspect of the game.
FAJonathan RushG70rSrTough, small area blocker we liked off the 2010 film. Returning from injury.


RndFull NamePosNumYrComments
1stJackson JeffcoatDE443JrExplosive pass rusher that can be impossible to block. Must play hard on every down. Potential DE or OLB.
2ndJordan HicksOLB33JrThree down linebacker with a complete game and terrific upside. Size is a limiting factor.
2-3Kenny VaccaroS164SrTerrific safety with an underrated game. Tough run defender that also displays ball skills in man coverage.
3rdAlex OkaforDEN4SrAdequate college pass rusher with a solid game.
5thTrey HopkinsG753JrNimble, athletic right tackle that projects to guard at the next level.
5-6Ashton DorseyDT853JrExplosive and athletic defensive tackle that can line up as a three-technique lineman.
6-7Carrington ByndomCB233JrAggressive cornerback best facing the action. Does not play strong.
FAMason WaltersG724JrStrong, small area blocker.
FACalvin HowellDT904JrAthletic yet inconsistent defender that left the UT program.
FAMarquise GoodwinWR844SrTrack star that shows great quickness at the receiver position.
FAMike DavisWR13Jr

West Virginia

RndFull NamePosNumYrComments
3-4Tavon AustinWR14SrQuick, reliable pass catcher that can also help out as a return specialist. Potential slot receiver at the next level.
5thStedman BaileyWR34JrDeveloping wide out with terrific quickness, speed and explosion. Solid overall game. Short which limits his upside.
5thGeno SmithQB124SrAthletic quarterback with the physical skills necessary to play at the next level. Needs a lot of work on his game and must improve his pass placement but has an upside.
6thTerence GarvinS284SrForceful safety that jars ball handlers who come over the middle of the field. Conventional strong safety prospect.
FAJosh JenkinsG775SrTough, slug-it-out, small area guard.
FAShawne AlstonRB204SrNice sized ball carrier that also stands out as a blocker in the backfield. Underrated due to his minimal playing time.
FADarwin CookS254JrDeveloping defensive back that’s solid in all areas.
FADarwin CookS254JrDeveloping defensive back that’s solid in all areas.
FAJeff BraunT575SrLimited blocker only effective in a very small area.


RndFull NamePosNumYrComments
4thTanner BrockILB354JrQuick explosive run defending linebacker that displays great instincts and wherewithal. Fires around the football field making plays up the field or out to the sidelines. Missed the 2011 season with an ankle injury and recently transferred to UTEP after off the field incidents.
4thJason VerrettCB23JrSkilled corner with an aggressive game. Shows a nice feel for coverage, quickly defends the run but struggles staying downfield with opponents.
5thJonathan AndersonS413SoAggressive and explosive safety that showed a lot of skill in his game last season. Possesses an upside.
5thStansly MapongaDE904JrSmall yet athletic and quick pass rushing defensive end that also displays skill in pursuit.
FAJosh BoyceWR824Jr
FARoss ForrestDE525SrHard-working, undersized defensive end with that makes plays in every direction.
FASkye DawsonWR114Sr
FACasey PachallQB44JrMobile quarterback that lacks accuracy and does a poor job reading defenses.