A strange day in El Paso that had many scouts grumbling, highlights Wednesday’s practice report.  Morning rain and a Nation team which surprisingly showed up with no pads equaled a practice that was cut short this morning.  The situation was better later in the day for the Texas squad, even though the planned intra-squad scrimmage was inexplicably canceled.  Here’s the word from today’s practices in El Paso.

Ryan Perrilloux/QB/Jacksonville State: Perrilloux looked terrific throwing the ball today.  He possesses a rifle arm and zipped the ball all day with solid accuracy.  Scouts we spoke with think Perrilloux may have played himself into the late rounds over the past few days.

Jonathon Compton/QB/Tennessee: Scouts again said Compton was the best overall signal caller in El Paso.  Like Perrilloux scouts think the former Volunteer starter may have played himself into the late rounds.

Curtis Steele/RB/Memphis: The chatter is building around Steele and he’s quickly becoming everyone’s favorite sleeper.  The Chicago Bears in particular like him.  He’s been very quick and elusive handling the ball.

Keithon Flemming/RB/West Texas A&M: Fleming has a running style that turns a lot of scouts on.  He has a low center of gravity and runs underneath his pads.  Flemming has also shown a terrific burst and caught the ball well out of the backfield.

Tridon Holliday/WR/LSU: The praises for Holliday are growing louder each day.  He again showed his jet like speed and caught the ball well on Wednesday.

Donald Jones/WR/Youngstown State: Yesterday we held off commenting after initially hearing some less than impressive reports on Jones.  Today different sources repeated what we’ve been told since the beginning of the week.  The overall theme is teams are just not sure about Jones at this point.

Preston Parker/WR/North Alabama: We reported yesterday that Parker was going to pull out of practice because of a bruised heel.  Sources informed us today that Parker pulled yeoman’s duty and took to the field on Wednesday with the injury.

Tyler Eastman/T/Maine: Eastman continues to impress scouts.  We can report the Baltimore Ravens are taking a hard look at Eastman and like his skills. A source from the team told us the big tackle may have played himself into the late rounds of the draft.

Vladimir Richard/OL/Tennessee: Richard, who barely saw the field at Tennessee because of injury and poor play, has shown flashes in El Paso.  He looks the part in pads and has an NFL body.  But Richard was described to us as a malingerer; he was constantly seen on the sidelines with ice on his leg rather than on the field toughing it out.

Casey Knips/T/South Dakota State: The word all week from a number of sources is Knipps has really struggled and looks unathletic on the field.

Sean Lissemore/DT/William & Mary: Lissemore has been improving all week and his hustle has really turned on scouts.  He’s played with a sense of urgency and scouts have compared him to Mike DeVito of the New York Jets.

Lorenzo Washington/DE/Alabama: Washington has had a solid week and looked dominant at times.  We told scouts in El Paso we were expecting more from Washington in 2009, who we thought had top 120 potential.  The answer we got was flattening; as one scout told us Washington is now playing hard because he “smells the money.”

Arthur Moats/DE-OLB/James Madison: Madison is still trying to get his feet underneath him at linebacker but has shown great quickness and speed in his entire game.  He’s shown the ability to cover a lot of ground in pass coverage drills though he’s struggling with his recognition.  The Pittsburgh Steelers have taken a liking to Madison and are already calling him the next James Harrison.

Junior Galette/DE-OLB/Stillman: Galette was described to us as one of the best players on the field this week.  He’s shown his incredible athleticism and has been blowing up plays with regularity.  He’s fast up the field or in pursuit and has run plays down from behind.  At barely 242-pounds he has struggled taking on blocks then defending the run.  Galette’s off the field issues have also been a big topic of conversation all week.

Will Tukuafu/DE-OLB/Oregon: Tukuafu has shown himself to be a speed rusher off the edge but lacks any strength at the point and struggled stopping the run.  Many question whether he has the speed to move to outside linebacker.

Danny Batten/LB/South Dakota State: Batten struggled in the coverage drills he took part in today.  He’s effective when the action is in front of him but struggles when he must run downfield with backs or tight ends.

Albert McClellan/DE-LB/Marshall: McClellan, who played defensive end for the Thundering Herd, has spent the week at outside linebacker and has struggled.  He’s got a thick lower body and does not run well.  Sources have told us he may be better off as a five-technique lineman.

Chris Hawkins/CB/LSU: Hawkins was once again terrific.  Scouts we spoke with said the LSU corner is definitely one of the best players in attendance this week.

R.J. Stanford/CB/Utah: Stanford is starting to transfer his speed and athleticism into football skills.  He showed flashes last season at Utah and is pulling it together this week.  Several people told us they think the speedy Stanford has a chance at the next level.

Quentin Scott/S/Northern Iowa: Scott has turned some heads in El Paso.  He’s a big safety near 230-pounds who’s shown the ability to backpedal, turn his hips and cover. Several people complimented Scott’s closing burst.  Others feel he’s best suited for outside linebacker.