The ACC put players in the top ten of last April’s first round, in the middle of the frame as well as the last pick of the round. This year once school, North Carolina, could put three players in round one.  All ACC teams posted…

Boston College

Rnd Full Name Pos Num Yr Comments
4th Chase Rettig QB 11 3Jr Developing quarterback with a nice game. Shows a good head for the position. Has an above average arm and terrific pass placement.
4th John Wetzel T 73 4Sr Solid tackle prospect that really stands out in pass protection. Good athlete that must improve his playing strength.
5th Kaleb Ramsey DT 96 5Sr Explosive interior lineman that can be used in a variety of schemes. Returning from injury.
5th Emmett Cleary G 77 5Sr Skilled tackle prospect that showed great improvement last season. Has the ability to be used at tackle or guard. Comes with an upside.
6th Chris Pantale TE 81 5Sr Adequate pass catching and blocking tight end with limited upside. Solid, not spectacular.
FA Kevin Pierre-Louis OLB 24 3Jr Small yet explosive weak side linebacker prospect who makes plays sideline to sideline.
FA Harris Williams G 64 3So
FA Montel Harris RB 2 5Sr One time highly rated ball carrier that sat on the sidelines with injury last season. Released dismissed from the program and could be headed to the supplemental draft.
FA Andre Williams RB 44 3Jr Strong, interior ball carrier that pounds it out on the inside.


Rnd Full Name Pos Num Yr Comments
3rd Andre Ellington RB 23 5Sr Explosive, double cut running back with a variety of ball carrying skills.
5th DeAndre Hopkins WR 6 3Jr Solid pass catcher that also does a nice job blocking downfield. Potential 4th receiver.
5-6 Jonathan Willard OLB 46 5Sr Well rounded linebacker that aggressively defends the run while also showing playmaking skills in space.
6th Malliciah Goodman DE 97 4Sr Relatively athletic college defensive end with a nice upside yet a prospect that must take it to the next level.
6th Brandon Thomas G 63 4Jr Explosive lineman that flashes skill yet must pull together a complete game.
7th Rashard Hall S 31 5Sr Skilled defensive back best between the numbers.
7th Quandon Christian OLB 34 4Jr Quick, explosive linebacker that goes sideline to sideline. Undersized yet offers potential on the weak side.
7-FA Corico Hawkins OLB 42 3Jr Fluid, athletic, linebacker with marginal instincts.
FA Tajh Boyd QB 10 4Jr Athletic college quarterback that’s a bigger threat running the ball rather than passing it.
FA Jaron Brown WR 18 5Sr
FA Jonathan Meeks S 5 4Sr
FA Dalton Freeman C 55 5Sr Adequate position blocker that lacks next level strength at the point.


Rnd Full Name Pos Num Yr Comments
6th Walt Canty S 4 4Sr Massive safety that can be a force between the numbers.
FA Conner Vernon WR 2 4Sr Nice sized receiver with a dependable game and a good head for the position.
FA Sean Renfree QB 19 5Sr Tall pocket passer with a good feel for the game yet limited physical skills.
FA Kelby Brown ILB 59 3Jr Swift, sideline to sideline linebacker with a complete game yet poor size.
FA Ross Cockrell CB 6 4Jr Talented cornerback with the ability shutdown opponents.
FA Austin Gamble ILB 45 4Sr Undersized linebacker who gives a lot of effort.

Florida State

Rnd Full Name Pos Num Yr Comments
1-2 Bjoern Werner DE 95 3Jr Developing defensive end that combines great athleticism, deceptive strength and instincts to consistently make positive plays on the field.
2nd Brandon Jenkins DE 49 4Sr Undersized defensive end that shows tremendous force and speed off the edge. Struggles in space and may not be a slam-dunk at 3-4 outside linebacker as many project.
2nd E.J. Manuel QB 3 5Sr Incredibly athletic quarterback prospect with the physical skills and arm strength to lead a franchise at the next level. Makes plays with his legs while also displaying outstanding downfield accuracy. Struggles with his pass placement in the short and intermediate field. Could make a big move up draft boards if he shows improvement this season.
2-3 Greg Reid CB 5 4Sr Outstanding cover corner with terrific ball skills and the ability to impact games as a return specialist.
3-4 Cornellius Carradine DE 91 4Sr Developing defensive end poised for breakout campaign. Explosive, athletic and comes with a large upside.
4th Xavier Rhodes CB 27 4Jr Physical cornerback that shows flashes yet must pull together a complete game.
5th Everett Dawkins DT 93 5Sr Quick, explosive yet undersized defensive tackle that makes plays in every direction of the field. Potential three technique lineman for the next level.
5-6 Christian Jones OLB 7 3Jr Incredibly athletic outside linebacker that makes plays in every direction of the field. Fast, effective in space and has an upside.
7th Rodney Smith WR 84 4Sr Well sized pass catcher that physically beats down opponents and wins out for the reception. One speed receiver that lacks a deep burst.
7th Vince Williams OLB 11 5Sr Athletic linebacker that makes plays sideline to sideline. Better suited as a weak side player.
FA Nick Moody S 10 5Sr Athletic safety that shows flashes yet has displayed limited consistency on the field.
FA Anthony McCloud DT 92 5Sr Fiery defensive tackle that explodes off the snap and shoots the gaps between the offensive line.

Georgia Tech

Rnd Full Name Pos Num Yr Comments
3-4 Jeremiah Attaochu OLB 45 Jr Play making linebacker that shows a well-rounded game. Deceptively strong, stout against the run and offers skill in coverage.
5th Rod Sweeting CB 6 4Sr Skilled cornerback that makes a lot of plays on the ball and also shows toughness against the run. Does not show great playing speed.
5th Quayshawn Nealy OLB 54 3So Quick, athletic weak side linebacker with an upside.
6th Louis Young CB 8 3Jr Physical corner that has an upside and shows a lot of play making skill.
FA Izaan Cross DE 94 4Sr Serviceable lineman that plays with good fundamentals.
FA Omoregie Uzzi G 77 5Sr Adequate blocker that must improve his balance and overall game.


Rnd Full Name Pos Num Yr Comments
3rd Kenny Tate S 6 5Sr Former safety who made a seamless transition to outside linebacker last season before being lost with a knee injury.
4-5 Eric Franklin S 48 4Sr Underrated safety with an imposing stature and the physical skills to match. Needs to polish his game but tough defending the run and shows ball skills outside the numbers.
5th Demetrius Hartsfield OLB 9 5Sr Athletic and forceful linebacker that makes plays sideline to sideline, gets depth on pass drops and shows a lot of skill on the field. Has an upside yet must take his game to another level.
6th Matt Furstenburg TE 89 5Sr Athletic tight end that quickly gets off the line of scrimmage, shows the speed necessary to get down the field and presents himself as a dangerous pass catching threat.
6th Matt Robinson S 40 3Jr Tough, run defending safety best in a straight line.
FA Justin Lewis G 78 5Sr Quick, explosive blocker that showed a lot of skill in 2010. Dismissed from the program in July of 2011.
FA Kevin Dorsey WR 13 5Sr Dependable underneath receiver that plays smart football and does a terrific job working to make himself an available target.
FA Joe Vellano DT 72 5Sr Intense interior lineman that plays hard, shows great quickness as well as some athleticism yet possesses poor size.
FA Darin Drakeford OLB 52 4Sr Undersized yet quick linebacker that makes plays sideline to sideline.


Rnd Full Name Pos Num Yr Comments
3rd Allen Hurns WR 1 3Jr Fast, game breaking receiver with solid pass catching skills.
4-5 Stephen Morris QB 17 3Jr Accurate pocket passer with an NFL arm. Possesses good upside yet must polish his game.
5th Mike James RB 5 4Sr Strong, interior ball carrier that runs through tackles and carries the pile.
5th Vaughn Telemaque S 7 5Sr Complete safety with a total game. Tough run defender that also show skill getting outside the numbers in coverage.
6th Ray-Ray Armstrong S 26 4Sr Aggressive, hard hitting safety best in a straight line defending the run.
6th Brandon McGee CB 21 4Sr Talented cover corner that flashes skill.
6th Darius Smith DT 98 5Sr Massive interior lineman that flashes skill yet must step up his game.
FA Clive Walford TE 46 3So Athletic tight end with a high upside yet still very rough around the edges.
FA Ramon Buchanan OLB 45 4Sr Quick, explosive pursuit linebacker that’s undersized and really struggles handling blocks. Returning from a knee injury.
FA Blake Ayles TE 86 5Sr

North Carolina

Rnd Full Name Pos Num Yr Comments
1st Jonathan Cooper G 64 5Sr Terrific guard prospect with a high upside. Athletic, moves well on his feet and very effective blocking in motion. Needs to improve his playing strength yet an outstanding prospect.
1-2 Sylvester Williams DT 13 4Sr Explosive, quick interior lineman that can be used as a conventional tackle or on the nose. Fires off the snap and controls the line of scrimmage when focused on the task at hand.
1-2 Brennan Williams T 73 4Sr Large, athletic tackle whose game took off last season. Terrific pass blocker that also dominates the opposition on running downs.
2-3 Kevin Reddick OLB 48 4Sr Forceful middle linebacker with an array of skill. Top 75 choice that will get consideration at strong side linebacker.
4th Travis Bond G 76 4Sr Big, often dominant blocker that moves very well on his feet. Has an upside.
4th Giovani Bernard RB 26 3So Nifty, elusive, double cut runner that consistently creates his own yardage.
5th Kareem Martin DE 95 3Jr Tall, angular defensive lineman that showed a lot of flashes as a sophomore. Has an upside and could develop into a two gap end.
5th James Hurst T 68 3Jr Tall, large college left tackle that may be better off on the right side in the NFL. Possesses good size, growth potential and a strong run blocker. Plays smart football as well.
5-6 Darius Lipford OLB 23 3Jr Solid weak side prospect that makes plays sideline to sideline and shows skill in coverage.
6th Fabby Desir OLB 49 4Sr Former Junior College transfer coming off a terrific season. Undersized yet athletic, explosive and makes plays sideline to sideline.
6th Tre Boston CB 10 3Jr Developing defensive back with potential at corner or safety.
6-7 Erik Highsmith WR 88 4Sr Large, strong receiver best as a possession wide out.
7th Jheranie Boyd WR 87 4Sr Agile, quick receiver that can be a fifth wide out at the next level.
FA Devon Ramsay FB 45 6Sr One time dominant lead blocker hoping to return to form after missing time with suspension and injury.
FA Bryn Renner QB 2 4Jr Solid college quarterback that lacks the arm strength and physical skills for the next level.

North Carolina State

Rnd Full Name Pos Num Yr Comments
3rd David Amerson CB 1 3Jr Opportunistic cornerback that’s not as good as his stats would lend one to believe.
4th Rob Crisp T 78 3Jr Developing tackle with a high upside. Possesses good size, growth potential and blocks with solid fundamentals. Good footwork for a right tackle and naturally strong.
4th Earl Wolff S 27 5Sr Underrated safety with a complete game. Fires up the field defending the run yet also shows skill in coverage in center field. Displays terrific playing speed.
6th Thomas Teal DT 69 3So Terrific young prospect that shows power and explosion on the inside.
6th Camden Wentz C 53 5Sr Explosive and quick center with a tremendous head for the game.
6-7 Mike Glennon QB 8 5Sr Strong arm passer that powers the ball into targets yet marginally accurate with poor pass placement.
6-7 Zach Allen G 72 5Sr Strong, small area blocker that rides defenders off the line of scrimmage. Does not consistently play with leverage or work to finish blocks but has an upside.
FA Brandan Bishop S 30 4Sr Fiery, fierce safety that sells out defending the run and also shows skill in coverage.
FA Brian Slay DE 55 4Sr Undersized yet intense defensive lineman that shows speed in every direction and makes plays in all areas.


Rnd Full Name Pos Num Yr Comments
4th Oday Aboushi T 72 4Sr Solid pass blocking left tackle with an upside. Has an inconsistent game and presently overrated by many.
6-7 LaRoy Reynolds OLB 9 4Sr Athletic, nifty linebacker that plays sideline to sideline and is very effective in space. Potential week side prospect.
7th Colter Phillips TE 89 5Sr Terrific blocking tight end that’s not a big part of the passing game.
FA Perry Jones RB 33 4Sr Quick, elusive ball carrier with size limitations.
FA Devin Wallace CB 28 5Sr Nice sized cornerback that flashes skill and aggressiveness. Has an upside but must complete his game. No longer with the Virginia program.

Virginia Tech

Rnd Full Name Pos Num Yr Comments
1-2 Logan Thomas QB N 4Jr Big armed pocket passer with tremendous physical skill. Needs to improve the consistency of his accuracy but has NFL skills.
3rd Bruce Taylor ILB 51 5Sr Dominant linebacker prospect that can be used at several positions. Fierce and strong against the run yet also shows a quick change of direction and the ability to pursue the action to the flanks. Coming off an injury yet offers top 75 potential if he gets back to prior form.
3rd Kyle Fuller CB 17 3Jr Fast rising junior defensive back with potential at corner or safety. Physically aggressive and offers a variety of skill.
4th Derrick Hopkins DT 98 3Jr Stout space heater in the middle that shows a lot of quickness in his game.
4th Marcus Davis WR 7 5Sr King sized receiver that shows athleticism and flashes skill. Comes with and large upside yet must pulled together a complete game.
5th Nick Becton T 54 5Sr Underrated blocker that shows skill in pass protection. Must finish his game yet has possibilities to make a big move up draft boards.
6th D.J. Coles WR 18 4Sr Large, possession receiver coming off a breakout campaign.
6th Antoine Hopkins DT 56 5Sr Explosive one gap tackle that fires through the holes up the field and shows a quick change of direction. Potential three technique lineman at the next level.
7th Detrick Bonner S 8 3So Developing defensive back that shows a lot of flashes on the field.
FA Antone Exum S 1 4Jr Physically gifted defensive back that looks imposing on the field. Flashes skill yet still rough around the edges.
FA Jack Tyler ILB 58 4Jr Small yet explosive linebacker outstanding in pursuit.
FA Dyrell Roberts WR 11 5Sr One time highly rated receiver that really watched his game drop off last season.

Wake Forest

nd Full Name Pos Num Yr Comments
5-6 Michael Campanaro WR 3 4Jr Competitive and dependable receiver that consistently comes away with the difficult grab. Has size and speed limitations.
7th Josh Harris RB 25 4Jr Patient ball carrier that runs low to the ground and shows the ability to make defenders miss.
FA Kenny Okoro CB 6 5Sr Nice sized cornerback that flashes skill yet has never pulled together a complete game.
FA Tommy Bohanon FB 42 4Sr Solid lead blocker that also shows skill catching the ball out of the backfield.