The Big Ten placed three players in the first round of the 2012 NFL Draft, including a pair if prospects from Illinois.  There’s a distinct possibility the conference doubles the number of players selected in the first round next April, with still another pair coming from Illinois. Posted: All Big Ten Schools


Rnd Full Name Pos Num Yr Comments
1stAkeem SpenceDT944JrPotentially dominant defensive lineman that has shown immense skill the past two years. Athletic, explosive and offers the ability to be used in a variety of NFL systems.
1-2Terry HawthorneCB14SrTerrific cornerback with the ability to shutdown opponents. Offers starting potential for the next level and a potential number one cornerback.
1-2Michael BuchananDE994SrAthletic college defensive end with nice length and movement skills. Could eventually develop into a defensive lineman for the next level and will also get looks standing up over tackle in a 34.
3rdJonathan BrownOLB453JrHard-working yet undersized middle linebacker with a nose for the football.
5thGraham PocicC765SrTough, strong center with both size and strength. Better in a small area and struggles moving on his feet.
5thHugh ThorntonG724SrAthletic lineman with a developing game. Has an upside and could make a big move up draft boards.
FAGlenn FosterDT475SrTough, competitive interior defensive lineman with limited size. Will have a place at the next level as a backup.
FAEvan WilsonTE893JrAthletic tight end that showed flashes yet must develop a complete game.
FANathan ScheelhaaseQB24JrSolid college quarterback with marginal physical skills for the next level.


Rnd Full Name Pos Num Yr Comments
5thLarry Black JrDT975SrFiery one gap defensive tackle that’s tough to move off the point. More of a space eater than playmaker.
FAWill MatteC605Sr
FAAdam ReplogleDT984SrTough, hard-working defender with limited physical skills.
FATed BolserTE844JrRelatively athletic tight end who is out of place in Indiana’s offensive system.


Rnd Full Name Pos Num Yr Comments
5thJames MorrisILB443JrTough, run defending linebacker that shows ability in pursuit or making plays outside the box.
5thMicah HydeCB184SrDeveloping cornerback that flashes skills. Highly rated by NFL scouts though we feel he’s slightly overrated.
6thTanner MillerS53JrSolid straight line safety best between the numbers.
7thBrad RogersFB384JrTerrific lead blocker that opens up big holes for the ball carrier at the line of scrimmage or on the second level.
7-FAChristian KirkseyOLB203JrExplosive and athletic linebacker with size limitations.
FAKeenan DavisWR64Sr
FAJames VandenbergQB165SrSolid short and intermediate passing quarterback with a nice feel for the position.


RndFull NamePosNumYrComments
1-2Taylor LewanT774JrKing sized left tackle with solid movement skills and flexibility. May be better off on the right side but comes with a large upside.
3-4Patrick OmamehG655SrAthletic, explosive guard the turns defenders off the line of scrimmage and shows tremendous skill blocking in motion. Must learn to finish blocks but has an upside.
3-4J.T. FloydCB125SrExplosive cornerback that flashes the ability to shutdown opponents. Sized well.
4thFitzgerald ToussaintRB284JrQuick, creative ball carrier that also excels catching the ball out of the backfield.
4thDenard RobinsonWR164SrTremendous athlete that beats opponents with his arm or legs. Does not have the skills to be a quarterback in the NFL yet could be an Antwaan Randle El. type.
4thCraig RohDE884SrTall, athletic defender who can rush the passer out of a three-point stance or stand up over tackle. Was disappointing last season after a tremendous campaign in 2010.
5thKenny DemensILB255SrStout, run defending linebacker with a terrific head for the ball. Very good in the box or up the field. Comes off a slightly disappointing junior season.
6thMichael SchofieldG754JrLarge, strong lineman with growth potential. Offers possibilities at both guard and tackle yet needs to improve his playing balance and finish his game.
7thJordan KovacsS325SrRun defending safety best between the numbers. Special teams prospect.
FARoy RoundtreeWR125SrQuick, elusive slot receiver type that must show more consistency in his game. Almost a non-factor last season after turning in a tremendous campaign in 2010.
FARocko KhouryC635SrUnderrated backup with good size, strength and explosion. Left the Michigan program in the spring.

Michigan State

RndFull NamePosNumYrComments
2-3Dion SimsTE804JrTerrific tight end prospect that looks like an offensive lineman on the field. Powerful blocker that also presents himself as an effective intermediate pass catching threat.
3rdChris NormanOLB104SrAthletic yet undersized linebacker that goes sideline to sideline, covers a lot of area on the field and makes plays on the ball.
4thWilliam GholstonDE23JrOverrated college defensive end that flashes skill. Shows the ability to be a disruptive force yet does not play with a sense of urgency and takes too many downs off.
4thLe’Veon BellRB243JrNice sized ball carrier that can handle the load. Plays with good quickness, can make defenders miss and break tackles. Also a terrific pass catcher out of the backfield.
4-5Johnny AdamsCB55SrSolid cornerback with good ball skills. Needs to polish his game but lacks top corner speed and somewhat overrated.
5thDenicos AllenOLB284JrSmall yet explosive one gap linebacker that goes sideline to sideline and makes plays in every direction of the field.
6-7Max BulloughILB403JrAggressive run defending linebacker that shows a good head for the ball. Average athlete with limited playing speed.
7thIsaiah LewisS93JrSwift, quick safety that shows toughness against the run and skill in coverage. Slightly undersized.
FADan FranceT594JrMechanically sound college left tackle with a developing game. May ultimately move to the right side.
FAFou FonotiT514JrStrong, small area blocker with tremendous explosion at the point of attack. Offers an upside.
FATyler HooverDE915SrTall, hard-working defensive lineman with limitations. Missed most of last season with injury.
FAChris McDonaldG625SrStrong, small area blocker that opens the running lanes.


RndFull NamePosNumYrComments
FAMike RallisOLB265SrFiery linebacker that’s sells out on every play. Tough against the run and effective on the blitz.
FAKeanon CooperOLB45SrSmall yet very quick linebacker that covers a lot of area on the field and makes plays in every direction.
FASpencer ReevesOLB84SrSlightly undersized yet explosive linebacker with the ability to chase the action in pursuit.
FATroy StoudermireCB115SrOne time highly rated cornerback returning from injury.
FAMarQueis GrayWR55SrNice sized athlete who lined up at quarterback last season. Projects to either receiver or safety at the next level.
FAD.L. WilhiteDE955SrUndersized college defensive end with good movement skills who will get looks at outside linebacker.


RndFull NamePosNumYrComments
3rdWill ComptonILB515SrFierce, competitive linebacker that makes plays sideline to sideline. Shows good speed as well as instincts.
3-4Andrew GreenCB114Jr
6thBaker SteinkuhlerDT555SrExplosive interior lineman that shows the ability to get behind the line scrimmage. Lacks strength at the point and more of a first mover lineman.
6thCameron MeredithDE345SrSemi-athletic defensive end that breaks down well, plays with good pad level and works hard to get to the action. Lacks classic size and does not show a great closing burst to the ball. Possesses good size as well as growth potential and someone to keep an eye on.
7thJeremiah SirlesT714JrYoung developing lineman with a lot of upside. Used on the left side and has a skill, size and body type better suited to be a strong side tackle.
7thBen CottonTE815SrLarge, strong blocking tight end that also does well as an intermediate pass catcher.
7-FAKenny BellWR803SoQuick, nimble receiver that shows skill running after the catch. Possible slot wide out for the next level.
FARex BurkheadRB224SrStraight line runner with solid instincts yet limited upside.
FADaimion StaffordS34Sr
FAP.J. SmithS134SrNice sized safety that’s tough against the run and displays the ability to cover the pass. Has an upside.
FATaylor MartinezQB34Jr


RndFull NamePosNumYrComments
FAPatrick WardT704SrRelatively athletic tackle that shows skill in pass protection and as a run blocker.
FANeal DeitersT795SrOne time highly rated prospect that was moved into a reserve role last season.
FAQuentin WilliamsDE885SrAthletic college defensive end that shows the ability to make plays in every direction. Undersized and likely to make the transition to outside linebacker at the next level.

Ohio State

RndFull NamePosNumYrComments
1stJohnathan HankinsDT523JrMassive interior lineman that commands double teams while also showing good movement skills. Offers a huge upside.
2-3Etienne SabinoILB64SrAthletic linebacker that makes plays sideline to sideline as well as up the field.
2-3Jack MewhortG744JrTerrific small area blocker that plays with solid fundamentals, strength and easily controls defenders.
3rdAndrew NorwellT783JrRelatively athletic tackle prospect that showed consistent improvement last season. Strong yet also moves well on his feet.
3rdBradley RobyCB253SoUnderrated cornerback that plays an aggressive game. Consistently shuts down opponents and displays top ball skills.
4thZach BorenFB444SrTerrific lead blocker that can be dominant at the point of attack and is also a productive pass catcher out of the backfield.
4-5John SimonDE544SrUndersized yet workman lineman that shows great explosion on the inside.
6thC.J. BarnettS43JrReminds us of former Buckeye Kurt Coleman.
5-6Reid FragelT884SrBlocking tight end that moves to offensive tackle this season. Has a large upside and is getting rave reviews at his new position.
7thJordan HallRB74SrSomewhat elusive and creative ball carrier that really does not stand out in any single aspect of the game.
7thMarcus HallT794JrUndeveloped yet talented offensive line prospect with a large upside.
7thOrhian JohnsonS195SrImposing looking safety that flashes skill. Has an upside.
FAJake StoneburnerTE115SrSolid pass catching tight end that always comes away with the difficult grab. Gives effort blocking yet lacks functional football strength.
FATravis HowardCB75SrAdequate college cornerback with marginal physical skills.
FANathan WilliamsDE434Sr
FAGarrett GoebelDT535SrQuick, competitive one gap defensive lineman that struggles getting off blocks.

Penn State

RndFull NamePosNumYrComments
5thGerald HodgesOLB64SrAthletic and fiery linebacker that shows skill defending the run or covering the pass.
5-6Matt StankiewitchC545SrStout blocker on the pivot who easily controls defenders once engaged in a block.
6-7Luke GrahamT534JrSolid tackle prospect that will also get consideration at guard.
7thMichael MautiOLB425SrTough, hard-working linebacker with a solid game. Has an injury history including a knee injury which kept him on the sidelines most of 2011.
FAJustin BrownWR194SrNice sized possession receiver who comes away with the tough grab.
FASilas ReddRB243Jr
FAJordan HillDT474SrSmall yet explosive and competitive one gap tackle and makes plays in every direction of the field.
FADevon SmithWR34SrSmall yet speedy receiver that’s a threat to take it the distance any time he touches the ball. Recently left the Penn State team.
FAGlenn CarsonILB403JrTough, two down linebacker with limited playing speed.
FAKhairi ForttOLB113JrAthletic prospect that flashes skill yet possesses an undeveloped game.


RndFull NamePosNumYrComments
1stKawann ShortDT935SrBig bodied defensive tackle that impacts the game when he wants to. Offers a lot of skill yet does not always play up to his level of ability.
6-7Peters DreyC675SrWell sized college center that does the little things well. Should get better in time.
FAJosh JohnsonCB284SrTough cornerback that has shown flashes the past two years.


RndFull NamePosNumYrComments
1-2Ricky WagnerT585SrNice sized tackle that blocks with solid fundamentals. Slightly overrated in our opinion and a lesser version of Gabe Carimi.
1-2Montee BallRB284SrTerrific ball carrier with the ability to be a feature back at the next level. Can handle a lot of carries, elusive and also instinctive. Solid receiver out of the backfield. Underrated.
2-3Marcus CromartieCB145SrDeveloping cornerback with a high upside. Plays a physical game, possesses top ball skills and consistently makes positive plays.
2-3Travis FrederickC724JrDominant small area blocker with the ability to be used at center or guard. Annihilates opponents at the point of attack yet must improve his mechanics and consistently block with leverage.
3-4Danny O’BrienQB54JrBig armed quarterback that can make all the passes and has an upside. Must improve his decision making. Maryland transfer
3-4Chris BorlandILB444JrTough, instinctive linebacker that goes hard to make plays. Effective outside the box and also up the field.
6thJared AbbrederisWR44JrSlim, one speed receiver with dependable hands and a good feel for the game. Also produces returning punts.
6-7James WhiteRB203JrSwift, elusive ball carrier with the ability to create his own yardage.
7thMike TaylorOLB535SrActive linebacker that goes hard sideline to sideline yet possesses just ordinary physical skills.
7thJacob PedersenTE484JrReliable pass catching tight end that gives effort in all areas yet lacks great physical skills.
FADavid GilbertDE114SrAthletic lineman that flashes skill yet must put together a complete game. Sat on the sidelines most of last season with a foot injury.