Future First Rounder?West Virginia has left the Big East with Syracuse and Pittsburgh soon to follow.  Meanwhile the conference welcomes back Temple, a former member once shown the door by the league.  WVU and Syracuse both put a player in the first round of the 2012 NFL Draft.  Here’s a look at the top prospects heading toward the 2013 event.  Rutgers, South Florida, Syracuse, Temple posted.


Rnd Full Name Pos Num Yr Comments
3rdWalter StewartOLB545SrWell rounded defender that could develop into one of the top 3-4 outside linebackers if he takes his game to the next level.
6thDeven DraneS113Jr
7-FAMaalik BomarOLB44SrSlightly undersized yet athletic linebacker that makes plays sideline to sideline.
FACamerron CheatthamCB215SrDeveloping corner with good size and skill.
FAScott JohnsonCB54SrSmallish defensive back that gives a lot of effort against the run or defending the pass. Potential nickel for a zone system.


Rnd Full Name Pos Num Yr Comments
2ndBlidi Wreh-WilsonCB55SrBig, physical cornerback with a lot of upside potential. Shows the ability to shutdown opponents yet must return to form after struggling with a knee injury last season.
4thSio MooreOLB35SrUndersized yet explosive linebacker who shows speed and play making ability in every direction of the field.
5-6Yawin SmallwoodOLB333SoQuick and explosive linebacker that stacks well against the run and also effectively makes plays in space.
6thRyan GriffinTE945SrSolid tight end with a complete game. Effective blocker that also looks natural catching the ball.
7-FADwayne GratzCB245SrPotential zone cornerback best facing the action.
FATrevardo WilliamsDE484SrAthletic college defensive end with terrific movement skills and the ability to make plays in every direction of the field. Will get consideration at linebacker for the next level.
FAJerome JuniorS155SrKing sized safetywho looks imposing on the field and flashes skill. Dismissed from the UConn program earlier this season.
FAMichael SmithWR65SrNFL rated receiver who was academically ineligible in 2011.
FAAdam MastersT635SrVersatile offensive line prospect with the ability to be used at several blocking spots.
FAJesse JosephDE915SrAdequate one gap defensive end that flashes ability.
FAJohn DelahuntTE895SrEffective blocking tight end that does a good job as a pass catcher in underneath coverage.


Rnd Full Name Pos Num Yr Comments
6thMario BenavidesC555SrExplosive zone blocking center effective in motion. Blocks with terrific fundamentals and outstanding with the shotgun snap. Lacks great strength and struggles finishing blocks.
FAPreston BrownILB23JrInstinctive small area linebacker effective in space.
FADominique BrownRB103JrBig strong ball carrier that moves the pile and picks up the tough yardage.
FAHakeem SmithS294JrUndersized yet tough and explosive safety that flashes a lot of skill.
FAAndrell SmithWR144Sr
FAShenard HoltonS364Sr


Rnd Full Name Pos Num Yr Comments
4thRay GrahamRB14SrSwift, elusive ball carrier with the ability to create yardage. Offers a variety of skill yet returning from a major knee injury.
4thTodd ThomasOLB83SoAthletic, three down linebacker that goes sideline to sideline.
6thMike ShanahanWR875SrTough, sure handed possession receiver that does the little things well.
FAChris JacobsonG546SrTough, nasty blocker that missed almost the entire ’11 season with a knee injury.  Draftable if he gets back to prior playing form.
FAJarred HolleyS185SrAggressive safety best in the box.
FATino SunseriQB125SrSolid college quarterback with limited upside for the next level.
FAMike CruzTE845SrDeveloping tight end with good size and physical skills yet very rough around the edges. Left the Pittsburgh program prior to the 2011 season and has not shown up anywhere else.


Rnd Full Name Pos Num Yr Comments
3rdSteve BeauharnaisILB424SrTerrific linebacker prospect that can be used in the middle or on the outside. Quick, fast and strong. Offers starting ability in a variety of NFL systems.
3-4Logan RyanCB114JrWell sized cornerback that displays the physical and mechanical skills to develop into a second corner on the next level.
4-5Khaseem GreeneOLB205SrAthletic defender that goes sideline to sideline. Strong against the run and flashes skill against the pass. Former safety likely to be listed at linebacker on most boards.
5thJawan JamisonRB233SoSmallish yet explosive ball carrier that has some Ray Rice in his game. Large upside.
5-6Mark HarrisonWR814SrBig, possession receiver that easily wins out in battles. Has a developing game and the ability to turn into a solid third receiver at the next level.
5-6D.C. JeffersonTE105SrAthletic tight end with the speed to stretch the seam and get downfield as a pass catcher. Flashes skill as a blocker yet must improve his football strength.
6thMichael BurtonFB463SoTremendous lead blocker that also stands out catching the ball out of the backfield. Will have an opportunity to see significant playing time this season.
FABrandon ColemanWR174JrKing sized receiver with a variety of skills yet an inconsistent game.
FAJamil MerrellOLB924JrUndersized college defensive end that projects to outside linebacker. Flashes pass rush skill.
FABrandon JonesCB255SrDeveloping cornerback with the ability to play nickel at the next level.
FAAndre CivilT664Jr
FADuron HarmonS324Sr
FAScott ValloneDT945SrHard-working, interior lineman that gets the most from his ability yet has limited upside.

South Florida

Rnd Full Name Pos Num Yr Comments
3rdCory GrissomDT465SrTough, explosive space eater in the middle the line that shows the ability to get behind the line of scrimmage make plays.
7-FAEvan LandiTE94SrTough possession receiver that consistently comes away with the difficult grab. Also effective as a blocker. Lined up at tight end last season.
FAJohn LejisteS85SrProductive safety that can defend the run, shut down the pass and has shown a developing game.
FARyne GiddinsDE974JrSlightly undersized college defensive end that shows skill as a pass rusher.
FADemetris MurrayRB215SrNice sized ballcarrier that grinds it out on the inside and picks up a lot yardage off initial contact.
FAB.J. DanielsQB35SrAthletic quarterback with a big arm yet an undisciplined passer that must develop into an NFL signal caller.
FAKayvon WebsterCB64Sr
FAMark PopekT745Sr


Rnd Full Name Pos NumYrComments
2-3Marquis SpruillOLB114JrThree down linebacker with a tremendous future. Terrific against the run and outstanding in coverage.
5thRyan NassibQB125SrAccurate college passer with a live arm. Could move up draft boards with a big senior campaign.
FAAlec LemonWR154SrReliable pass catcher that shows the ability to make receptions down the field.
FABrandon SharpeDE914SrRotational defensive and occasionally stood up over tackle.
FAJustin PughT744Sr
FAMarcus SalesWR55Sr


RndFull NamePosNumYrComments
FAMatt BrownRB224SrSmall yet tough skill player that can be used as a ball carrier, pass catcher and return specialist.
FAJohn YoubotyDE115SrUndersized yet athletic defender that makes plays in every direction. Potential 4-3/end or 3-4/outside linebacker.