Film work for the 2103 NFL Draft began three weeks ago.  For some prospects its nothing more than a continuation of our work the previous two summers.  We start our summer scouting series with a breakdown of the Mid-American Conference, a league which will offer a number of middle round choices.


Rnd Full Name Pos Num Year Comments
FA Jawon Chisholm RB 44 3So Slippery ball carrier that creates yardage and is also a solid receiver out of the backfield.
FA Josh Richmond S 33 5Sr Average sized safety that flashes ability.

Ball State

Rnd Full Name Pos Numr Year Comments
FA Travis Freeman ILB 8 4Sr Strong, nice sized linebacker effective against the run. Must pick up the intensity and consistently play at a high level.
FA Nathan Ollie DT 92 3Jr Explosive, quick interior lineman that makes plays in every direction. Potential three technique lineman for the next level.
FA Kelly Page QB 5 5Sr One time highly rated passer that’s fallen down the depth chart..

Bowling Green

Round Full Name Pos Number Year Comments
7-FA Jordon Roussos G 73 4Sr College left tackle better inside at guard. Terrific position/zone blocker that moves very well on his feet.
FA Jerry Gates CB 24 3Jr Versatile defensive back that shows a lot of skill on the field. Also excels as a return specialist.
FA Dwayne Wood ILB 5 4Sr Small but active linebacker best defending the run. Lacks great skill in pursuit and easily taken from the action by blocks.
FA Matt Schilz QB 7 4Jr


Rnd Full Name Pos Num Year Comments
4th Khalil Mack OLB 46 4Jr Terrific 3-4 outside linebacker that can rush the passer or make plays in pursuit. Nice athlete with an upside.
FA Pat Wilson T 70 4Jr Fundamentally sound blocker that plays tackle in college yet may be better off inside at guard. Missed 2011 with a shoulder injury.
FA Gokhan Ozkan T 79 5Sr Massive right tackle prospect with a raw game. Terrific strength and showed steady development in 2011.
FA Alex Neutz WR 19 4Jr Tall, sure handed receiver with limited quickness and speed.
FA Branden Oliver RB 32 4Jr Potential third down back that creates his own yardage while also displaying terrific skills as a pass catcher out of the backfield.

Central Michigan

Rnd Full Name Pos Num Year Comments
4-5 Jahleel Addae S 4 5Sr Explosive safety with a developing game. Fierce defending the run and possesses good ball skills in coverage.
6th Jake Olson T 73 5Sr Terrific tackle prospect with the ability to annihilate opponents. Tall, strong with growth potential. Seemed to lose a step off his game last year after missing the 2010 season with a knee injury.
7-FA Eric Fisher T 79 4Sr Solid tackle prospect with nice size and strength. Offers the versatility to be used at several positions on the line.
FA Lorenzo White CB 2 5Sr Nice sized cornerback that’s shown flashes of shutdown ability the past two years.
FA Tyler Lombardo FB 42 3Jr Nasty lead blocker that easily controls opponents yet must finish his game.
FA Ryan Radcliff QB 8 5Sr Nice sized cornerback with a live arm. Displays erratic accuracy which results in a loss of opportunities.

Eastern Michigan

Rnd Full Name Pos Num Year Comments
FA Garrett Hoskins TE 85 4Sr Nice sized tight end that displays a lot of skill as an in line blocker. Adequate pass catcher as well.
FA Andy Mulumba DE 56 4Sr Relatively athletic defensive lineman that gives a lot of effort. Marginally athletic yet has the frame to add bulk.

Kent State

Rnd Full Name Pos Num Year Comments
4-5 Roosevelt Nix DE 5 3Jr Explosive play making college defender. Used at several spots on the defensive line and shows a variety of skill. Should only get better as he physically matures and becomes stronger.
7th Spencer Keith QB 3 4Sr Accurate passer with a live arm and the skills necessary to play the next level. Coming off a very disappointing junior campaign and must get his game back on track.
FA Tyshon Goode WR 5 4Sr Dependable pass catcher with marginal size/speed numbers.
FA Brian Winters T 66 4Sr Big, small area blocker with limited upside.


Rnd Full Name Pos Num Year Comments
4th Zac Dysert QB 4 5Sr Smart, tough signal caller with a terrific feel for the position. Possesses enough arm strength to start at the next level.
FA Nick Harwell WR 8 3Jr Reliable underneath receiver with no single outstanding trait to his game.
FA Brad Bednar C 72 4Sr Explosive, zone-blocking prospect who played left tackle in 2011 but better off inside at center.
FA Austin Brown DT 90 4Sr Hard working, competitive, one-gap lineman with limited size.
FA Mike Johns DT 94 5Sr Explosive one gap defensive tackle that also helps out on special teams.
FA D.J. Brown CB 6 5Sr Physically gifted cornerback that struggles making plays with his back to the ball. Coming off a disappointing junior season.
FA Steve Marck TE 87 4Sr

Northern Illinois

Rnd Full Name Pos Num Yr Comments
4-5 Dechane Durante S 21 3So Developing safety with a tremendous amount of upside. Fast, explosive and has good size. Effective defending the run or stopping the pass.
5-6 Rashaan Melvin CB 11 5Sr Tall, athletic cornerback with solid ball skills. Fast moving in every direction of the field and shows good awareness.
6th Jimmie Ward CB 15 3Jr
7th Dominique Bowers RB 25 3So Short yet creative ball carrier with great quickness and burst.
FA Sean Progar DE 95 5Sr Productive college defensive end with good movement skills. Lines up in a three-point stance or stood up over tackle. Does not show next level closing speed.


Rnd Full Name Pos Num Yr Comments
FA Eric Herman G 77 5Sr Strong, small area blocker that controls opponents once he gets his hands on them.
FA Jordan Thompson TE 88 5Sr Well-rounded tight end that catches the ball well and gives effort blocking. Does not possess the top upside yet will get looks as a free agent.
FA Alphonso Lewis OLB 46 5Sr Speedy, athletic linebacker that makes plays sideline to sideline but is limited by a lack of size.
FA Skyler Allen C 65 4Sr Explosive blocker that may be best in a zone blocking scheme.
Rnd Name Pos Num Year Comments
6th David Fluellen RB 22 3Jr Quick, somewhat creative ball carrier that can also effectively catch the ball out of the backfield. Offers a good degree of upside.
FA Jermaine Robinson S 29 4Sr Relatively athletic safety that displays good range and flashes on the field.
FA Zac Kerin C 67 4Jr Effective position blocker that shows ability in motion.

Western Michigan

Rnd Full Name Pos Num Yr Comments
7-FA Freddie Bishop DE 97 5Sr Explosive college defensive end that works hard to make plays. Limited size/speed numbers.
FA Alex Carder QB 14 5Sr Accurate, timing passer with a terrific feel for the position. Lacks great physical skills yet could be an effective backup for a West Coast offense.
FA Paul Hazel DE 99 4Sr Athletic college pass rusher coming off a disappointing season. Moves well, fast in every direction and rarely off his feet. Has a tall, thin build and struggles handling blocks.
FA Dann O’Neill T 61 4Sr Big, stout run blocking right tackle best in confined quarters.
FA Lewis Toler CB 24 4Jr Developing cornerback that shown flashes throughout his career.