Its’ been a moderate turnout this week in El Paso as practices for the 2010 Texas versus the Nation got underway.  There’s mostly late round/free agent talent on the field sprinkled with a few players who could pop into the middle rounds.  Here’s a breakdown from Tuesday including information on several injured players.

Tim Hiller/QB/Western Michigan: The majority of opinion is Hiller has looked terrible the past two days.  He’s struggled to throw the ball and his accuracy has been poor.

Jonathon Compton/QB/Tennessee: Everyone we’ve spoken with say Compton is the best signal caller on the field.  He’s thrown the ball relatively well and has been accurate.  Compton may have worked himself into the late rounds.

Curtis Steel/RB/Memphis: Steel has turned into one of the week’s real sleepers.  He’s shown terrific quickness and the ability to create yardage.

Marcus Easley/WR/UConn: People have been raving about Easley over the past two days.  He’s shown speed on the field and people have been impressed with his top end speed/second gear.  He’s also caught the ball very well, making the reception with his hands, away from his frame on a consistent basis.

Preston Parker/WR/North Alabama: Parker pulled out of practice today with a bruised heel.  Parker originally sustained the injury during the Division II playoffs then reinjured it Tuesday running a dig route.  He’s hoping to be 100% by the combine.

Trindon Holliday/WR/LSU: Holliday measured 5-feet, 5.5-inches and 164 pounds and has been the fastest person in El Paso.  He’s shown himself to be a blazer in pads and most importantly, Holliday has really caught the ball well the past two days.Dedrick Epps/TE/Miami-Fl: Sources today told us Epps dislocated a toe in practiced and was taken to the hospital.

Jason Harmon/TE/Florida Atlantic: Harmon has been lights out thus far.  Scouts have labeled him as the best athlete on the field and Harmon has caught everything thrown his way the past two days.  The biggest question surrounding Harmon is the position he will play in the NFL.  He measured 6-feet, 2-inches and 217-pounds during weigh0ins, too small for tight end.  Is he fast enough to line up on the flanks?  We’ll find out during FAU’s pro-day.

Jim Dray/TE/Stanford: Dray suffered a pretty severe high ankle sprain and will be out for the next four weeks.  He may not fully healthy for the combine.

Jared Veldheer/T/Hillsdale: Veldheer has built a buzz around himself in El Paso.  He’s big and looks great in pads yet at the same time Valdheer has also looked athletic in drills. He moves well on the field and has shown solid pass blocking feet.  Valheer did get beat a few times during one-on-one drills but scouts love his upside.

Derek Hardman/OL/Eastern Kentucky: For the most part Hardman has looked solid.  He’s moved well at the left tackle and left guard positions.

Tyler Eastman/T/Maine: Eastman has been one of the bigger surprises this week.  He’s shown skill at left tackle and has looked rather good.  Some scouts feel he’d be better off on the right side while others feel he could be an athletic zone blocking guard.

Chris Campbell/T/Eastern Illinois: Campbell is another surprise on the offensive line that has turned heads.  He’s rough around the edges yet has shown a lot of quickness, athleticism and really blocked well on the move.

Ramon Harwood/T/Morehouse: Harwood has shown flashes the past two days.  He has great size and has dominated.  Scouts have said Harwood must learn to use his size on an every down basis but looks like a good developmental prospect.

Nick Howell/OL/USC: Howell, who rarely saw playing time at USC, has played well.  He very much looks the part and has shown the underlying ability to hold down a position at the next level.

George Johnson/DE/Rutgers: Johnson has been a beast on the field.  He’s beaten opponents with regularity during the drills, showing a great amount of speed and force off the edge.

Alex Daniels/DE/Cincinnati: Daniels is another that’s established himself as a solid pass rush prospect.  He’s been fast off the edge and has done a terrific job playing with leverage.

Andre Neblett/DT/Temple: Neblett is a third defensive lineman that’s looked terrific.  He’s shown a lot of quickness off the snap, gets a surge up the field and has been tough to block.  Scouts have said he looks like a nice fit as a three technique tackle.

Charles Alexander/DT/LSU: Alexander has looked very good.  He’s been nasty, strong and has made a lot of plays the past two days.

Adrian Tracy/DE-OLB/William & Mary: Tracy looks thin in pads but has shown a lot of athleticism.  Scouts have commended him for his hard play.

Brandon Gilbeaux/DE/Delaware: Gilbeaux has looked solid thus far, showing a lot of quickness.  To a man scouts have said Gilbeaux must get stronger.

Danny Batten/LB/South Dakota State: Scouts have been raving about Batten.  The college defensive end has been spending most of his time at middle linebacker and looks like he belongs.  He made plays in coverage, has gone sideline-to-sideline against the run and just like college, plays with a non-stop motor.  When he took a few reps at defensive end in one-on-one drills he beat blockers.  As one scout told us, Batten is just a good football player.

Simoni Lawrence/OLB/Minnesota: Lawrence has looked very athletic on the field and did a terrific job in coverage drills.  At one point he made a terrific interception which drew a big reaction from scouts.

AJ Wallace/CB/Penn State: Mechanically Wallace has looked impressive, displaying good feet and fluid hips.  That said he was beat deep a number of times.

Sam Shields/CB/Miami-Fl: Shields has struggled as the former receiver has gotten beat on a number of occasions.

Chris Hawkins/CB/LSU: Hawkins has been described as the best cornerback from both teams.  Mechanically he’s been very sound showing quick feet and fluid hips.  Hawkins has offered blanket coverage, running with receivers everywhere on the field.

Aaron Webster/S/Cincinnati: Webster has primarily lined up at strong safety and has looked very good.  He displays solid ball skills, showing a good backpedal, nice balance and the ability to drive to the pass.  He’s also an imposing looking figure and many said Webster showed up looking like a linebacker.