It’s SEC vs. SEC in the most controversial championship in recent years. Alabama and LSU are not only the two best teams this year they are the two most talented as well. This game could feature no fewer than five first round draft picks, with several going in the top ten, including potentially the best players at cornerback, inside linebacker, outside linebacker, safety, and running back. All eyes will be on Alabama tailback Trent Richardson, the premier offensive player in the game and one of the best overall running back prospects in several years. Defensively, Alabama boasts the nation’s number one defense led by linebackers Courtney Upshaw and Donte Hightower, safety Mark Barron and cornerback Dre Kirkpatrick. LSU, a deeper and younger team, features Morris Claiborne at cornerback and Reuben Randle at receiver. With a big game either of the Tigers defensive ends Barkevious Mingo or Sam Montgomery could also make the leap to the NFL.


Rnd Name Pos # Yr Comments
1st Morris Claiborne CB 17 3Jr
1-2 Sam Montgomery OLB 99 3So
1-2 Rueben Randle WR 2 3Jr Tall, smooth fluid receiver that shows a lot of natural skill. More of a possession wide out and is prone to bouts of lost focus.
3rd Alex Hurst T 72 4Jr
3rd Russell Shepard WR 10 3Jr Reliable pass catcher with homerun hitting speed and a threat to break games open anytime the ball is in his hands. Offers a tremendous amount of upside and could be an early pick if he continues to improve his game.
4-5 Brandon Taylor S 18 4Sr Taylor does a nice job quarterback in the secondary.
6th Karnell Hatcher S 37 4Sr Disciplined run defending safety that shows the ability to get outside the numbers and make plays to the flanks.
6-7 Jordan Jefferson QB 9 4Sr Big armed quarterback that’s also a threat carrying the ball. Powers the ball through the tight spots and easily drives passes downfield. Must significantly improved his reads and overall pass placement.
7th Ken Adams OLB 94 5Sr Tall, good-looking athlete that lines up at defensive end for LSU but projects to outside linebacker at the next level. Makes athletic plays on the field but has questionable instincts.
7th Ryan Baker OLB 22 4Sr Quick, weak side linebacker prospect that easily makes plays sideline to sideline. Shows a good degree of suddenness in his game. Really struggles taking on blocks and gets caught up in the wash to easily.
7th Lavar Edwards DE 89 4Jr Good future prospect with nice size, athleticism and growth potential. Makes plays in every direction of the field. Should only get better in time.
FA Deangelo Peterson TE 19 4Sr Tall, thin college tight end that looks like a possession receiver. Easily moves about the field, gets into the secondary and a solid pass catcher that effortlessly makes the deep reception. Gives effort blocking yet lacks functional football strength.
FA Mitch Joseph TE 83 4Sr Adequate tight end prospect that can be the third man on the depth chart. Solid job as a pass catcher and blocker.
FA Stefoin Francois S 23 5Sr


Rnd Name Pos # Yr Comments
1st Trent Richardson RB 3 3Jr Outstanding running back with a complete game. Displays great vision, instincts as well as quickness. Has a burst through the hole, can cutback into the small openings and also runs with power. Good receiver out of the backfield that’s also used to return kicks. Big-time player for the next level.
1st Dre Kirkpatrick CB 21 3Jr Physical, aggressive cornerback that opponents purposely stay away from. Offers a solid game and has a lot of upside.
3rd Mark Barron S 4 4Sr Physically aggressive safety that shows a complete game. Tough against the run and solid in coverage. Inefficient, takes improper angles to plays and all too often gets caught out of position. Big-time prospect that needs a big senior season.
3rd Courtney Upshaw OLB 41 5Sr One of the better 34 linebackers for next years draft. Fast up the field, can make plays laterally and rarely moved from the point of attack.
2-3 Don’ta Hightower ILB 30 4Jr Tough, run defending two down linebacker that’s effective up the field or in the box. Can be a dominant force when he puts his mind to it yet at times seems as though he’s playing half speed and lacks general quickness in his game.
3rd Robert Lester S 37 4Jr underrated safety with a complete game. Physical and effective against the run also showing solid ball skills and the ability to make plays sideline to sideline. One of the top safeties in the nation.
2nd Chance Warmack G 65 4Jr Nice sized underclassmen that’s strong at the point of attack and effective blocking in motion.
2-3 D.J. Fluker T 76 3So
3rd Josh Chapman DT 99 5Sr Big thumper in the middle of the blind that’s tough to move off the point. Strong and moves relatively well.
3rd Barrett Jones T 75 4Jr Terrific athlete that really needs to prove he can be a passer. Will enter the supplemental draft.
3rd Damion Square DE 92 4Jr Workmanlike defensive lineman that does not stand out in any single aspect yet does the little things well.
3rd Michael Williams TE 89 4Jr King sized tight end that looks like an offensive tackle on the field. Tremendous blocker that does an admirable job catching the ball.
3rd Nico Johnson OLB 35 3Jr
6th Marquis Maze WR 4 5Sr Quick, elusive receiver that also produces returning punts. Slot wide out that could be a good number four the next level.
6-7 William Vlachos C 73 5Sr Fundamentally sound center that plays with great leverage, is effective in space and stands out with the shotgun snaps. Lacks great size and not a dominant blocker.
7th DeQuan Menzie CB 24 4Sr Zone cornerback that shows a lot of quickness in his game.
FA Jerrell Harris OLB 5 5Sr
FA Darius Hanks WR 15 5Sr All receiver that can be a nice target. All too often body catches and drops too many throws.
FA Robby Green S 23 5Sr One time highly rated prospect that was dismissed from the program earlier this year.