The Grandaddy of non-BCS Bowl games, the Cotton Bowl, is a yearly head to head match up of some of the best teams from the SEC West and the Big 12. Kansas State which probably should have made a BCS Bowl and Arkansas, who would have made a BCS Bowl if not for the 2 teams per conference limit, are this years participants in a rare non-BCS match up of two top ten teams. Arkansas brings the SEC’s best offense led by Tyler Wilson and senior receivers Jarius Wright and Joe Adams along with an underrated defense led by defensive end Jake Bequette. Kansas State is led predominantly by its strong underclassmen but has one of the most opportunistic defensive backs in the nation in Nigel Malone. Malones 7 interceptions helped lead the Wildcats to a +13 in turnover margin. This game should feature plenty of highlight plays on both sides of the ball and should continue the trend of exciting offensive games that we’ve seen so far this bowl season.

Kansas State

Rnd Name Pos # Yr Comments
3-4 Arthur Brown OLB 4 4Jr
7-FA Tysyn Hartman S 2 5Sr Tall aggressive safety only effective playing downhill in a straight line.
FA Raphael Guidry DT 94 4Sr
FA Manase Foketi G 73 4Sr Adequate college tackle we projects to guard. Plays with solid fundamentals, makes good use of angles and works hard yet lacks the footwork and a agility to protect the quarterbacks blind side.
FA Clyde Aufner T 75 4Sr Nice sized right tackle prospect that struggled with injury last year.
FA David Garrett CB 27 4Sr Feisty, small defensive back with solid cover skills and toughness against the run. Potential dime back at the next level.
FA Emmanual Lamur S 23 5Sr Disciplined safety effective against the pass and run. Average speed for the next level yet could be used in a zone system.


Rnd Name Pos # Yr Comments
3rd Jarius Wright WR 4 4Sr Explosive cornerback that shows a great burst to the ball and solid cover skills.
3rd Alvin Bailey G 67 3So Explosive, strong blocker also effective in motion. Has good size as well as a large upside.
3rd Chris Gragg TE 80 4Jr
3-4 Joe Adams WR 3 4Sr Quick, elusive slot receiver that can also help out as a return specialist.
4th Tyler Wilson QB 8 3Jr
4th Travis Swanson C 64 3So Large, strong blocker on the pivot that stands out in pass protection or blocking for the run. Fundamentally sound. Has a nice upside.
4th Knile Davis RB N 3Jr Fast, explosive ball carrier with good size. Quick to top speed, gets a lot of momentum going and rarely brought down by the first defender. More of a straight-line runner and really loses momentum when he must change direction. Struggles with his balance and body control trying to get through the cutback lanes.
4-5 Jake Bequette DE 91 5Sr Intense, competitive defensive lineman that plays hard until the whistle blows. Quick off the snap and shows solid open field speed yet lacks bulk and easily controlled at the point by blocks.
5th Cobi Hamilton WR 11 3Jr Outstanding pass catcher that shows the ability to stretch the field vertically. Quick off the snap, runs solid routes and reliable catching the ball. Consistently shows the ability to beat defenders down the field. Has an upside and potentially a star the making.
6th Greg Childs WR 85 4Sr Nice sized pass catcher with a solid game. Fundamentally sound, uses his frame as an advantage and flashes the ability to get downfield.
5-6 Broderick Green RB 29 5Sr Large, college running back projected to fullback by a number of teams. Rarely brought down by the first defender, picks up the difficult short yardage yet also displays solid quickness and footwork for a big or ball carrier.
7th Jerry Franklin ILB 34 5Sr Strong, run defending linebacker who runs hot and cold. Flashes good athleticism, the ability to defeat blocks and make plays on the ball yet often looks very ordinary.
7th Tramain Thomas S 5 4Sr Adequate run defending safety with no single outstanding aspect in his game.
FA Grant Cook G 72 5Sr Nice sized blocker that gets the most from his ability. Has a thick build, shows good overall body strength and works hard until whistle blows. Primarily used as a backup last season.
FA Isaac Madison CB 6 5Sr Quick, hard-working cornerback best facing the action. Dime back/special teams player at the next level.
FA Jerico Nelson S 31 4Sr Terrific safety with a complete game that will move to linebacker this season. Explosive against the run, good open field tackler and shows the ability to get outside the numbers and make plays against the pass. Underrated and has and upside.