After a strong start to the season that saw the Tigers undefeated and in early BCS contention Clemson limps into the Orange Bowl to face a West Virginia team that needed help to win the Big East. Both teams have several talented players on both sides of the ball led by Clemson defensive tackle Brandon Thompson. West Virginia senior cornerback Keith Tandy will need to have a big game slowing down true freshman Sammy Watkins.


Rnd Name Pos # Yr Comments
1-2 Brandon Thompson DT 98 4Sr Quick, explosive one gap tackle that fires through the gaps up the field and can make plays laterally. Will get consideration as a three technique lineman.
2nd Dwayne Allen TE 83 4Jr Athletic pass catching tight end that also does an admirable job blocking. Must improve the details of his position yet someone that can be a top 60 prospect moving forward.
2nd Andre Branch DE 40 5Sr The next big-time pass rushing prospect to come from the Clemson program. Athletic, explosive and constantly in the backfield making plays. Will get consideration at outside linebacker in a 34 alignment.
3-4 Malliciah Goodman DE 97 3Jr
3-4 Andre Ellington RB 23 4Jr Quick elusive ball carrier that created yardage. Very similar in style and substance to C.J. Spiller.
4th Brandon Thomas G 63 3So
5th Rennie Moore DE 94 5Sr Solid defensive line prospect that can be used at a variety of positions up front.
6th Tig Willard OLB 46 4Jr
6th Antoine McClain G 74 4Sr Strong, small area blocker that can dominate the opposition on running downs.
7th Chad Diehl FB 30 5Sr Hard-working lead blocker with physical limitations.
7-FA Landon Walker T 72 5Sr Powerful right tackle prospect with nice size. Best as a run blocker and struggles protecting the edge in pass protection.
FA David Smith G 73 5Sr Nimble lineman that shows ability blocking in motion. Must improve his playing strength and learn to block with his legs.
FA Rashard Hall S 31 4Jr Skilled defensive back that flashes ability yet must put it all together and produce on a consistent basis.
FA Phillip Price T 79 5Sr
FA Mason Cloy G 62 5Sr Solid backup lineman that can be used at several positions.
FA Kyle Parker QB 11 4Jr Baseball prospect that comes with a big-league arm yet minor-league accuracy.

West Virginia

Rnd Name Pos # Yr Comments
3rd Keith Tandy CB 8 5Sr Underrated cornerback with an aggressive game. Plays with a large degree of suddenness, hard hitting and effective back off the line of scrimmage.
3rd Bruce Irvin OLB 11 4Sr Junior college transfer that lit the Big East on fire last season with his pass rushing skills. Fast and furious up the field. Projects to OLB at the next level.
3-4 Julian Miller DE 94 5Sr Athletic defensive lineman that’s successfully been used as a two gap end. Intense, rushes the passer well and makes plays in every direction of the field.
3-4 Tavon Austin WR 1 3Jr Productive receiver that’s shown flashes of being the “go to” guy the past two seasons. Lacks the size to be a true number one receiver yet could be a solid wide out in the slot at the next level.
6th Geno Smith QB 12 3Jr Developing quarterback with top physical skills. Must improve his timing and decision-making but offers a nice upside.
6th Don Barclay T 64 5Sr Terrific pass protecting left tackle that makes the most of his tools. May not test well it gets the job done. Will get consideration inside at guard as well.
FA Najae Goode ILB 52 4Sr Aggressive linebacker best making plays up the field.
FA Josh Jenkins G 77 4Jr Tough, slug-it-out, small area guard.
7th Brad Starks WR 2 5Sr Dependable receiver with solid size and the ability to pick up yardage running after the catch. Comes off a disappointing senior campaign.
FA Devon Brown WR 4 5Sr Small, elusive receiver that also helps out as return specialist. Reliable and explosive. Left Wake Forest in May and will play for West Virginia this season.
FA Jeff Braun T 57 4Jr Limited tackle only effective in a very small area.