This years Sugar Bowl features two teams that are amazingly similar. Michigan and Virginia Tech are ranked 34th and 36th in total offense (3.5 yards per game difference) respectively. Defensively they Virgnia Tech is 16th while Michigan is 17th in total defense (3.7 yards per game difference.) They are also both +6 in turnover margin. Sugar Bowl officials were solely criticized for selecting Virginia Tech despite Michigan being similarly ranked across the board. This will be the first BCS game for Michigan’s players while Virginia Tech’s team will be making yet another appearance. Hokie cornerback Jayron Hosley, running back David Wilson and Wolverine Denard Robinson highlight the draft prospects in this game.

Virginia Tech

Rnd Name Pos # Yr Comments
2ndDavid WilsonRB3Jr
2-3Jayron HosleyCB203JrOpportunistic cornerback that also helps out returning punts. Has an explosive burst to the ball and shows great hands for the interception. He needs to brush off the rough edges of his game yet has a terrific upside.
2-3Bruce TaylorILB514JrDominant linebacker prospect that can be used at several positions. Fierce and strong against the run yet also shows a quick change of direction and the ability to pursue the action to the flanks. Solid job remaining disciplined with his coverage assignments. A good prospect with a lot of upside and someone that could be a major player in the draft down the road. Lost for the season with injury.
3rdAntoine HopkinsDT564JrExplosive one gap tackle that fires through the holes up the field and shows a quick change of direction. Potential three technique lineman at the next level. Lost for the season with injury.
3-4Jaymes BrooksG685SrDominant small area blocker that plays with a nasty attitude. Gets a lot of movement run blocking and opens big holes for the running game.
3-4Danny CoaleWR195SrTough, dependable receiver that plays smart and reliable football.
4thNick BectonT544JrTalented underclassmen that offers size, athleticism and footwork in space.
6-7Greg NosalG755SrStrong, small area blocker that easily controls one-on-one assignments. Must do a better job blocking with his legs.
7thChris DragerTE335SrIntense, hard-working college prospect that played defensive end as a junior and will move to tight end this season. Has no defined NFL position yet offers a lot of intangibles.
7-FAJarrett BoykinWR814SrTall receiver with nice size and strong hands. More of a one speed wide out that lacks top route running skills and is prone to dropping an occasional pass.
FAAndrew LanierT725SrSolid pass protector that uses all his assets to a maximum protecting the blind side.
FACris HillCB95Sr
FAEddie WhitleyS154SrWorkmanlike defensive back best in a zone system where he can face the action.
FABlake DeChristopherG625SrAdequate college player that could be used as an inexpensive utility lineman in the NFL.
FADyrell RobertsWR114SrOne time highly rated prospect that struggled to take his game to the next level.
FABarquell RiversILB525Sr


Rnd Full Name Pos # Yr Comments
3-4David MolkC505SrQuick, explosive yet undersized linemen that will get looks from zone blocking teams. Well liked and highly rated in the scouting community, an opinion we don’t share.
3-4Craig RohDE883Jrtall, athletic defender who in many ways reminds us of a young Mark Herzlich. Can rush the passer out of a three-point stance and also drop off the line into coverage when necessary.
3-4Denard RobinsonWR163JrCould be a faster and more explosive version of Antwaan Randle-El yet still really needs to develop his game.
4thMike MartinDT684SrTough, hard working nose tackle that gets the most from his ability. Lacks the great upside yet gives an honest days work and gets results.
4thPatrick OmamehG654JrAthletic, explosive guard that turns defenders off the line of scrimmage and can get out on the second level then block in motion. Must improve his balance and learn to block with his legs.
4-5Kenny DemensILB254JrStout, run defending linebacker with a terrific head for the ball. Very good in the box or up the field.
5thJunior HemingwayWR215SrNice sized pass catcher with reliable hands that constantly finds a way to make himself an available target.
4thJ.T. FloydCB124Jr
5-6Kevin KogerTE864SrTerrific pass catching tight end that shows himself to be a downfield threat. Offers a lot of upside and should thrive in the new Michigan offense.
7thRoy RoundtreeWR124JrQuick, elusive slot receiver type that must show more consistency in his game.
7thRyan Van BergenDE535SrHard-working defensive lineman with limited upside.
FADarryl StonumWR224SrSolid underneath receiver with reliable hands. Did not take his game to the next level in 2010 as we thought he would.
FAJordan KovacsS324JrRun defending safety best between the numbers.
FARocko KhouryC634JrUnderrated backup with good size, strength and explosion.
FATroy WoolfolkS295Sr
FAMark HuygeG725SrTough, strong lineman that can play a variety of positions. Underrated.